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   Chapter 38 You Are Not Jealous

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He took off the business suit. The orange sweater was amiable. A light gray jeans was well tailored, which brought out his perfect long legs. He wore a pair of black boots, which looked cool and noble. The long coat was wrapped in his arm, casual and elegant.

Amelia was obsessed with the handsome man. If Lucian hadn't asked her if she wanted to go with him, she would have fallen into his irresistible charm.

"I... Where are you going? " She thought her anthomaniac look was captured by Lucian. She felt guilty and couldn't even speak clearly.

"Mr. Edmund An asked me to play bowling with him. If you want to go, I can take you with me." Lucian looked at Amelia with gentle eyes, asking for her opinion.

"Mr. Edmund... She is Shelly's relative? " She guessed that they had the same last name.

"Yes." In fact, Lucian didn't want to go, but out of respect, he agreed.

"I'd better not. I'm going to hang out with Courtney." Shelly liked Lucian so much, and the two families hoped that their children could be together. Wasn't she going to make them unhappy?

Besides, when Shelly saw her, she would wish to peel her as peel a shrimp.

With his eyebrows frowned, Lucian felt disappointed. He thought that Amelia would feel anxious because of Shelly, but she simply refused him.

"Okay, I'll drive you there." Although he felt a little depressed, his voice was still warm.

"In the same direction?" Amelia asked curiously with her eyes wide open.

"Yes." He nodded. He really wanted to tell her that he could drive her no matter where she went, but he thought it was too exaggerated, so he dropped it. What's more, she was absent-minded because of only a few sweet words. He'd better not frighten her.

Lucian's attitude toward her was not as cold as he used to be, and the anger on his face was also gone. Amelia heaved a sigh of relief and followed behind him.

On the way, Lucian attentively drove the car, while Amelia looked straight ahead nervously. The two didn't talk with each other, and the car was quiet and embarrassing.

"By the way, tonight is Shelly's birthday. Can I pick you up at dinner?" Lucian felt that Amelia would feel bored if he took her to bowling, so he wanted to ask whether she would attend the dinner tonight.

"I... Fine. " Amelia frowned. She thought that Lucian was waiting for her reply. If she continued to refuse, it might not be appropriate. So, she had to agree.

"You don't have to be that reserved. Just do what you usually look. I don't want you to hide your radiance because of some emotions." Lucian liked Amelia who was natural and casual. She looked delicate, but was very strong in her heart.

Murmured Amelia in surprise. Before she could understand what Lucian said, the car stopped in front of the milk tea shop.

He bent down and gently unfastened the seat belt for her. When she was distracted, a light kiss was softly pecked on her forehead. A faint fragrance of mint, accompanied by a charming sm

ia couldn't help smiling. She was nervous but also wanted to feel the sweetness inside.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Lucian drove his limited edition sports car to pick up Amelia at the gate of Courtney milk tea shop.

"Wow, Amelia, your man's here to pick you up. Hurry up!" The business on weekends were super good, so Lucian, who had been standing in front of the shop for a while, and Amelia was busy all the time. It was not until that Courtney pushed her and pointed at the door that she noticed a handsome man not far away.

Embarrassed, Amelia lowered her head and flushed.

She was thinking about him just now. If she was not busy at the moment, she would certainly continue thinking about him.

"Sit down please. I'll clean up this place. Then I'll come back." Amelia said.

Lucian nodded, a faint smile appearing on his lips. He was waiting for Amelia quietly.

As soon as Lucian entered the shop, many girls stared at him with admiration and said he was handsome.

"Amelia, don't be so busy. I have to remind you that Kent will be here soon. Go on dating with Lucian!" Seeing that Amelia still didn't want to stop, Courtney went over and grabbed the tableware in her hand.

"All right." Considering that tonight was Shelly's birthday and that Lucian would pick her up to the birthday party, she didn't insist on asking him to wait for her.

"You are doing a good job there." He was driving.

"It's easy." She smiled lightly and averted her eyes from Lucian. She asked in a low voice, "Do your parents want to go with you?"

"Yes." Lucian nodded and looked straight ahead. Then he added, "Shelly's father and my father are not only business partners, but also old friends. Therefore, they can chat with each other on her birthday."

"Okay." Amelia replied. Then she was extremely nervous.

Fannie didn't like her daughter-in-law at all. She thought Amelia was married for the money, and that she had ruined their marriage arrangement with the Ans.

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