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   Chapter 47 The Brave Confession Of Amelia

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Amelia found that Lucian had already drank five bottles of beer. Besides that, there were two dozen German beer. Apparently, Lucian was trying to get himself drunk.

Amelia rushed to him and said angrily, "Hey, Lucian, don't be mad. Just vent your anger on me. Why do you always find fault with yourself? "

Lucian narrowed his eyes and glanced at her with cold eyes. He asked indifferently, "Do you feel sorry for me when I can't get along with myself?"

With these words, Lucian smiled bitterly. It was really a question of self-deception.

There were countless women chasing after him, but only Amelia was the one for him. He was so concerned about her that she not only refused his kindness but also told him a lie.

He hated telling lies the most in his life. Twenty years ago, he was hurt badly by a lie.

She was stunned and looked at Lucian in silence. There was only one voice in her heart: Yes, she felt sorry, very sorry...

She squatted and implored in a soft voice, " Stop. Don't drink anymore, okay?" She wanted to say that she was wrong, but she didn't want to infuriate him further.

Her soft voice was like the warm spring breeze, but at this moment, his heart was hard to feel.

Everything could be forgiven except for lies.

"Don't you have anything to explain?" Lucian was a little drunk when he squinted, his eyes turning red.

Lucian was her legitimate husband, and this kind of tone was just like the husband who was interrogating the wife. It didn't sound weird but made her heart ache instead.

"Will you believe me if I explain it to you?" She frowned and seemed to see through Lucian's mind.

"You're free to do anything you want, Amelia!" Lucian stood up. He was tottering because of the beer.

Amelia stood up with him and was about to help him up. However, he refused her ruthlessly. He cast a cold glance at her and said, "It must be wonderful to talk with another man by the lake."

After that, Lucian stumbled upstairs.

Amelia was stunned. Her mind was like a mess. She couldn't think clearly.

She and Jonny did sit by the lake and talk for a while, but it was not like what Lucian said

The misunderstanding came one after another and she didn't even have a chance to explain.

"Mrs. Amelia, you'd better go upstairs to see Mr. Lucian. He seems to be in a bad mood," Lily walked over and pushed Amelia who was stunned.

"But he doesn't want to see me now." Amelia said sadly.

"How could that be? Mr. Lucian cares about you so much. How could he refuse you? The only problem is whether you are willing to make him happy or not. " Lily blushed and then lowered her voice. She thought and said, "Mr. Lucian just wants to save his face. You should say something he wants to hear. I'm sure he won't angry with you anymore."

What he wanted to hear? Amelia was confused, but soon she figured it out.

"I know!" At the thought of this, Amelia got excited immediately. She went to the kitchen, prepared a cup of honey water and brought it

e out of the deep ground.

Amelia was stunned for a while. She didn't understand what he meant. However, when she felt the irony of that sentence, her face fell.

"Am I so cheap in your heart?" Amelia's eyes were full of tears. She bit her lower lip, trying to digest the pain in her heart.

"Because I hate women who are full of lies!" He pinched her chin and said slowly.

He still couldn't forgive her, and he didn't even believe her true feelings.

Amelia felt a little regretful. She should have told Lucian about it earlier.

"But you can rest assured that I will still treat you as my wife, nominally." He smiled bitterly and let go of her chin, laughing coldly.

Although his laughter sounded creepy, he frowned tightly. Amelia knew that he was very sad, so she didn't piss him off anymore. Quietly, she walked out of the room.

After Amelia left, Lucian punched the wall with his fist. He regretted his indifference to her. The mixed feelings of wanting to seize and hesitating upset him.

If Amelia could open her heart to Lucian because of his anger, then what was the difference between him and a robber?

At the beginning, they agreed on the marriage with the hope that they could arrange their own lives. If he could win Amelia's heart in this way, he would make the decision on her life.

The reason why he was so fierce just now was that he hoped that Amelia could think it through.

After returning to her room, Amelia lay on the bed and felt weak, as if her body had been torn into pieces. She stared at the ceiling and thought about the cold words from Lucian.

Nominally... This words extinguished all the flames in her heart.

She finally got the courage to express her love to him, but was rejected by him angrily.

Amelia didn't know why Lucian was so angry, but she managed to speak out these words, seeming not so uncomfortable.

The only reason to forgive him was that he was in a bad mood tonight, and he drank too much. She should understand him.

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