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   Chapter 35 Marry A Good Wife

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Why was it so troublesome to have western food! In fact, she was complaining in her heart, but she still pretended to be indifferent.

The dishes were placed on the table. The exquisite workmanship and bright color attracted the taste of Amelia.

"Just eat." Lucian said in a low voice. He cut the beef with knife and fork skillfully, his slender fingers connecting with the China White tableware, looking noble and elegant.

Lucian sat opposite to her when she held the knife and fork and shook her head. She didn't know whether she should use his left hand or right hand.

She liked to eat spicy food, so when she was out with Jasper, she would eat either hot pot or Chinese food. Such a high-end place had never been her choice.

She had seen such a scene on TV before, but now she was completely confused.

Just as she was troubled, Lucian suddenly put down his knife and fork, and changed the position of the knife and fork in the hand of Amelia, saying, "That's good."

Amelia blushed in embarrassment, she was still dull. The meal was quiet and tense.

She took a deep breath. She felt like she was fighting with the food in front of her and lost.

She needed to take a knife in her right hand, and a fork in her left hand Amelia muttered to herself and tried to bear in mind the words she said.

Seeing her frown, Lucian understood at once. He said, "There is no such a rigid rule. You don't have to be so nervous. Just do what you like."

"Really?" With her eyes wide open, Amelia looked at Lucian happily as if she had got an amnesty. After Lucian nodded, she turned around and said to the waiter standing not far away, "Could you please give me a pair of chopsticks?"

The waiter was stunned for at least five seconds before he figured it out with a smile.

When she turned her head to meet Lucian's eyes, she felt a little embarrassed and her face flushed. Then, she reached out for a piece of cake and said without any restraint, "You promise me by yourself. Do as I like..."

Lucian smiled with endless tenderness in his eyes. He couldn't help thinking that this woman was really special and more interesting.

"I prefer to use chopsticks!" She sucked the chopsticks into her mouth with relish, like a kid waiting for food.

Lucian took a sip of the red wine and behaved in an elegant manner. Especially when he raised the glass and drank a little, his perfect profile was intoxicated.

This man was really very handsome and unparalleled.

"Why not let me have the red wine?" She suddenly spoke out.

Lucian looked up at her. The light of warning in his eyes reminded Amelia of the night she got drunk.

To hide her embarrassment, she picked up a glass of water and drank it.

Noticing her feeling of grievance, Lucian smiled. He poured her a little wine and said, "Slow down. Don't push yourself too hard."


Amelia and said coldly, "Mrs. Amelia, you ate too much desserts tonight. It's good for your recovery to have some vinegar."

She was not stupid and understood what he meant.

"Lucian, think to yourself. Have you ever been in one relationship with a woman? Sasha is your girlfriend. I'm not sure if she could handle it.."

"From now on, I will!" Lucian turned around and looked at Amelia seriously as if he was making a promise.

Looking at such an affectionate sight and in a sincere tone, Amelia was dazed for a moment, but soon she burst into laughter and said, "That's good If Miss Sasha knew that you loved her so much, she would be overjoyed. "

Why would she feel so empty after saying this.

Lucian turned off the engine and the light of the car was off. The trees on both sides of the road blocked the lights. The road could be seen, but it was still hazy on the way.

Amelia didn't know why Lucian stopped the car all of a sudden. When she was about to turn her face to ask, she was stopped by Lucian, who suddenly bent down and put his arm around her shoulder. When she was facing him completely, her petite face was completely covered by his lips.

It was quiet around her. Amelia seemed to lose her balance. Her body kept falling with her nervousness. But Lucian held her shoulders with his hands and kissed her on the lips, giving her no chance to fall at all.

When the kiss became from gentle to passionate, Amelia become stiff in an instant. When they kissed, Amelia could even smell the fragrance of mint from his lips. His lips were not only cold, but also warm, which cover her full lips...

Everything happened so suddenly, but they really existed.

Amelia should have pushed Lucian away, but there was a special charm in him that she couldn't get rid of. It also made her want to cooperate with him.

She enjoyed the taste of his soft lips and his breath in the quiet room.

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