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   Chapter 57 Feeling Jealous

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"Well, we can just sit in the hall." Murmured Amelia.

"The lobby is already full, and it's not a place for chatting." Jonny looked around the hall and found that everywhere was occupied. Then he looked at Amelia and asked, "What do you mind?"

This question hit the nail on the head. Amelia was speechless.

"I just thought it was too expensive." She smiled awkwardly. It made sense.

"You always lead a frugal life, so where will Lucian spend his money?" Teased Jonny, his eyes twinkled with amusement.

Amelia was embarrassed by the mock and bowed her head shyly.

Because it was not good to drink coffee since they had lunch just now, Jonny ordered a cup of orange juice for Amelia and a cup of tea for himself.

"You were preoccupied just now. Do you have something to talk with me?" Asked Jonny, taking a sip of tea casually.

"What about you? You said it was something important over the phone. What is it? " Amelia couldn't restrain her curiosity. Once there was a question, she must get the answer.

"Didn't you just ask if Lucian and I are on good terms?" Jonny repeated the question asked by Amelia during meal, and then answered, "It was fine in the past. But we broke up with each other after that. So we'd better keep a peaceful relationship now."

Amelia blinked and asked in confusion. She remembered that they teased each other like brothers at Shelly's birthday party, and she didn't find anything wrong.

"Why happened?" Amelia asked curiously.

"You'd better not know." Jonny didn't answer her directly. He asked, "Do you know Lucian?"

This question made Amelia suddenly stunned. She thought for a while and felt that she didn't know him well. She only knew that he was thirty years old and might be over 1.85 meters tall. He was strong and noble. It was unknown when his birthday was... She had been to the Zhan family, and generally told about the assets of his family. It was said that the assets of his family were worth billions, which was the top one in the city.

With a slight smile on her face, Amelia remained quiet. After a while, she asked, "Is this the reason why you don't allow me to tell Lucian we know each other?"

If that was the case, then all doubts in her heart were dispelled, including the reason why Lucian was depressed last night.

"Not exactly. By the way, I don't want to break up your relationship with Lucian because of me." Said Jonny. He looked at Amelia with tenderness in his eyes.

"Don't worry. Lucian is not a narrow-minded man." replied Amelia with a smile.

She was clear enough when she thought of the romantic scene that Lucian had made for her and his warm words in front of her on the new year's Eve.

"What if it is?" Jonny retorted immediately with a stern look in his eyes.

"Jonny, indeed we didn't have emotional foundation. But since I marri

s anger was almost out of control.

She felt as if a strong wind was blowing when Lucian squatted down, making her heart overburdened.

"Lucian, I just have something to talk with Mr. Jonny. It's not what you think." Amelia explained anxiously with tears in her eyes.

"It's not what I think. So what?" Lucian exerted more strength to his hands, and even his voice became louder with anger.

Amelia was like a prisoner imprisoned by him, asking questions and enduring the pain.

He didn't believe what she said at all.

What's more, Jonny didn't want to let Lucian know that he and his wife knew each other. Now it was really difficult to defend herself with a few words.

Moreover, if she explained everything to Lucian, then he would think that she was lying.

She was suddenly at a loss. She didn't know what to say. She looked at Lucian, with tears in her eyes.

"Get away from Jonny. It's a warning!" Perhaps knowing that Amelia wouldn't say anything more, he gave up on asking and warned her. Then he released her and the tall figure gradually disappeared in the large bedroom.

Amelia's jaw was hurt by his grip. She touched it gently with her hand, and it was so painful that tears flowed down.

But what hurt her most was those words from Lucian.

They loved each other before, but now they had returned to the start point. No, they were even colder than they had been together before.

At dinner time, Amelia took a deep breath to calm her emotions. Then she was ready to go downstairs to make dinner for Lucian. Since Lily's hometown was far away from the city, Amelia asked her to take two more days off. Amelia didn't want to make Lucian starved just because she was in a bad mood. After all, he was still angry with her.

When she went downstairs, she searched from the living room to the dining room, to the resting area, but she still didn't find Lucian.

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