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   Chapter 39 To Torture A Single Man

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Therefore, visiting the An family was like going to an enemy's house.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here." Noticing that she didn't say anything, Lucian put his hand on the back of her hand and said in a soft voice.

Looking at Lucian, Amelia felt both secure and worried.

Instead of pushing his hand away, she quietly felt the warmth and strength that his big hand had covered on her, as if she had a sense of security.

"Why did you stop here?" Suddenly, Lucian pulled over and pointed at a large clothing shop. "Go downstairs with me to take something."

"Okay." Amelia nodded and followed Lucian.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lucian." As soon as she entered the store, the owner of the store came over to her and asked with a big smile on her face, "The evening dress you ordered is ready. Is it this lady?"

"Yes." Lucian nodded and turned around. He said to Amelia, "try it on inside."

"What?" Before Amelia could figure out what was going on, she was pulled into a wide fitting room by a beautiful shop owner, which was full of formal dresses and embroidered satin, dazzled her eyes.

After she entered the shop, the shop owner presented her a piece of candy colored Strapless long dress and showed it to her, smiling and said, "Mrs. Amelia, please have a try and see if it fits you."

"Me?" Amelia was surprised. When the shop owner nodded her head, Amelia suddenly understood what had happened.

Although she was not willing to, thinking that it was Shelly's birthday party, she still chose to respect Lucian's opinions and change her dressing. But it was too pink...

"Do you have other styles, a simpler one?" Amelia asked awkwardly.

"Mrs. Amelia, this is the style Mr. Lucian personally chose for you. Your skin is white and smooth. It suits you well." She hadn't even put on her dress yet, but the storekeeper kept boasting her beauty.

It seemed that it was inevitable for her to wear this dress. Although she felt that she couldn't match this color at the age of 25, she still decided to put it on.

Although it was a long dress, Amelia was about 1.6 meters tall, slender and well proportioned, and the dress was waisted. It was just suitable for her.

The fabric was soft and delicate, and Amelia knew it must be expensive from the first sight she saw it.

"Mrs. Amelia, you are so beautiful. You are quite extraordinary in this dress!" The storekeeper looked at Amelia and marveled.

Amelia felt a little embarrassed by her compliment, lowering her head and covering her breast with her hands. She felt that it was too revealing.

At this moment, two dressers came in. One was helping Amelia tidy up her hair, and the other was helping her with her makeup.

"Mrs. Amelia, you are a pretty woman with outstanding temperament, so we didn't dress your hair up. This pure white magnolia flower is worn in a bun, and half of your hair is hung on your shoulders, making you look gentle and graceful.

Besides, your skin is so fair that I don't need any makeup. " One of

he whole party.

It was the first time for Amelia to attend such an event, but because of the overwhelming wedding report, almost everyone here recognized her.

"Wow, she is the woman in the SJ Garden!"

"I saw her on the newspaper last time. I think she is at most pretty. But now she looks like a fairy."

"Has she received any plastic surgery? But, no matter how much Lucian likes, he will never accept a plastic surgery woman. "

"Well, although she has stolen the man I've been yearning for, she is indeed much more beautiful than his first love girlfriend..."

Uh... First girlfriend? Would it be Sasha?

Amelia walked up to them, surrounded by endless whispers. When she was lost in thought, she couldn't walk smoothly. She sprained her ankle!

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain coming from the soles of her feet to her legs.

She held back her pain and didn't want to lose face in front of him. She kept smiling to show her elegance and grace.

At the moment she sprained her ankle, Lucian's heart trembled. He looked at her worriedly and said, "Amelia, are you okay?"

She looked up at him and shook her head with a smile.

The bright light shone on her delicate face. She was quiet and beautiful, like the orchids in the empty valley, fragrant and heart stirring.

After they finally walked out of the long red carpet and sat down, Amelia felt relieved. Although her feet still ached, she did not frown. She pinched her own breast to endure the pain silently.

He noticed the subtle movements.

"Did you sprain your ankle?" He took her hand, looked at the mark she had pinched on the palm, and asked painfully.

Amelia's face suddenly turned red. She blinked her eyes with a guilty conscience, shook her head and denied, "No, I'm a little nervous."

"You don't need to be tough in front of me." His eyes were full of concern, and he held her hand even tighter.

Looking at his affectionate eyes, Amelia nodded and said, "I just had a sprain and it hurts a little."

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