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   Chapter 30 Ex-girlfriend And Wife, Which One Do You Choose

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"Lucian? Can you come here? I... I got acute gastroenteritis. I am so painful that I can't walk... " Sasha's voice sounded very weak on the phone.

"Okay." With his eyebrows knitted, Lucian agreed.

He backed the car and saw the figure of Amelia from the rearview mirror. He braked the car and said to her urgently, "Get in the car. I have something urgent to deal with."

Lucian's words confused Amelia completely. He had something urgent to do. Why did he ask her to get in the car?

Was there something wrong with her father?

"What's wrong with my father?" Amelia couldn't help asking Lucian as soon as she got into the car.

With his eyebrows furrowed, Lucian said indifferently, "Your father is fine. It's Sasha."

Amelia was relieved to hear that. But there was something wrong. His girlfriend was in trouble. Why did he get Amelia in his car?

"Why don't you just go there? Why do you take me with you?" She asked directly, feeling sad.

"Can you stop making more troubles?" There was a hint of coldness in Lucian's voice. It seemed that he didn't want to listen to the words of Amelia.

Amelia paused, and closed her mouth obediently.

She snorted inside. 'Why did he ask me to go with him in such a hurry? If his girlfriend saw that, she would be jealous.'.

Amelia had planned to get out of the car as soon as they arrived at the downtown area, but Lucian didn't mean to stop the car at all. He directly took her to a quiet residence estate.

The environment here was very good. There were plants all over the place, and some fitness venues were good for living.

Getting off the car first, Lucian turned around and said to Amelia, "You go up with me."

"Okay," She didn't know what was going on, but Lucian seemed a little worried, so she followed behind him.

On the sixth floor of building B.

Lucian stood in front of the door and knocked. Soon, the door was opened.

"Lucian, you're finally here..." He received an enthusiastic hug and a kiss.

'Oh my God! Did Lucian ask me to come here just because he wanted me to watch how he make out with another woman?'?

Although the woman in the room was the one who took the initiative, Lucian didn't refuse.

She buried her head instantly, as if she had seen something inappropriate for children.

"Are you all right?" Lucian's voice was cold and emotionless.

It was so strange that he acted like this for his beloved woman.

"Lucian, it hurts..." Sasha answered with a hurt look. She held Lucian's hand and moved it to her belly, which made her look very intimate.

Hallo, someone is still here...

Amelia felt a little embarrassed. When she was about to leave the room, Lucian suddenly said, "Amelia, Dr. Chen's number is in my phone. Please help me contact him."

Uh... Just now, he called her Amelia. Although it was not the first time that he had spoken those words, was he not afraid that his girlfriend would be jealous in front of him?

"Okay," Amelia replied awkwardly.

At the same time, Sasha saw Amelia who was blocked by Lucian. Her face went pale.

"Lucian, don't bother. There is medicine in the drawer. I felt so painful that I couldn't stand up straight just now, but I feel much better now." Afraid that her trick would be seen through, Sasha hurried to stop him. With a smile, she returned, "Thank you, Amelia."

Amelia waved her hand and answered, "You're welcome."

To her surprise, Sasha was not only beautiful, but also polite.

"Come in, don't stand outside." Sasha stretched out her hands and led her inside.

At this moment, Amelia was like a puppet. She peeked at Lucian and saw his cold face, feeling very unhappy.

"Lucian, I have some antipyretic in my drawer. Can you take it for me?" With one hand on her belly, Sasha said to her worriedly.

"Okay." Amelia had also had an indigestion before. She knew it would be uncomfortable, so she handed

the pills to Sasha and offered, "Miss Sasha, let me cook some porridge for you."

Sasha was surprised. She looked at Lucian and didn't know what to say.

Amelia thought that she was asking for Lucian's advice. So she said without asking for Lucian's opinion, "Don't be afraid. Lucian, in fact, is really concerned about you. He must be scared to death. I'm going to cook you some porridge. It's good for your stomach."

Then she went to the kitchen.

Seeing that, Sasha couldn't help laughing. She thought Amelia was easy to deal with.

"Have a seat, Lucian." Sasha walked over and pulled Lucian's arm.

"Why did you pretend to be sick?" Lucian said with a cold face. There was no emotion in his tone.

Sasha was taken aback. Pretending to be innocent, she said, "Lucian, what are you talking about? It hurts here. It's too stuffy..."

All of a sudden, she threw herself into Lucian's arms. Then, she pretended to be weak and held his hand to her chest. She said with a pitiful look on her face, "Lucian, I've been living abroad for three years. Every time I've had diarrhea, I've had to lie on the bed and be very painful. But now that I'm back, I don't have any strong willpower. When I think of you, I can't help but want to see you. When I see you, the pain in my body is all right... "

Amelia had wanted to ask whether she should put some mushroom in the porridge. But when she saw Sasha and Lucian were hugging, she swallowed it down.

In that case, she decided to put some mushroom in the dish as it was good for diarrhea.

Watching Amelia's back, Sasha gloated.

You are still wet behind the ears.

"Now that you're not feeling well, you can go lie down." Speaking of staying abroad, Lucian felt a little guilty.

The moment Sasha pounced on him, he didn't push her away.

After he took her to the bedroom, Lucian intended to go to the kitchen to see how Amelia was doing. Sasha grasped his wrist and she wouldn't let him go.

"Sasha, please don't!" At this moment, he cared more about Amelia's mood.

At first, Lucian thought that Sasha would be a little scared when she saw Amelia. But it turned out that Sasha didn't mind it at all. It made him very annoyed.

"Lucian, I know you're married, but at least you should give me some time to digest." Tears welled up in her eyes, and she continued to ask, "Can we still be friends? Even if we can't be lovers, you have to be my family, because except for you, I have no family. "

Seeing Sasha's tears, Lucian didn't take pity on her. Instead, he said calmly, "Have a good rest. I'll go out to have a look."

Sasha wouldn't let go of the chance to be alone with Lucian. She grabbed the hem of Lucian's clothes and begged, "Lucian, please. Stay with me for a while."

With his brows wrinkled, Lucian stood still, letting Sasha pull him.

Sasha had thought that Lucian would at least sit down and accompany her. She didn't expect him to stand straight without any tenderness on his face. Her heart sank, but she didn't give up.

"Lucian, I love you very much. I have never regretted it from the very beginning. Even if your mother had treated me so badly that year, I did not blame you at all. I believe that you are not such a heartless person. You will not leave me abroad." As Sasha said, she sobbed sadly. With tears on her face, she looked extremely pitiful. She moved her body, trying to cut down the distance with Lucian.

She buried her head in his arms and felt the man's vigor.

Sasha then boldly said, "Lucian, I love you. I love you so much!"

She had been so excited that her voice had naturally raised.

At this time, Amelia, who had just cooked porridge, walked to the door. When she heard some sounds coming from the room, she couldn't help but tremble in her heart. She couldn't help but recall the last time she saw Jasper and Yolanda make out.

But this time, why did her heart hurt so much?

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