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   Chapter 53 The Affection After A Kiss

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A man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and glared at Lucian.

Lucian remained calm. Even if the four men in front of him were ready to make a move, he didn't frown. Instead, he said in disgust, "You dare to touch my woman. You will pay for it."

If they didn't drag Amelia, maybe he would not fight against them. Amelia was his bottom line. If anyone touched it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Wow, you look so decent. You must be a rich man. Bros, it's time for you to display your skills!" The man in the lead smiled with disdain and stretched out a hand to signal the other three men to attack Lucian immediately.

At the same time, Amelia was pinned down by the man in the front. He said with a playful smile, "You man is good at fighting, but he can fight against three people alone, unless he has three heads and six arms!"

Because both of them punched at Lucian at the same time, it was hard for him to dodge. At the same time, Amelia saw that two fists had landed on his shoulders brutally like two escaped criminals.

"Please! Stop fighting!" Amelia begged, tears streaming down her face.

The headman was right. Even if Lucian was good at fighting, he was no match for the three. In panic, she grabbed the man's sleeve and pleaded, "Can you stop them? I apologize to you, okay? "

Hearing the cry of Amelia, Lucian became restless and furious. He hit the man with more strength, and then the man was quickly restrained.

Seeing that Lucian got the upper hand, Amelia felt a little relieved. "Come on, Lucian!"

Lucian was encouraged a lot by the encouraging voice of Amelia. When the two men fell to the ground, the last man gave a sneak attack from the back of the side and clapped on the back of his neck. Because of the pain in his body in a blink, Lucian fell to the ground in an instant. Amelia tried to encourage Lucian, but her voice was choked. Seeing that Lucian fell, her heart stopped abruptly.

"Lucian!" Amelia hurried to hold his arm, tears pouring out of her eyes. She was extremely scared.

"I'm fine." Lucian stammered as he raised his eyelids. He wiped off the tears from Amelia's face, and his face was pale and weak.

"Don't say anything. I'll take you to the hospital." Although she was in a hurry, she didn't lose her mind. She took out the mobile phone of Lucian and called her assistant, Eric, to ask him to drive to pick them up.

The thugs were about to run away when Lucian fell on the ground. But they were stopped by several men in black and taken away.

"Sorry, Mr. Lucian. We are late." A man in black helped Lucian stand up and nodded apologetically.

"Can you help me to take him to the hospital?" Amelia begged the man and looked at him with expectation.

"Mrs. Amelia, please don't panic. We'll take Mr. Lucian to t

to Amelia, Lucian said softly.

His simple greeting was full of affection.

With a happy smile on her face, Amelia took over the roses from Lucian and bit her lower lip. Tears welled up in her eyes. She was touched.

"The episode almost ruined my plan, but now it seems that fortunately it makes me realize how much I care about you in subconsciousness." Lucian put his hands on Amelia's shoulders and said slowly. His eyes were filled with deep love.

It was a nice and sweet time. The emotional words, like a spring breeze, refreshed Amelia's mind.

She admired Lucian's courage to protect her.

"I... Last time I lied to you. I didn't mean anything else. I just didn't want to cause unnecessary misunderstandings. " She lowered her head and her voice was very weak.

Lucian heard her again. He put his hands around her shoulders and said, "Then, our relationship has not been affected by any other factors. What's your real answer?"

Of course, Amelia knew what the answer was. Last time, when she told Lucian the truth, Lucian was too angry to accept it.

Her eyes were as clear as crystal, and they were mixed with the true feelings of true love. All of this made her look more bright and touching.

"Then listen carefully." Her voice was light and sincere. She said word by word, "Lucian, I really like you. What should I do?"

This might be the boldest and most straightforward confession of Amelia.

Lucian was much taller than her, so he had a good view of what Amelia did. After she finished her words, Amelia dared not to look up. He looked down at the woman who was blushing and her heart pounding. She thought the man wouldn't move, but to her surprise, her soft lips touched his.

This time, she did not push him away, neither was she frightened. She endured it with her first time trembling. In the end, she responded enthusiastically.

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