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   Chapter 31 Does he Fall In Love With Someone Else

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 10072

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Amelia bit his lower lip and walked quietly out of the room. She didn't want to disturb the loving couple.

After she came out of the residential district, she could not help but feel sad, and her tears could not stop falling.

It was sunny outside, she was walking on a green path with cold wind blowing the branches. Amelia trembled with a gust of cold wind. Moreover, she only wore a thin coat today. She thought she would be covered with sweat if she went out, but it turned out that she was chilly both in her body and mind.

She stood at the corner of the street and looked at the busy city. Suddenly, she wondered where she should go?

She took out Courtney's number from her phone, hesitated for a while, but still couldn't get through to her. After all, she just met her the night before yesterday. And when she behaved abnormally at that time, Courtney worried about her very much. Now that she had seen her like this, Courtney would definitely go straight to make trouble with Lucian.

She didn't dare to tell Courtney that she had signed a marriage contract with Lucian. On one hand, she thought it would be better if the less people knew about it, on the other hand, she didn't want to let Courtney worry about her.

While Amelia was hesitating, her mobile phone suddenly buzzed, which scared her so much that she almost dropped it on the ground. With a closer look, she found that the call was from Lucian.

A bitter smile emerged on her lips. 'Will he think of me when he is with the woman he loves?

She didn't know why, but just couldn't help feeling sad. Although she knew that she and Lucian were just a nominal-marriage couple, she still cared about their relationship.

At last, she hung up the phone and sent Lucian a text message. It wrote, "I want to go shopping. Have a good conversation with Sasha.".

After that, she took a deep breath. When she was about to cross the street, her phone vibrated again.

When she found that it was still from Lucian, she hung up the phone without hesitation.

But in the end, she thought if Lucian called again, her phone was powered off.

She didn't know why, but she hung up the phone immediately after he called.

For example, she wanted to fulfill the happiness of Lucian and Sasha, but she couldn't help feeling sad.

She felt weak at the thought of what she said to Iris. In addition, Lucian heard those words.

She felt so embarrassed because she confessed her love to a man, but was rejected ruthlessly.

She walked on the street aimlessly. When her cell phone rang again, she frowned impatiently. When she was about to hang up, she found that it was Courtney calling.

'Could I hang up?'. She sniffed and tried to calm herself down.

"Hello, Courtney." She picked up the phone and answered it in a calm voice.

"Amelia, are you free now? If you're free, come and help me with my cake shop. I am so busy today! " Courtney said anxiously on the phone.

"Okay." Amelia was willing to do so bec

thin. Why do you weigh so heavily?" Courtney, who was pressed by Amelia, complained painfully.

Wearing a suit, Lucian stood at the door of the milk tea shop and stared coldly at the two women tussling with each other on the ground.

"This is called potential, do you know? You said something that would make me lose face, and pulled out the primitive power in my body. I'll teach you a lesson!" Amelia clenched her fists, pretending to be going to hit her.

Courtney was standing in front of the gate of the milk tea shop. When she tried to struggle, she suddenly found a man standing at the door, and who was very handsome! Wait, how could this man look so familiar?

Courtney didn't even blink. When she saw clearly who the man was, she said hurriedly, "Here comes your husband, Amelia!"

husband? Amelia had to adjust herself for a while before she realized what was happening. She felt that Courtney just tried to find something to talk to her, so she gnashed her teeth and said, "Don't talk nonsense. He is very busy now! "

Lucian was accompanying his beautiful girlfriend. How could he have the spare time to come here? She would never believe it.

Thinking of this, she loosened her fists. Suddenly, she looked so lonely and said unconsciously, "Why are women so faithful while men like so many?"

Courtney's face was twisted when she saw Lucian making a gesture to her. She didn't remind Amelia again but asked, "Does Lucian fall in love with another woman?"

As soon as the question came out, Courtney's face turned pale with fear.

She had to take the risk that it was also true since Amelia wouldn't say that out of nowhere.

Courtney's words hit the nail on the head. But it couldn't be said that Lucian had fallen in love with another woman, who had always been in his heart. He never liked Amelia.

So she didn't know how to answer her question.

"Please get up," All of a sudden, Amelia let go of Courtney, and reached out a hand to lift her up from the ground.

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