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   Chapter 52 Having Fun Of The New Year's Day

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"Did you mean to show consideration for your husband?" She explained the two results to Lucian in a hurry. After hearing that, Lucian's smile deepened.

He was too busy these days to remember that it would be the new year's day tomorrow.

"Of course not!" She denied.

She was also reluctant to go to the Mo mansion, because she didn't want to see Jasper and Yolanda at all.

When seeing her frown, Lucian suddenly understood what happened.

He put the computer aside and walked to her side, whispering, "I'll go back with you tomorrow."

"Okay." Amelia raised her head and smiled.

Then, standing by the window, Lucian called his assistant, Eric, and told him some things. After that, he returned to the living room and asked for Amelia's advice, "Do you want to spend the New Year's Eve with me tonight?"

Amelia was watching the New Year's Gala with great interest. When she heard Lucian's voice, she looked at Lucian and asked curiously, "How?"

In the face of such a question, Lucian was speechless.

He pulled Amelia up and ordered, "Put on your shoes and go out."

For such a tone, Amelia generally did not have the ability to resist. Thinking that Lucian would accompany her back to the Mo mansion tomorrow, she ran obediently to change her shoes.

"Why don't you wear the clothes I bought for you?" It was until they got into the car that Lucian noticed Amelia's plain dress and asked with a frown.

Her figure was slender and tall, and the clothes helped her keep her temperament even if the style was ordinary.

"The clothes you bought are too costly..." She spoke to show her determination.

"Finally I know what is called capricious." Lucian shook his head, looking helpless, but in fact, he was secretly pleased.

Amelia thought there must be something wrong with her dress, so she glanced at herself and murmured, "That red long cotton coat, jeans, flat boots. It's very nice..."

"It's so beautiful to wear red clothes. Tomorrow is the new year. It's my wish!" thought Amelia.

"I didn't say it's not beautiful. I just think you should show me the clothes I bought." Raising his eyebrows, Lucian corrected Amelia slightly.

"I'm not your pet. Why should I wear it?" Amelia replied arrogantly and then said it in a reasonable tone, "A confident woman is the most beautiful!"

These words completely amused him. He slowed down the speed, looked at Amelia's bright smile, and felt a tug of the heartstrings. "You are my pet."

Lucian spoke in a low voice, and his eyes were full of tenderness until he looked at Amelia.

Amelia blushed and quickly turned back to the outside, pretending to appreciate the night scene.

The atmosphere of the new year's Eve was extraordinarily festive and beautiful. The trees on both sides of the road were glinting, lighting up the night as if it were in the daytime.

The square was full of people, and the sound of music could be heard constantly. This should be a quiet night, but it was so lively that even the cold had been expelled.

Lucian didn't stop the car until they arrived at the seaside. The beautiful night scene made Amelia forget the coldness of the sea wind, and there was

lly different. She shook her head and didn't want to go with so many people around.

With this in mind, Lucian listened to Amelia and found a seat for both of them.

"It is warmer than outside, isn't it?" Amelia looked good with a big smile on her face.

Lucian nodded imperceptibly, but actually he was worried about another thing.

The couples were so happy that they danced happily on the yacht. A few single young men were in high spirits. Seeing that Lucian and Amelia were sitting still, they pulled them up and said excitedly, "It's new year tomorrow. Don't be restrained. Let's dance together!"

It didn't take those men a long time to get Amelia out of the room due to her weak strength. Seeing this, without asking for mercy, Lucian punched those men who attempted to touch her.

One of the men was knocked down to the ground by Lucian. Seeing this, the other men rushed over to him in flocks and cursed.

"Stop it!" Amelia screamed.

The other couples were so scared that they ran out of the yacht immediately.

One person could not defeat four people, so Lucian was knocked down on the ground by several men immediately. Amelia was so scared that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She screamed and cried for help, but nobody responded. The hall was surrounded by the sound of firecrackers, and others were not in the mood to care about the fight.

Although he was knocked to the ground, Lucian didn't give up resistance. Quickly, he turned over agilely and kicked a man at the vital part of his body. The man screamed and Lucian stood up successfully. His vigorous movement was more wonderful than those in martial arts movies. The point was that he was extremely handsome.

Seeing that Lucian stood up, Amelia walked to him immediately and said with fear, "Let's go!"

"You want to leave? No way! " Several men walked to them at the same time. One of them stopped Amelia first, and then he stopped Lucian. The man said angrily, "You looked like a gentleman, and you have a poor morality. I just dragged your girlfriend? Why would you fly into a rage and fight with each other? "

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