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   Chapter 55 Bragging And Mocking

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The expression on Sophia's face changed a little, but she couldn't get angry because of the presence of Lucian. She had to say sourly, "Yes, Vernon is your father, and I'm a stepmother. It doesn't matter whether I am here or not."

Amelia was about to tell her that what she said was true when she suddenly heard Yolanda's voice, "Mom, why did you ask us to come back? Jasper and I seldom sleep in the same bed. How annoying! "

The complaint of Yolanda surprised Amelia.

Didn't she say something decent just now? Sophia talked as if they were not unexpected guests. This time, Yolanda embarrassed her by messing up her game.

"On the first day of the new year, don't develop the bad habit of sleeping late. Besides, pregnant women should exercise more." Embarrassed, Sophia walked up to Yolanda and held her arms, but her face was shining as gold. She showed off with joy, "My friends are all envious of me, saying that I have a grandson to hold at such a young age!"

"Hi, Yolanda. Where is Jasper? Didn't you come with him? " Vernon stood up and asked kindly.

As soon as she entered the living room, she caught a glimpse of the gifts on the table. Suddenly, her eyes lit up with excitement. Pointing at the products, she asked, "Lucian, did you buy them for me?"

Looking at her surprised and flattered face, Amelia couldn't help looking away. She picked up the teacup and pretended to taste the tea.

For the sake of the gift, she ignored Vernon's question.

"Dad is asking you." Lucian didn't answer her question but reminded her in a low voice.

"Uh..." Embarrassed, Yolanda stole a glance at Amelia before answering her father's question. "Dad, Jasper heard that I wanted to have noodles of the He's shop, so he drove to buy them for me."

After saying that, she shot a glance at Amelia complacently, wondering how she would react.

It was true that Amelia did have emotional fluctuation in her heart. However, the feeling in her heart was totally different from that in the past. It was just that she couldn't bear to hear that Yolanda was intentionally showing off love in order to stimulate her, for fear that she couldn't find anything unusual. She believed that the worse Amelia was, the better in her heart.

"Jasper is very nice to you. You shouldn't boss him around all the time. Men need respect." Sophia stood alongside and said, eyes sharp as blades, fearing that Amelia would not hear it.

"Mother, it seems that you think I don't treat Jasper well. And, I am carrying his baby, how can he allow me to waste my energy?" Yolanda said, echoing her mother, as if they were performing something on purpose.

Lucian had a calm face, so did Amelia. Only Vernon had a solemn face.

He was too shocked to say anything.

In the past few years, Vernon had been sandwiched between Sophia and Amelia. Both side were like an unbreakable heavenly scale. He tried to balance the power on two sides. However, because of the overbearing of Sophia and Yolanda, he owed a debt to his own daughter.

"Yolanda, just

et. What can I do for you?"

"Nothing. Here's a new year's greeting. I hope everything will be fine in a new year."

"Thank you." Amelia said in embarrassment and then glanced at Lucian fearfully.

After hanging up the phone, Lucian suddenly said, "Let's go to the Imperial Middle School."

"What?" Amelia was surprised and didn't know why Lucian changed his mind.

The cold wind was blowing hard. Yellow leaves fell from the trees along both sides of the road. No one cleaned them up as it was the new year's day. Their feet felt soft when they walked on the yellow leaves.

"Is this your alma mater?" Lucian was depressed and asked in a low voice.

"Yes, both middle school and high school ." Amelia answered.

Lucian didn't say anything. He looked up at the teaching building not far away and seemed to be thinking about something.

"Later the school was rebuilt, and we couldn't find the original trace." Amelia said wistfully while looking at the school.

"You must have a very happy memory here, right? Otherwise, why are you so obsessed with it?" Lucian looked at the face of Amelia and asked lightly.

Her face suddenly turned pale and for a moment, she did not know how to answer this question.

Happiness? I can't tell. And not exactly.

"The past is the past." She smiled and stood under a tree, quiet and beautiful.

Lucian nodded in agreement and smoothed her hair which was a bit messy on her forehead. With concern, he asked, "Are you cold?"

His consideration warmed Amelia's heart. She shook her head with a smile.

They stood under the tree, like a perfect match.

Amelia looked up and saw Jonny walking towards them.

She was so shocked that she opened her mouth slightly, with no emotions in her eyes but surprise.

After noticing that there was something wrong with her expression, Lucian turned his head and saw Jonny walking towards them.

"Lucian, Amelia, what a coincidence!" Wearing sportswear, Jonny was breathing cold, but there was a sunny smile on his face.

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