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   Chapter 46 Why Lie

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The venue where Jonny was presenting was the school hall. The school leaders attached great importance to this conference and the president came to the venue in person. Many students had already been waiting outside the conference room.

"Amelia, take a seat at the front desk. I'm afraid that I might be unable to find you if you sit too far." A few minutes before the opening, Jonny found Amelia and pointed at the table in the first row.

Amelia quickly waved her hand, "Jonny, I'll take the back seat." It was too eye-catching to sit on the first row.

Jonny knew that Amelia would refuse him. He smiled and said, "If you go too far, what you do is not to cheer me up, but to make me worried."

Amelia said hesitantly. The speech was about to start and the students all took their seats. If she hesitated, it would take Jonny some time. Therefore, she had to agree reluctantly, "Okay. Jonny, go for it!"

According to Jonny, she sat in the first row.

Emily knew that the guests were school leaders and special guests, so she felt a little awkward to sit here.

Realizing that no one was looking at her, she was much relieved.

The host gave a speech after the opening of the party. It was a good time to go back to middle school.

At the same time, Lucian sat in the VIP seat led by the ritual girl.

"Oh my God! Isn't he the CEO of the Zhan Group? I didn't expect him to come here! "

"Yeah, what a good day today! I can actually see two divine level figures. God, help me!"

"Jonny and Lucian were students here, although it was only for a short period, they are still our senior. It's not surprising that he is here!"


The name of Lucian was like a fast wind, pouring into Amelia's ears suddenly. Her body was frozen stiff.

Didn't he say he had a meeting to attend? Was it...

Amelia turned her head in horror and met Lucian's eyes at the same time.

'Oh my God! So bad luck! He found me at the first glance!' How to deal with the lie she told.

To avoid more trouble, she texted Courtney and asked her to cover the lie after she answered the call from Lucian. Now that he ran into it, her lie was self-defeating.

She thought that Lucian would get angry and drag her out of the hall, but he looked away after a short while and began to focus on the speech platform.

There were only three people between them, and she could see him from the corner of her eye.

Looking at the man's angled face, Amelia couldn't help but get nervous, like a ball of string was messed up by her unreasonable thoughts.

As soon as she sat down, Jonny saw her at a glance. In order to cheer him up, she put on a smile and began to focus on the stage. With the crowd's warm applause, she applauded more vigorously.

However, when Luci

alk nonsense. I treat you as a treasure, but you flirted with a man you once met. Don't you feel ashamed?"

After saying that, he pushed her face away as if he had thrown something dirty.

Amelia was trembling with fear. Lucian's words were like a sharp sword, stabbing into her heart. She was too painful to say a word.

Although she knew that she was lying wrong, her relationship with Jonny was not intimate at all. Even if she was wronged, she couldn't explain it clearly. Moreover, at this moment, she was afraid that if she explained it, Lucian would misunderstand her relationship with Jonny more.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Lucian thought that she was giving tacit consent to it. His eyes were as dark as dark clouds. There might be a storm at any time.

"But you are still my wife, Amelia. whoever you love." He said coldly, looking straight ahead.

Then the car drove into the darkness.

And about Lucian's wife... The sweet words that Lucian had said to her before had been imprinted on her mind at the very beginning, but now she only felt bitter?

When they returned to the SJ Garden, Lucian remained silent. He threw his coat on the sofa, took out an ice beer from the fridge and gulped it down.

Amelia opened her mouth to stop him. But when she saw his cold face, she controlled herself.

This man, sometimes gentle, sometimes cold, she really couldn't understand.

"Mrs. Amelia, what happened to Mr. Lucian?" Lily asked in a low voice as she ran to Amelia.

Amelia bit his lip and felt that she was the one who should be blamed. He wouldn't have been so angry if she hadn't lied to him first.

She bowed her head and felt terrible.

"Mrs. Amelia, go and stop Mr. Lucian. It's cold. How can his stomach handle that? Drink ice beer." Lily was worried. She shook Amelia's arm for help, frowning.

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