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   Chapter 40 Shelly's Birthday Party

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"You little fool." He reached out and stroked her head, then bent down, took off her shoes, and rubbed them gently for her as if no one was around.

"Hey, people are watching us!" Before Lucian came to himself, he had already bent down to massage her feet. She looked around and found that most people were staring at them. She was so shy that she wanted to bury herself in a hole.

Lucian didn't care about the curious looks. He rubbed Amelia's ankle and asked with concern, "Does it hurt?"

Her words were full of pity. Hearing this, Amelia's heart trembled. She looked at Lucian and tears welled up in her crystal clear eyes. Like a well behaved child, she shook her head and said, "No, it doesn't hurt. I'm happy."

On hearing the word "happy", Lucian suddenly paused and looked up at her delicate face with his deep eyes. His heart was like wave sweeping, which made him hard to calm down for a while.

When she said the word "happy", she accepted him and did not refuse him.

There was a faint smile on Lucian's face, just like the breeze on April. Amelia's eyes were full of touched. They gazed at each other, showing how much they loved each other.

"Lucian!" The sudden angry female voice broke the beautiful atmosphere between them.

Amelia turned around and found that Shelly was looking at them angrily in a pink dress.

Shelly was very beautiful today. She had a bun on her head, which made her white skin more exquisite. The pair of diamond earrings on her ears was particularly eye-catching. The necklace around her neck was inlaid with gems, shining in the crystal light.

No wonder she was the protagonist today. She drew the attention of the crowd as soon as she appeared. However, there was no smile on her face at this moment. Apart from anger on her face, her eyes were full of envy and hate. As a result, such a shining beauty immediately reduced the guests' mood.

Compared with Shelly's beauty, Amelia's elegance and simplicity was more touching. Everyone cast looks of admiration on her. The faint smile on her face was like a quietly developing jade flower, beautiful and clean.

"Shelly, happy birthday." Lucian was amazed for a second, but then he greeted Shelly naturally.

"Miss Shelly, happy birthday to you and happy every day." Amelia also sent her wishes politely.

"I don't need your blessing!" Shelly immediately put on a long face and turned to Amelia. She said discontentedly, "I'm not happy to see you!"

The smile on Amelia's face did not disappear. It seemed that she was used to the capricious look of Shelly.

However, most of the people present had heard the angry words from Shelly, and they all wondered why Shelly was so dissatisfied with Amelia.

"Well, it seems that Miss Shelly is still not giving up. She dares to challenge Mr. Lucian's newly married wife in public. It seems that this is not easy to enter a rich and po

you for attending my daughter's birthday party and thank my old friend to help revive our family. It's an honor to have you here." Right then, the middle-aged man in suits on the stage, probably Shelly's father, Edmund An, was expressing his gratefulness to everyone. Then, with a shining face, he thanked the arrival of the Zhan family.

When they entered the hall just now, Nicholas and Fannie didn't show up. Somehow, Amelia was a little surprised to see them.

At this time, wearing a jewelry, Fannie was standing behind Nicholas with a joyful smile and her eyes wandering between Lucian and Shelly.

The woman standing next to him wore plain clothes. She had light make-up, but there was a hint of elegance in her, which was unlike Fannie.

She looked particularly comfortable with a gentle smile on her face.

" He said so many, just because he wants to build an intimate relationship with the Zhan family? Lucian has married. He doesn't have to be a social climber. "

The girl sitting behind Amelia began to murmur again.

"Keep your voice down. Mrs. Amelia is sitting in front of us. Aren't you afraid..." Another girl stopped timidly.

"Look at Shelly. She hold Mr. Lucian's arm so tightly that people who don't know her might think she is the wife of Mr. Lucian!" The girl complained angrily.

"Mrs. Amelia, she has been smiling all the time. She didn't even pay attention to that. How anxious you are!"


Amelia's mind went blank after she heard it. She looked at the stage, only to find that her eyes were blurred. Finally, she lowered her head and played with her mobile phone.

She originally wanted to play with her mobile phone to relieve the anxiety, but when she heard the voice from the microphone, her whole body was frozen.

"The Zhan family and the An family have reached an agreement ten years ago that when my daughter Shelly has reached twenty years old, she can marry Lucian..."

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