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   Chapter 42 Stay With Me

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Edmund was holding a glass of wine and was surprised to see Amelia and Jonny. He thought they were uninvited guests and didn't want to invite them to have dinner.

Just with a pleasant smile on his face, Nicholas said, "It's Amelia. Come and sit here."

"Father..." Amelia greeted him awkwardly. Then she pointed at the door and said, "I thought Lucian was here, so I came to have a look. Since he isn't here, I'll go out first."

There was an unpleasant look on everyone's face. She didn't want to make trouble for others or make herself upset.

"What did you call him?" After hearing her greeting, Fannie glared at her angrily and said in disbelief, "You seduced Lucian, and now you want to shamelessly suck up to his father? Who has recognized you? Don't you know who you are? You are not deserve to call him father! "

"Stop talking, Fannie!" Nicholas interrupted those mean words of Fannie and said to Amelia who was standing at the door, "Amelia, Lucian was looking for you just now. He might be downstairs. Go and have a look."

"Okay." Amelia nodded.

She was good at hiding her emotions. Even if she had been wronged, she would not show it on her face, but chewed it in her heart.

"Jonny, what are you doing there? Come and propose a toast to your uncle!" There was a touch of reproach in Edmund's tone, and his expression was rather stern.

Jonny ignored his father's words and greeted Nicholas politely.

"Edmund, he is a grownup now. Stop being a commander. Just leave them alone." Nicholas took a glass of wine and praised, "Your design work is stylish. I appreciate you!"

Everyone would be happy if their works were praised. Jonny stepped forward, raised his glass and said happily, "Uncle Nicholas, thank you for your encouragement. With your words, I feel that my choice is right!"

"Seize the opportunity, you will have a bright future!" Nicholas took Jonny's hand and looked at him with great hope. He patted on the back of Jonny's hand and said with a smile, "You and Lucian are always on good terms. I have witnessed your growth."

"Thank you, uncle Nicholas. When I finish my work, I will go to the Zhan mansion and play chess with you." Said Jonny with a big smile on his face.

Nicholas said kindly, nodding his head repeatedly.

The atmosphere suddenly became warm, but after hearing what Edmund said, the atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point.

"Nicholas, I always don't agree with him learning anything about design. But look at you! You support my son to do the opposite of mine!" Edmund said in a sullen tone. When he looked at Jonny with dissatisfaction. Amelia found the subtle relationship between Edmund and his son.

"Today is Shelly's birthday party? Please don't bring up such a hot topic. " Jonny's face was still smiling. He then turned to loo

ooking forward to the day when I turned 18 years old. But I didn't expect that it is just my wishful thinking!"

What Shelly said broke Amelia's heart.

In the beginning, she thought that Shelly was making trouble on purpose with her sarcastic words. But now, she realized that when they were about to reach the top of the mountain, everything would change. The blow that she had suffered must be very heavy.

"Shelly, you will meet your Mr. right." With a warm smile, Lucian held the hand of Amelia and walked out of the private room.

Coming out of the hotel, the head-on cold wind spread from Amelia's feet to her body.

After sitting in the car, she just felt warm, but her mind had been filled with the tears of Shelly all the time.

"Whose coat is it?" Lucian couldn't help asking when he found that Amelia didn't say anything since they got on the car and saw a man's coat that she was wearing.

Amelia became absent-minded when she heard Lucian. Then, she followed his eyes and found that she had forgotten to give the coat back to Jonny.

Noticing that Lucian was staring at the coat with an aggressive look on his face, Amelia felt embarrassed and her face turned red. She was afraid that if she didn't do that, he might get it wrong and lied, "A passer-by gave it to me out of kindness."

Jonny specially reminded her not to tell Lucian about their relationship, so she tried her best to avoid the name "Jonny".

"A kind-hearted passer-by?" Apparently, Lucian didn't believe it. He stared at the priceless coat and said, "He is such a generous passer-by. Why don't you give me his phone number so that I can thank him?"

There was something wrong with his tone, but Amelia still managed to reply, "I don't care. I don't even ask for his name."

Seeing that she did not want to continue to answer this question, Lucian had to stifle so many doubts.

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