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   Chapter 43 We Must Sleep In The Same Room Tonight

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 9272

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After the car arrived at the SJ Garden, Lucian took off his coat and took off the coat that Amelia had put on her shoulder. He said possessively, "My woman can only wear my clothes."

Looking at his childish serious face, Amelia said nothing but felt happy.

Girls liked to be cared and loved by boys. The feeling was so charming that she felt as if her heart was filled with sea water. A little shake of it, she was filled with a sense of happiness.

But the coat was owned by Jonny and she couldn't lose it, so she took it from Lucian and then held it in her arms.

Seeing all these actions, Lucian felt jealous, but he didn't want to show it obviously. He had to bury the impulse to get to the bottom of the matter.

"I'll go upstairs first." She planned to wash Jonny's clothes in the washing machine and return them to him.

Seeing that she was holding the well-designed suit with appropriate fabric, Lucian couldn't help asking, "Do you want to take it upstairs?"

"Oh... Yes. " Amelia got panic. She looked at him and explained, "That's a kindness! I don't think it's appropriate to throw it away."

"So it is." He smiled and reminded her, "I'll wait for you in the bedroom."

"Bedroom?" With her eyes widened, Amelia was at a loss for what Lucian meant.

Noticing her confused look, Lucian continued, "I wanted to ask for your opinion, but since you are so unclear, I will tell you directly."

"Lucian, what are you doing?" By this time, Lucian had walked in front of Amelia, and he entered her room.

"We must sleep in the same room tonight." When he spoke, he was calm and his tone was smooth, not feeling embarrassed at all. He was already helping with the toiletries in hand.

Tonight at Shelly's birthday party, Fannie laid this fact as evidence of her discord with Amelia, and said that Lucian just wanted to cheat them by the excuse that he married Amelia.

What Fannie said had hit the nail on the head, but Lucian had a crush on Amelia and didn't want Amelia to think they were still contracted married.

Amelia was stunned.

After a short while, Lucian moved all the necessities of Amelia to the master bedroom.

"You know, we used to be interns. After we finished our internship, we are a qualified couple," said Lucian. Seeing that she was still distracted, Lucian caressed her head gently, as if he was comforting a wounded little sheep.

Lucian's words made Amelia shocked and did not respond at all.

When she found that her necessities had been moved by Lucian, she immediately ran to his bedroom, only to find that the room had been arranged. Then, Lily said with a smile, "Mrs. Amelia, I have arranged everything according to Mr. Lucian's order. Please check if there is anything that you are not satisf

e was hesitating.

"I will make your dream come true." With a restrained smile on his lips, Lucian looked firm in his eyes. "It's not that you dislike me. If you also like me, please give yourself a chance, and give me a chance to love you as well."

Amelia's heart was beating fast and her face was reddened by those words from Lucian.

"It's getting late. Go to bed early." Amelia blushed and didn't know how to answer, so she had to skip the topic.

With his eyebrows raised, Lucian smiled slightly, nodded and said, "Well, you have to go to work tomorrow. Go to bed early."

"Yes." Amelia nodded her head and was to leave.

"You can sleep in the master bedroom tonight," said Lucian. He took Amelia's hand and gave her a hint with his eyes

"No way!" Amelia got rid of his hand immediately. She frowned and said unhappily, "It seems that what I said just now has become nonsense!"

Lucian realized that she thought too much. He laughed and said, "Don't take me as a bad guy, Amelia. What are you thinking before I finish my words?"

The tighter he pulled, the worse the result would be.

Amelia had already had a crush on him. He was not eager to get her affection, but he wanted to get a chance to know more about her in the following time, so that they could have a more solid relationship.

"I'll sleep here. Where do you sleep?" She asked with a red face.

"Of course I..." Lucian put his face close to her and smelt the scent of her. "Sleep next to you," he teased.

Amelia glared at Lucian, stamped on him and said, "Shame on you to say you're not a lascivious man. You have bad records, so I'd better be on guard against you."

She didn't forget that she had been taken photos of by Lucian when she was drunk. At the thought of this, her affection for him was getting weaker and weaker, and she felt weak.

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