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   Chapter 32 Not Confession

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 9658

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"Amelia, it's really boring. Every time I ask you a question, you will answer neither question nor seized the opportunity to change the topic." Courtney didn't ask why, but showed a very disappointed expression on her face.

"Well, please don't..." All of a sudden, Amelia turned around and found that Lucian was standing at the door. She covered her mouth with her hand out of fear.

He was taking care of Sasha, wasn't he? Why is he here?

"Amelia, I had meant to remind you, but you were so fierce that I was out of breath..." Seeing the shocked look on Amelia's face, Courtney explained with embarrassment.

Amelia pursed her lips and blushed at the thought of her rudeness just now. She wondered whether Lucian disliked her more as he saw her so rudely just now.

"Why didn't you answer the phone?" Lucian said in a cold voice. It sounded like he was not questioning Amelia, but he was a little unhappy.

Amelia was speechless. She wanted to ask him why he gave her a ride to his girlfriend's date. However, since Courtney was still standing by her side, she answered calmly, "I have switched my phone to vibration, so I didn't hear it."

She switched her phone to vibration and didn't hear it. Apparently, she hung up the phone.

Lucian was inexplicably angry. He pulled her and said expressionlessly, "Go home with me."

Startled by the sudden move, Amelia was easily pulled over by Lucian.

Seeing this, Courtney was frightened and hurriedly said, "Lucian, what do you want to say?"

All of a sudden, Lucian stopped, turned to look at Courtney and said, "Thank you."

thank you? She didn't understand why Lucian would say "Thank you" to Courtney, but soon she understood.

She wondered why Courtney would call her at that time. Besides, there were only a few guests in the shop when she came to help.

Lucian called Courtney first, then she made the call to Amelia. What kind of good friend is this?

When she saw that Courtney looked apologetic, Amelia was sure that she got it right.

She was forced into the car by Lucian. When her arms finally were able to move, she asked with resentment, "Aren't you with your girlfriend now? What's wrong with you? "

"Amelia, do you have a pig brain?" Lucian asked in a cold voice.

what! How dare he call her a pig brain!

Amelia was completely irritated. "You are a playboy! I married a playboy like you! I followed you to see your girlfriend! I even made porridge for her! How dare you make out with her!"

She didn't know if it was too painful for her to wait for so long, she just let it all out in her heart without thinking.

"Amelia, are you jealous?" With a mocking smile on his face, Lucian suddenly stepped on the brake and bent over. With a joy in his deep eyes, he said firmly, "You're jealous of me and Sasha."

Amelia was heartbroken.

Amelia looked down with a guilty co

ian said unkindly.

"Lucian, I know there are many women who like men like you, but I'm telling you that I'm not a third party in the relationship. So please let me go!" If Sasha saw this, she wouldn't be able to clean herself.

"Mrs. Amelia, are you trying to cut off my good luck by having only one woman in my life?" Lucian frowned and smiled ambiguously. His tone was full of curiosity.

"What the hell are you talking about?" She cried out in her heart. She thought, 'Lucian must have lost his mind today. He is not only more talkative than usual, but also more brazen than usual.'.

It was a pity that a handsome face like Lucian's could say so many love words.

He had held Sasha in his arms a minute ago, and now he was holding Amelia in his arms. He wanted to flirt with her. She didn't understand why he was holding her.

"Amelia, admit it. You like me deep inside." After that, Lucian started the car and drove quickly on the expressway.

Amelia opened her mouth and looked at him with excitement. After a while, she denied, "Don't be narcissistic. I don't like a playboy like you..."

'Why do you deny it so weakly?'

She indistinctly saw that Lucian's lips curved up. It seemed that he was making fun of her or understood something.

Amelia said with a guilty conscience. She was still nervous even when they came back to the SJ Garden.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia, you are back!" Lily took the bag from Lucian and said to him carefully, "Mr. Lucian, your father just called and said that you and your wife must go back to the Zhan mansion tonight. Otherwise... "

Amelia had just taken off her shoes when she heard the words from Lily. She narrowed her eyes and saw Fannie's disgusted face.

"Otherwise, they will come to see us," Lucian chipped in. Lily didn't dare to finish the sentence.

Lily nodded silently. She couldn't speak because Fannie sounded very angry on the phone.

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