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   Chapter 51 We Are Meant To Be Together

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Amelia almost lost control of herself. She covered her mouth with her hands and looked at Lucian, eyes full of affection.

She sometimes couldn't see him through, but sometimes she felt he was so clear.

She always felt that they were from two different worlds. She could only look up to him. There was no comparison between them.

"What are you doing?" Lucian was confused by the way Amelia behaved.

"Nothing... Nothing! " Flustered, excited and flurried.

"What did the Darren say to you?" Lucian asked curiously.

"Nothing... Nothing." She looked like a stuttered fool.

Seeing her stunned look, Lucian didn't plan to ask more but started to drive carefully.

After returning to the SJ Garden, Lucian took off his coat. Amelia walked up to him with a bottle of disinfectant in her hand. She shook the bottle, smiled and said, "My handsome Lucian, do you think I have the honor to disinfect your wound?"

Lucian rejected without thinking. He frowned in disgust and cast a cold glance at Amelia.

Amelia knew that Lucian wouldn't agree with her, so she changed her face and said angrily, "Forget it. It's not my hand. It doesn't matter whether it hurts or not. If they are infected with bacteria, they can be infected. I'll just take the responsibility as a wife!"

As soon as she finished saying that, she stood up and was about to leave.

Of course, Lucian noticed what she was thinking about. He smiled and pulled her into his arms. A sweet fragrance came into his nose and touched his heart. He got an irresistible impulse to smell the fragrance in her hair.

"Ah!" Amelia screamed in panic.

"Amelia, are you really fulfilling your duty as a wife?" He whispered in her ear.

Amelia felt her ears itchy, and then her whole body seemed to be immersed in electric shock, making every cell twitch.

"As a wife, you haven't fulfilled the duty," he said.

As an adult, it was inevitable for her to think elsewhere. She blushed and said shyly, "We..." 'He's just my nominal husband.' Amelia thought. He's talking nonsense.

"I said I wouldn't force you to answer that question, but..." After saying these words, Lucian let go of Amelia. His deep eyes became bloody red. During the silence, the affectionate look in his eyes was like the blazing sun, which made Amelia too shy to look directly at him.

"Yes?" Seeing him silent for a long time, Amelia could not help but ask.

But you are the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

He didn't say this to her. Once he opened his mouth, his sincerity would be gone.

He needed time to give both her and himself to grow up. Their relationship had no basis. There were too many unknown things between them to explore.

"But I'm willing to accept your obligation." With his eyes full of mischievous gleams, Lucian reached out his hand and raised his eyebrows.

This man was very naughty, not like a man in his thirties.

Amelia smiled

but just waited for Lucian to come back and discuss with him.

The company was very busy at the end of the year. And Lucian spent most of his time in conference room. As his assistant, she spent most of her time in his office sorting out documents or reading magazines. This job, at leisure, let her have a sense of wasting time.

She and Lucian slept in separate rooms. Lily was curious about it, but Amelia found various excuses. Even if Lily had doubts, she could not guess anything.

After dinner, Lucian was sitting on the sofa with a notebook in his hand. He was tapping on the keyboard.

She fetched a glass of water, walked over, and asked cautiously, "Haven't you finished your work yet?"

He was both busy and serious, which made him look extremely handsome.

He gave off a unique temperament, and this kind of temperament attracted the heart of Amelia, making her want to get close to Lucian.

She felt a sense of strangeness. With a guilty conscience, she blushed and looked at Lucian shyly. She found that his fingers were white and slender, and they were flexible typing on the keyboard like beautiful notes, gently tapping her heartstrings.

Lucian stopped what he was doing, looked up at her and asked, "What's up?"

"Well... I'm fine. Don't worry about me. " Amelia walked away and pretended to watch TV at the other end of the sofa.

'That's strange. When Lucian used to work in the study, why does he always stay in the living room these days?'? Didn't he mind the noise when she turned on the TV?

"Just say it. I only sent several e-mails." Lucian closed the notebook and looked at Amelia, waiting for her to speak.

Since he asked her to say it, she would say it.

"Well... Are you free tomorrow? If you have time, we can go back to the Mo mansion. If not, I will call my father back. " She said in one breath and looked timidly around Lucian.

She was not sure whether Lucian would say yes, so she said that first.

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