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   Chapter 49 An Embarrassing Triangle

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"Mr. Lucian, please take Mrs. Amelia home first. I'll handle the rest." Just then, Eric, Lucian's assistant, came up and reported respectfully.

Lucian opened his thin lips and said coldly, "Teach him a lesson!"

After saying that, Lucian left with Amelia.

After getting on the car, she felt less nervous, but Lucian didn't speak, and she didn't dare to speak either.

"You'd better ask Frank to drive you." After a while, Lucian suddenly said.

She scraped the car as soon as she started the engine. Even if she wanted to refuse him, she had no choice but to accept it with much reluctance.

"Sorry, I broke your car..." She said guiltily.

Your car... She was really good at distinguish what belongs to him.

Lucian was inexplicably angry. He asked coldly, "You think just saying sorry is enough?" He was in a very important meeting and found that she was late. He was worried about her safety on the way, so he called to ask her about the situation. As expected, she was very uneasy.

He had planned to make her a little trouble, but he didn't expect that she was so bad at driving that she couldn't even run up a slope.

"I will pay the repair fee. Is that okay?" Sadly, there was no more than three digits in her bank card. She didn't dare to promise more.

Lucian glanced at the aggrieved look of Amelia and didn't have the heart to continue to make things difficult for her. "Forget it, a poor girl. You make the dinner tonight."

He thought for a while. At present, only her cooking skills could satisfy him.

Cook. It's not a big deal!

Amelia's tense nerves relaxed all of a sudden. She nodded with a smile. "Then I'll go shopping after work!"

Only with her mistake, she would be so obedience. Although Lucian was happy, he still looked frozen.

Amelia looked at him up and down secretly and found no expression on his face. She thought he was still angry. Biting her lower lip, Amelia felt guilty and said after a long time, "Yesterday..."

"Amelia, don't mention it. I came here because you are my wife in name. I have the responsibility to protect you." Lucian interrupted her coldly, giving her no chance to apologize.

Since he had made up his mind, she had to shut her mouth.

But why would I feel so lost?

When they arrived at the Zhan Group, Lucian left his coat and went to the meeting room.

As Lucian's assistant, she was just a charlady. But he didn't arrange any work for her, so she had to do something for him to pay her salary.

She didn't need to help in cleaning the office, because a cleaner was responsible for it.

When she found that the documents on Lucian's desk were a bit messy, she followed and sorted them out. These were all some documents that she couldn't understand, but she could recognize the signature at the bottom.

As for Lucian... She murmured to herself, a smile lingering over her lips and her heart pounding with sweetness.

male friend. "

Noticing her nervous look, Lucian gave a mocking smile.

"Amelia, what an interesting lady you are!" Standing in front of Amelia, Sasha took her hand and said with a smile, "Thank you, Amelia. You've cooked porridge for me last time. I don't have indigestion anymore."

Sasha suddenly became very enthusiastic. She seemed to know Amelia very well.

Amelia was a little embarrassed by her compliment. Sasha told her that the porridge she cooked was some magical pills.

"Sasha, it's working time," Lucian said seriously.

Sasha was surprised. Realizing that she was holding Amelia's hand, she let go of it immediately and held Lucian's arm. She said happily, "Lucian, I heard that the Zhan Group is recruiting new staff, so I come here to visit."

Seeing them standing together intimately, Amelia had a mixed feeling. She tried to look away, so that she could feel better.

"You should go to the personnel department for an interview." At the same time, he pushed away the arm held by Sasha and glimpsed at Amelia.

A cloud of embarrassment crept over Sasha's face. With an embarrassed smile, she said, "I just heard that Amelia works in the Zhan Group? To thank her for the porridge she cooked for me, I specially came up here."

Sasha knew what kind of person Lucian was. She wouldn't dare to piss him off, so she changed the subject to Amelia.

Amelia was smart. Of course she knew that Sasha came here for Lucian. Otherwise, she wouldn't have asked about Lucian's whereabouts.

But Amelia would not expose her. She just smiled embarrassingly and said "You're welcome.".

"Now that you have expressed your thanks, you can go back first. This is her working time." Lucian said with a cold face. Glancing at the tea set, he suddenly felt depressed.

When Sasha realized that Lucian wanted to ask her out, she smiled charmingly and said, "Hey, Lucian, it's almost lunch time. Would you like to have lunch with me?"

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