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   Chapter 56 Keeping A Proper Distance

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"Yeah, what a coincidence!" With a thin smile, Lucian held up Amelia's gradually cold fingertips. He said dotingly, "Amelia wants to visit the alma mater. I come with her."

With a happy smile on the face, Amelia nodded approvingly.

Seeing that they got along so well with each other, Jonny couldn't help but be stunned. After a while, he smiled and said, "Since it's such a coincidence, let's take a walk together."

It was not easy for Amelia to make the decision. So she threw an inquiring look at Lucian to let him decide whether to go with him or not.

Unexpectedly, Lucian promised him directly, "Okay."

She couldn't help holding Lucian's hand and felt at ease.

Such a gesture was as warm as a spring breeze, which made Lucian happy immediately.

At the same time, Jonny's smile faded away and he looked depressed upon seeing that.

He had plan to invite Amelia to go to Imperial Middle School with him when he made the call. But after he learned that Amelia was going shopping with Lucian, he felt so disappointed.

He didn't expect that they would run into each other on campus. He thought that it was a coincidence.

"Jonny, you seem to have a deep memory of this place." Before long, they came to the lake where Amelia and Jonny had a chat last time.

Jonny was stunned for a while. Then he smiled and said, "We have studied for a while here. I think we made a good impression about this place. "

With a dark face, Lucian said in a low voice, "I don't remember anything."

The smile on Jonny's face was very complicated. He sighed and said, "You forget it."

The conversation between the two men was completely incomprehensible, so she couldn't understand. After all, she was a few years late for them.

"Well, Jonny, that's all for today. We should go back first." Lucian suddenly said.

Amelia was astounded. Noticing that Lucian was frowning and the impatience in his eyes.

When she entered the school, she found that Lucian was absent-minded. She thought that he was bored here, but she didn't expect that after a few words with Jonny, he was even more depressed.

Jonny didn't mean to say anything. He nodded his head and turned to Amelia, "Amelia. See you next time."

"Well... Okay. " Amelia smiled uneasily and blushed. "Happy new year," she said.

Lucian walked very fast. He trotted as fast as he could. After he got in the car, Lucian fastened the safety belt for Amelia without saying a word. Then he drove back to the SJ Garden.

On their way back, Lucian didn't say a word. Like a child who had done something wrong, Amelia looked at him nervously for several times, wondering why he was in a different mood.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia, you are back." Lily greeted warmly as usual.

Noticing that it was almost dinner time, Amelia immediately said, "Let me cook dinner tonight."

"Okay, Mr. Lucian, you have a good luck!" Lily almost clapped her hands and cheered up. She said happily, "The dishes Mrs. Amelia c

all of a sudden. There was a moment of silence. He looked up and didn't answer, smiling. "Have you had lunch?"

"It's time for lunch when you called, so I haven't eaten yet." Amelia didn't blame Jonny for skipped over her topic, but just thought that it was time to have meal, because the waiter was picking up food on the table.

"I have ordered several dishes. You take a look at the menu and see if there is anything you like." Jonny gave the menu to Amelia and apologized, "I know I should wait for you to come and order, but I know your character, so I made the decision without your consent."

Her personality... Amelia thought for a moment and guessed that Jonny might mean that she wasn't willing to order those expensive dishes when she saw them.

Since he had ordered so many dishes, there was no need to order again. She then smiled and said, "It's okay. I'm not fussy about food. These are enough."

The table was full of dishes, and there was no way for them to finish them.

Did all the rich people share the same character? Lucian ordered a lot of food... She couldn't help thinking of him.

"Whatever. Let's talk when you are full." Jonny picked up a piece of fresh fish for her and said gently.

Amelia was a little embarrassed. She blushed and said, "I can do it myself."

Although Jonny and she were schoolmates, she had a husband now. She tried to avoid such an action.

"Okay." Jonny smiled considerately and asked her to eat more.

The atmosphere of the meal was fairly good, and the dishes were also to her appetite, so she was full.

"Let's go to the coffee shop upstairs." After the meal, Jonny proposed.

"All right." Amelia agreed.

This restaurant was especially famous for its quiet environment and tall layout in the city. It had Chinese food on the first floor and coffee cafe on the second floor.

It seemed that Jonny had already booked a table. As soon as they got on, the waiter guided them to a small room next to the window.

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