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   Chapter 34 You Should Call him Daddy

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"I'll go with you, Darren." Amelia finally calmed down and promised with a smile.

"Amelia?" Lucian was surprised. He held her arm and shook his head. He didn't want her to go in.

Amelia knew what was on Lucian's mind, so she smiled and held the portrait in front of him. "No matter what, your parents are elders. Since I've found the picture of my mother, I don't need to be angry. It's really impolite of me to run away suddenly." said she.

Her eyes were crystal clear now. Although there were still traces of sadness on her face, the whole face was full of smile. It was not at all like she had just cried.

"I don't want you to hide your feelings. Let's go home now." Yet, Lucian noticed the strained smile on her face. He took her hand and was about to leave.

Amelia got rid of his grip and handed the photo to him with a smile. "Take it for me. I'll be back soon."

For her trust, Lucian couldn't describe how excited he was. His knitted brows smoothed a little and he said gently, "Let's go in together."

Although they didn't get along with each other for a long time, he had known a little about Amelia. Although she always talked back to him, she had placed great respect on Fannie when she met with her. Lucian didn't want her to go inside alone, so he decided to accompany her.

In the study, Nicholas sat at the desk, with a business newspaper in his hand. Seeing that Amelia and Lucian came in together, he put the newspaper in his hand down and asked in a genial manner, "Are you Amelia?"

Said Nicholas in a low voice. A tinge of affinity could be sensed from it.

She stepped forward, nodded and said with guilt, "Uncle, I'm sorry for what I did just now." She apologized for her running away. She didn't realize she had called him wrong.

Lucian frowned and pulled her sleeve. He reminded her gently, "You should call him daddy."

What? All of a sudden, Amelia came to herself and hurriedly corrected him, "Father..."

She called him stiffly, though she was not able to speak it out.

When she thought of the first time that Lucian had met with her father, he called Vernon Dad very naturally. And she was really impressed by his smooth manner that time. But she was still not used to it.

"I'm not worthy of you calling me father," With a sudden sigh, Nicholas held the walking stick with dragon beads in his hand, trying to stand up. Before even thinking, Amelia walked forward and supported Nicholas timely.

This move not only surprised Nicholas, but also Lucian.

"Hahaha! Good girl!" All of a sudden, Nicholas burst into laughter. Then, he turned to his son and praised, "My son has a good taste."

It's... Hesitating for a moment, Amelia turned to look at Lucian. She didn't understand what Nicholas meant.

Lucian was squinting with a smile on his face. When he turned around to look at Nicholas, he was more than happy. She was so silly that she didn't know what to do at that moment.

"Dad, I don't want to get your approval. I just hope that

nly, she felt so hungry that she recalled they forgot to have dinner.

She nodded her head obediently. Her heart beat was still out of the normal rhythm. It seemed that she still had not returned from the scene.

When she walked inside, she suddenly remembered that Lucian had just asked her if she could drive? She ran towards him and replied, "I can drive."

The nervous and serious look surprised Lucian. But he smiled soon.

After they had made their seats, Lucian looked at Amelia carefully for a while and thought she was sometimes adorable.

It was the first time for Amelia to come to a western style restaurant. Everything was strange to her but made her nervous.

The waiter handed the menu to her. She had a look at the menu and found a long list of dishes with an astonishing price. Her hands were trembling.

"You order." She pushed the menu to Lucian, as if it was a piece of cake for her.

It seemed that Lucian noticed the embarrassment on her face. He raised his lips gently, looked at the menu and ordered some dishes expertly. Then he asked for the opinion of Amelia, "What kind of drinks do you want?"

It seemed that the words were casual, but she remembered everything that Lucian said.

What kind of food do you want? For example, soup, main courses, side dishes, desserts and fruits? And now he asked her which drinks she wanted to have. Only two people could eat them all?

She suddenly asked, "Isn't there soup? Just drink some soup! "

This answer astonished Lucian. But he soon regained his calmness. He smiled and said to the waiter, "That's all for the time being."

It was troublesome for the rich to have dinner. What's more, they also used a towel to treat their hands. And a cloth in front...

Amelia followed Lucian's words, pursing her lips out of boredom. She looked so cute.

"What's wrong?" Lucian noticed that Amelia pouted and thought she was unhappy.

Amelia looked around with her bright eyes and said casually, "Nothing special..."

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