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   Chapter 44 He Was Worried About Her

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Looking at her angry face, Lucian couldn't help laughing and his eyes were filled with tenderness. "Don't worry, Amelia. I won't force you, but wait for you to give in."

He then sat down on the sofa, emanating an elegant aura.

"Since you are not sleepy, I'll go to sleep first." Amelia was about to move her belongings brought by Lucian into the room, but she was stopped by him.

"Amelia, what I just said is crap, isn't it?" Why was this woman so stubborn? He was depressed in his heart, and then he said patiently, "You sleep in the bed, and I sleep on the sofa from now on."

"What!" Amelia opened her eyes wide. She couldn't believe her ears.

There was a bed, it was weird for him to sleep on the sofa. What's more, they slept in the same room. She would never agree!

"Don't forget that you are my wife. If you continue to sleep in separate bedrooms, wouldn't Lily suspect you? Will my mother come to make trouble for you? " Lucian's series of questions rendered speechless.

It was supposed to be the evidence of her crime?

"Lucian, stop threatening me with these things. I'm not afraid at all!" Amelia was too angry to be threatened by Lucian.

With his eyes turning dark, Lucian pretended to be very angry. Then he picked up the pillow on the bed. After a while, he said coldly, "Okay. I'm more afraid of you moving out from the SJ Garden than sleeping in separate rooms."

It was true that he was worried about her. He didn't want to threaten her and force her to make any decision now, even though she had been threatened by those pictures before.

Amelia was shocked. She looked at that tall figure and felt his depression.

Not only was she upset, but she also wondered if she had gone too far just now.

"Lucian, wait!" Amelia stopped him quickly.

With a gloating smile, Lucian didn't turn around. It seemed that he had already expected that Amelia would stop him.

"What is it?" He had a long face, not as cold as usual, but somewhat childish and sullen.

"It's not enough only to take a pillow. It's cold at night. You should also take a quilt." In fact, Amelia said this because she wanted to ease the atmosphere between them.

Lucian thought that Amelia had changed her mind and wanted him to sleep in the room, but he didn't expect that she would ask him to get a quilt. The excitement in his heart suddenly became heavy.

"My heart is cold. You can't warm it up even by many quilts." With one hand on his heart, Lucian looked at the flushing face of Amelia and said lightly.

After these words, the door was immediately closed.

While Amelia was absent-minded, Lucian had already gone out. Somehow, she felt empty in her heart.

She leaned against the door and stared blankly for a while. Then, she lay on the bed which Lucian had slept on and her heart beat rapidly. The words that Lucian had said to her tonight kept flashing through her mind.

The next morning, Amelia got up, washed herself

r. Then she had come up with a plan to treat herself. Every time she managed to pinch the palm with all her might, she would stay alive again when the pain was over.

She said lightly, which made Lucian's heart tremble.

He didn't say anything more. He just drove quietly. His sexy thin lips were tightly closed. The good-looking profile made a cold expression that prevented strangers from getting close to him.

After all this, Amelia found that the time for work was already late. Thinking of that she had delayed Lucian's work, she felt guilty and took the courage to apologize, "Sorry for making you late for work."

As the CEO of the Zhan Group, Lucian was a punctual person, so over the years, the on-duty rate of the company was very high, and it was rare to hear that he was late or leave early.

'He is right. I have such a handsome boss and set an example. It's hard not to work hard.'.

Without saying anything, Lucian pulled over the car and said, You don't have to go to the company today. I'll take you to eat something first and then drive you back to have a rest."

"No, I'm fine now." Amelia thought Lucian was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Lucian twisted his thick eyebrows tightly and ignored what Amelia just said. He took her to a famous porridge shop in the city and asked the waiter to cook the porridge.

She was really hungry. She was too afraid of carsickness to eat any bread, which made her have an acute gastritis.

"Are you sure?" "Are you going home?".

"Go home and wait for me." Lucian glanced at Amelia and said lightly.

His icy face returned to her sight. Amelia wanted to say something, but was shocked by his serious look.

This man was also so handsome when he was angry and frowned.

She stared at Lucian obsessively and the sparkle was easily noticed by him.

Amelia was overjoyed.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia, why are you back?" Shocked by the scene, Lily walked up in a hurry to hold Amelia.

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