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   Chapter 36 A Passionate Kiss

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"Amelia, you are the one I love..." He stopped and said in a low and deep voice. He spoke softly with deep feeling.

Amelia trembled and looked at Lucian in disbelief. She shook her head and said, "No, we won't. We just..."

Her lips were kissed by Lucian once again, but it was just a short pause. He released her and said seriously, "We are not in a contractual relationship now. We are husband and wife."

"But... But what about Sasha? "Amelia didn't mean to get involved in the relationship between Lucian and Sasha, but in fact, she liked Lucian. His words not only terrified her, but also pleased her.

Why did Lucian say he loved her. She felt so dreamy and unreal!

"Sasha and I are ordinary friends. I can't explain to you why we're here. I just think you're too insensitive to judge the situation, so I'm willing to take the chance to confess to you." It was the first time that Lucian confessed his love to a woman, and she hadn't accepted it with pleasure.

Usually, he was surrounded by women. But this time, he cared about a woman so much.

Except for the girl in his memory of childhood, few women could enter his heart these years.

What Amelia did just made him feel relaxed. So he wanted to end the contractual relationship and continue a real marriage with her.

"Lucian, you just had a little red wine. Why..." Amelia couldn't believe her ears. She reached out her hand to touch Lucian's forehead. Noticing that his temperature was normal, she asked in confusion, "Did you have a fight with Sasha?"

Lucian held onto Amelia's hand and said in a soft and intoxicating tone, "We're together, just you and I. You can't take it at the moment but you can go home and think it through. Anyway, those words were from my heart."

He said in a cool voice. Then he put Amelia's hand to his lips and kissed it before he continued driving.

When the car light turned on and the road ahead lit, Amelia looked at Lucian in secret. The light in his eyes was as bright as the stars in the sky.

She couldn't believe it and couldn't imagine that Lucian would fall in love with her.

When they arrived at the SJ Garden, Amelia rushed upstairs and locked the door.

Finally, she felt she could breathe smoothly after repressing for a long time. She patted her chest, and when she thought of the kiss, her face was still hot.

Before Lily could say anything, Amelia rushed upstairs.

Looking at the fleeing figure of Amelia, Lucian couldn't help smiling.

"Mr. Lucian, what happened to Mrs. Amelia?" Quizzically, Lily turned her head and looked at Lucian.

All of a sudden, Lucian pulled a long face and said in a cold voice, "Tell me as soon as Fannie comes here. Besides, don't let her go upstairs."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lucian. I promise it won't happen again," Lily apologized.

It se


"You gave me the car?" Amelia looked at Lucian in surprise.

"Yes, if you had a car, it would be more convenient for you to go out." Lucian spoke in a calm tone, as if he were speaking of something ordinary.

Amelia didn't know why but she felt terrible. She shook her head hard and refused, "This is too expensive. I can't take it."

With his help, she felt overwhelmed. She couldn't accept his help anymore. Not only he helped Vernon, but he had also promised to take the pictures of Iris to the SJ Garden which made her grateful already.

Although she was his wife, she couldn't accept the presents from Lucian without any reason.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian personally selected this car for you. He also said that you don't like to be extravagant, so he bought a car with both charm and price that suits you. If you refused to accept it, it will disappoint Mr. Lucian's kindness, won't you?" Seeing that Amelia didn't take his advice, Frank put in a good word for Lucian.

Amelia was not only soft hearted, but also easy persuaded. When Frank said that, she was more embarrassed.

Even so, she couldn't just take it because she was softhearted.

"Aren't you Lucian's driver? If you pick him up, you can get me on the car. If I don't go to work, I can walk for twenty minutes to get the bus stop. So it is a waste to have the new car. " She tried to calm down, raised her head and said gratefully, "Thank you for thinking so much for me. I really don't need you to be too nice to me."

Although Lucian had a driver, he used to drive himself when he went out. And now he had bought her a car, this was really a luxury.

She knew that the Zhan family was able to squander money, but she didn't like it either.

Frank didn't expect that Amelia would refuse him so decisively. At this moment, he didn't know what to say, but looked at Lucian with worry.

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