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   Chapter 37 She Doesn't Appreciate His Kindness

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"Since you don't like my kindness, I won't force you." After staring at Amelia for a long time, Lucian finally listened to her and made his mind clear, "But Amelia, you are my wife. Why can't I be good to you?"

Lucian's eyes were much darker than before. When he looked at Amelia, there was a faint sadness.

Lucian's words apparently made Amelia speechless. She lowered her head and was too nervous to answer.

"Frank, put this car in the garage. If Amelia doesn't like it, leave it there." Lucian stated to Frank expressionlessly, turning around.

'What? Did he intend to save it in the garage?'?

"Can't I return it?" She frowned and asked with embarrassment.

"Of course not!" Frank answered.

"Why not?" The car hadn't been used or damaged. Why couldn't it be returned?

Seeing that Amelia just got out of the car, Lucian wanted to laugh, but he held back his laughter. He deliberately sighed and said, "The owner will take good care of it as if it is a treasure. But the seller will think that the car is sold out, even you have been using it for a day, it is worn. If you return it, it will cost us tens of thousands."

"Lost so much money?" Amelia had been bothered by the question for a long time and was getting more and more worried.

Now the car couldn't be returned. If she didn't drive it, the car wouldn't be able to realize its value. Lucian also wasted his money.

"How about we renting the car to the lease company? This way, we can make up for the loss." Amelia had come up with a good idea suddenly, and her bright eyes were full of innocent joy.

"No way, Mrs. Amelia!" With a look of bewilderment on his face, Frank finally said with a frown, "Although the car isn't as expensive as a villa, it's unlikely to get the lease company. The employer won't treasure the car. If you are going to send it to the lease, you'd better give it back at least."

Lucian didn't expect that Frank could be this capable. He gave him a wink and he knew what to say to Amelia.

"Well..." Amelia pursed her lips and looked remorseful. It seemed that there was no way to get the best of both worlds. She had to turn to look at Lucian and apologized, "I'm sorry to make you waste money again."

"Mrs. Amelia, since you don't want to waste Mr. Lucian's money, why don't you accept this car? Then everyone will be happy." Frank continued.

Eventually, he came to the point. Lucian's lips unwittingly moved, and there was a sudden light in his heart.

She was unwilling to waste a meal extravagantly, not to mention the money to buy a car, which was undoubtedly an huge figure to her.

"Ouch, it painful!" She held her head in her hands and didn't know what to do, so she felt very painful.

Was there really no better way except what Frank told him? She didn't want to owe Lucian one more time!

"Amelia, I'm your husband. That's what I should do. If it's hard for you, I won't force you. But.

n a low voice when Amelia just arrived at the door.

Her sadness was suddenly smoothed out, and she turned around and promised.

When Lucian saw that she was smiling, there was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. Then he went downstairs.

In front of the dining table, Lucian was eating in a graceful manner. After eating, Amelia sat opposite to him. She wanted to say something, but she didn't want to disturb him in his good mood while eating. Thus, her hands kept crossing in a fluster.

Lucian glanced at her from time to time. When the breakfast was over and Lucian wiped his mouth, he asked in a deep voice, "Do you have something to say?"

She immediately raised her head and nodded her head. Then she became embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry for what I did just now. I shouldn't have brought the breakfast to your study on my own."

"Get to the point." Lucian stood up, his tall figure enveloping the thin woman. Even if they were face to face, Amelia could feel the strong aura around her, which made her nervous and dare not breathe in an instant.

The point was... The point was that she accepted that car and thanked him?

After hesitating for a while, she just could not speak it out.

Lucian looked very serious, which made Amelia tremble with fear. She tried to say something, but finally she said nothing.

"Amelia, if there's nothing else, I'll go out." Lucian picked up his coat and was about to go out.

"Yes!" Amelia stopped him in a hurry. She caught up with him and said nervously, "I should thank you for your kindness. I'll drive the car and won't let it stay in the dark garage."

Although she didn't feel this way, she still bit the bullet to say it out.

She had no choice but to sacrifice herself.

"That's it?" Lucian narrowed his eyes and looked at her deeply.

"Nothing more." She shook her head and looked nervously at Lucian's neat and handsome face, feeling the mature charm from him.

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