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   Chapter 33 I Heard You Were Sleeping In Separate Rooms

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"And... Mrs. Fannie has been here today... " Lily was so nervous that her whole body was shaking.

"I see. You can leave now." Lucian looked as usual. He turned around and spoke to Amelia in a tone of discussion, "Do you want to go back to the Zhan mansion with me?"

She couldn't turn him down since he had asked.

"Yes." She nodded.

"Don't worry. I won't make you feel wronged this time," Lucian added

Lucian's words drew Amelia's attention. A hint of astonishment flashed in her eyes. She remembered the slap Fannie gave her last time.

Knowing what he meant, Amelia smiled, "Don't worry. I'll try my best not to piss your mother off."

It seemed that Amelia respected him but her words were full of alienation. And the alienation was from her attitude towards Lucian.

In the evening, they arrived at the Zhan mansion. The lights were all on, and there was no sign of darkness around, which made them feel like they were in the sleepless city.

It was still Darren who came out to welcome Lucian. The servant in the house was busy working. At this moment, Nicholas was sitting on the sofa and having some tea. Seeing that Lucian and Amelia had come, he said kindly, "You're here."

It was the third time for Amelia to meet Nicholas. Although they didn't talk much, Amelia felt he was easier to get along with than Fannie. Although he didn't recognize her as his daughter-in-law, he didn't sneer at her.

With a "H'm", Amelia gave a polite salute to him.

Nicholas called them to sit down. At first, she wanted to wait for Lucian to take his seat before she sat down. But unexpectedly, Lucian held Amelia's hand, then pointed at the sofa behind her and said lightly, "Sit down."

She suddenly froze. The warmth of Lucian's big hands and the gentle tone of his voice all showed how much he loved her.

"Lucian, the Zhan Group recently got several big projects and I've checked the data. You've done a good job. I'm very satisfied with it." Nicholas looked up. He glanced at Amelia at first, then fixed his gentle eyes on Lucian and praised.

Lucian nodded slightly and did not answer. He just felt that the reason why Nicholas let them come here was not simply praising him with a few words.

Since entering the door, Amelia hadn't seen Fannie. While she was wondering, she heard Fannie's voice. "Is Lucian back? Is that woman here? "

It was obvious that the "woman" referred to Amelia.

Amelia sat up straight and became overcautious for no reason.

Suddenly, a hand moved behind her and held her slender waist.

She turned to look at Lucian and saw his calm face. She wanted him to let go of her, but Fannie, who was wearing a graceful dress and with delicate makeup, walked towards them. No one could tell whether she was happy or angry.

"Lucian, I went to the SJ Garden today, but you w

dn't have found it out until now." Seeing Amelia crying, Lucian was at a loss.

When Lucian talked with Darren, Amelia heard every word he said. She thought it was not his fault. After all, it was he who saved her from the Mo family last time, and just now.

She sniffed, refrained from being sad, and said in a hoarse voice, "Sorry, I shouldn't have got angry with you."

"It's okay. Don't worry. I will find the portrait back." Lucian wiped the tears on Amelia's face and said in a determined tone.

Five minutes later, Darren carried a stuff covered with a black cloth and said in a panic, "Mr. Lucian, Mr. Nicholas asked me to give it to you."

Lucian immediately took it and found that it was Iris' photo which was wrapped in it.

"Amelia, look." Lucian handed over the photo with a bright smile.

Amelia stared at Iris on the photo frame, tears rustling down again.

"Mom, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I almost lost you." Holding the photo of Iris in her arms, Amelia felt so sad as if holding a recovered treasure.

"Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Nicholas is waiting for you in his study." Seeing Amelia crying so sadly, Darren did not have the heart to interrupt her, but he said, "After all, this photo was taken out by him. Logically, you and Mrs. Amelia should go inside."

With knitted eyebrows, Lucian said in a cold voice which was filled with displeasure, "Say thanks to my father for me, but that doesn't mean I forgive my mother."

He always stick to his own standpoint and always saw the right from the wrong when dealing with things. If it was his mother who make mistakes, he still couldn't forgive her.

"Mrs. Amelia, don't be sad. In fact, Mr. Nicholas is very satisfied with your as daughter-in-law. He doesn't mean to offend you. He just wants to have a talk with you." Realizing that he couldn't persuade Lucian, Darren turned to Amelia for help.

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