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   Chapter 60 Sleeping On The Same Bed

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After dinner, Lucian volunteered to wash the dishes. Amelia thought that she had a bad ear, so she asked timidly, "what did you say just now?"

Her curious eyes were as clear as a child's.

Lucian looked into her eyes and said clearly, "The dishes you cooked are delicious. As a reward, let me clean these."

Amelia was not used to the sudden courtesy of Lucian, but she knew him well, so she walked out of the kitchen and stood at the door as an onlooker.

Lucian might be embarrassed by Amelia's stare. He turned to her and said, "If you are free, you can clean the living room or make a pot of tea for me."

His voice was light, but with a sense of command.

Amelia nodded and ran to the living room, intending to clean it. As soon as she touched a newspaper, there was a crisp sound from the kitchen The bowl broke into pieces.

Born with a silver spoon, Lucian didn't have to wash the dishes.

She walked over and saw him squatting down to pick up the debris and squatting down to help.

Lucian raised his head and saw her. He was about to stop her, but Amelia had already stretched her hand to the debris.

"What?" They bumped into each other by accident, leaving her injured hand injured by the porcelain easily.

The wound on her finger was bleeding soon. Lucian quickly took her finger from her hand, sucked it gently and sucked it into his mouth.

This warm gesture made Amelia's heart beat faster. She looked at Lucian in a daze, with a smile on her face involuntarily.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it." He frowned and looked at her with a guilty look.

Of course, Amelia knew that he didn't mean it. She reached out her hand herself rashly, shook her head and said with a smile, "you haven't washed the dishes, have you?"

Noticing that she was still in the mood of joking, Lucian felt relaxed. He said reluctantly, "I used too much detergent, so a dish slipped out of my hands and fell to the floor."

After listening to his explanation, Amelia nodded in agreement and said with a smile, "I broke many bowls when I washed the dishes in the past. I didn't know how many bowls were broken, so I secretly hid them in case my mother scolded me."

Speaking of the interesting things in childhood, Amelia smiled like a child.

She made fun of him, and the embarrassment in his heart vanished.

After cleaning up the kitchen fragments, Lucian took the medicine cabinet and bandaged Amelia's hand. Then he turned on the TV and told her to watch TV obediently for a while. He went upstairs to deal with some documents.

Seeing Lucian's attitude toward them had totally changed, Amelia could not help feeling nervous but joyful.

About ten minutes later, Lucian came to the living room with an envelope in his hand. He handed it to Amelia and hinted her to check it.

Seeing the mysterious look of Lucian, Amelia was confused and wondered what tricks he was playing.

As soon as it was opened, it was a piece of paper,

visual pleasure. Moreover, his voice was so pleasant to hear.

However, Amelia didn't give up. If they stayed together for a long time, she would live a long and healthy life.

She was speechless at the thought, laughing to herself.

Lucian noticed the subtle emotion on her face, but she didn't notice it. When he saw the happy expression on her face, he teased, "I know you're a fan of your husband."

The man on the other side was squinting at her. His tone was so cool that it seemed that he had seen through all her little tricks.

Well, Amelia felt a little uncomfortable, except that her face turned red.

She admitted that Lucian was charming and he was even so graceful when having meals. No wonder she was not a nymphomania.

"Yes, he is. It will be a great honor to take him out." Anyway, it was clear to her that he had her plans. So she could just tell him her thoughts frankly and make him happy.

However, Lucian didn't buy it. He rolled his eyes at Amelia and replied confidently, "everybody knows that I'm handsome."

TSK, TSK, when did he become so narcissistic and shameless?

Amelia cursed in her heart, but she grinned from ear to ear, feeling that what he said was powerless to refute. Indeed, Lucian was so handsome.

The good dining area extended to the Zhan Group. When entering the office, Lucian said that there would be a whole day's meeting, and that Amelia would help him sort out the documents of the meeting, and that she would accompany him during the meeting.

'It's an internal meeting. It would be inconvenient for an assistant to attend it, ' thought Amelia.

He seemed to have read her mind, so he added, "as the wife of the CEO of the Zhan Group, you should know more about those stuff. In this way, you can help me with business in the future."

Wearing a well-tailored suit, Lucian showed the charm of a mature man.

When his slender fingers were flipping through the documents, he had a charming aura.

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