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   Chapter 50 To Do His Wife's Duty

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"No, I want to have lunch with my wife." Suddenly, Lucian came up to Amelia and said gently.

Amelia opened her eyes wide and looked at Lucian unbelievably.

Sasha's face went pale. Her heart was bleeding. But she forced a smile and said... We can hang out some other day. "

Looking at Sasha, Amelia felt guilty.

"Who allows you to touch my tea set?" When Sasha left, Lucian asked coldly.

She gasped and glanced at the tea set. Amelia suddenly understood what she should do and quickly ran to clean up.

When Lucian saw the flustered look on her face, he realized that he said it in an inappropriate tone. When he was about to turn around, he heard a crash behind him.

He touched his forehead and was about to turn around when he was shocked by what he saw.

Amelia was cleaning the teacup. She was so nervous that she failed to hold the teacup steadily and it slipped down. Therefore, she subconsciously reached out to pick it up. She was too nervous and even sliced her hand.

The dark red blood gushed out from her fingers. She did not intend to wipe it, but continued to clean it.

Seeing this, Lucian immediately ran over and grabbed her injured finger. He frowned and said, "Are you so careless?"

Amelia got stunned when she heard that.

Noticing that she was silent, Lucian looked up at her and noticed the tears in her eyes. He thought that he might have said something wrong, so he added, "I'll take you to the infirmary."

This time, he spoke in a gentle tone, as if she could feel a lot of concern.

Amelia smiled and shook her head, "I'm fine now. I used to cut the vegetable and hurt my fingers before!"

Hearing her flaunting tone, Lucian rolled his eyes at her and forced her to the infirmary.

Because it was the lunch hour, many employees saw that Lucian brought Amelia with him, but all of their faces were expression of surprise or envy.

The wound was not deep, so it was treated simply. Then, Lucian took Amelia to a Korean restaurant.

At first, Amelia was not used to the taste, but after a few dishes, her appetite was high. When she went out of the shop, she found that she could not walk.

"Mrs. Amelia, what a big stomach!" On her way back to the Zhan Group, Lucian deliberately made fun of her.

What? He didn't seem to be angry anymore.

She put on a fake smile to please Lucian, "Yes, people might think I'm pregnant if they don't know me."

"You are married. It's normal to be suspicious." Lucian walked ahead of her so fast that Amelia had to trot to catch up with him.

"Hey, what do you mean 'normal'? There's nothing between us!" She ran up to him to correct him.

Obviously, she misunderstood him.

"Mrs. Amelia, are you trying to remind me that something is going to happen?" Lucian looked at Amelia with an evil smile.

Looking at the coming face, Amelia dodged subconsciously. Then she denied with a red face, "I didn't mean that!" Ah, why did it go further and further? Why should she ans

o you mean that you are a natural beauty?"

It was not too much to say that she was a natural beauty.

Amelia was not a fan of make-up. Even if there was a makeup artist for her, she could also do simple make-up, such as painting lipstick, which made her look graceful and enchanting.

Uh... She didn't mean it. But a lazy woman like her might never learn how to make up in her lifetime.

"By the way, Lucian, there should be food in the fridge. Let's go home and eat." It occurred to Amelia that she should have got all the ingredients as Lily cooked at home. Why did she burn her brain to come to the food market? What was more, there was such a breathtaking incident.

Lucian couldn't help but take a glance at her. He thought that she was a kind woman who liked to do things at naught. "Just now, you rushed to the food market excitedly as if you had done a great job. But in the end, you didn't get anything."

"I'm sorry for your injury." Amelia did not answer back, but pouted with guilt.

Seeing that she apologized sincerely, Lucian did not continue to ridicule her, but said lightly, "I have thought it through, Amelia."

"What?" She was stunned and wondered what Lucian had thought through.

"I don't care about telling love. I just live peacefully in my life." Lucian looked at Amelia with bright eyes and rare warmth.

It sounded so familiar?

She remembered and immediately asked, "Did Darren tell you this?"

She remembered that last time when Darren asked her if she really liked Lucian, she answered him with a sincere answer which sounded not so real but actually true for her.

Amelia was so shocked by Lucian's words just now, because what he said was exactly what she was looking forward to.

Lucian shook his head with a charming smile. He got close to Amelia and said in a gentle voice, "In a marriage, I want to listen to my inner words. After marriage, I prefer to live a happy and peaceful life."

Did they have the same view of marriage?

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