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   Chapter 29 Call Me Honey

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Morning, in the SJ Garden.

Amelia got up early. After changing into her sport suit and wearing a high ponytail, she went downstairs and saw Lucian sitting on the sofa, sipping at a cup of coffee leisurely.

The happiness on Amelia's face was gone. She walked towards Lucian and said with respect, "Good morning, Mr. Lucian."

After glancing at Amelia, who was still energetic because of her sportswear, Lucian pointed to the kitchen and reminded her sullenly, "Lily is making breakfast inside. Please call me honey."

"Bah!" Amelia blurted out without any hesitation. Then she realized that she had overreacted, so she said in a low voice, "Lucian, don't have a guilty conscience. Since you are doing this on purpose, I don't want to take the toll."

She had thought to give this title to her future husband.

Lucian ground his teeth. There was a dissatisfaction on his handsome face. He took the hand of Amelia and held her tightly in his arms. He threatened, "It's okay if you don't do as I said. I'll hang your photos in my bedroom later. If Lily asked me, I would tell her that I admire my wife's figure very much."

"Lucian, shame on you!" Amelia was too angry to say anything.

"I am your legitimate husband. I am shameless to you. It's not illegal." It seemed that Lucian was ready to risk everything. He breathed in gently by her ear. The warm stream, like a demon fire, darted into the deep part of Amelia's body, making her heart beat faster.

'Oh my God! He really have the guts to bully me just because he is handsome.'

However, her heart, was actually obeying.

Noticing that Amelia suddenly stopped moving, Lucian's strength became weaker.

"I will give you three seconds to decide. Do you want to do it or not?" Lucian threatened. As he buried his face, he felt Amelia's skin was soft and smooth, and he could smell the faint scent from her.

This woman had something special that he couldn't tell.

After Amelia found that she had no choice, she struggled and said in a weak voice of mosquitoes, "Ho... ney... "

The two syllables made her want to bite off her own tongue.

"Your voice is so low, how can I hear you? Speak louder." Lucian acted like a spoiled child and asked Amelia to repeat it.

Amelia frowned and anger could be seen in her eyes.

She was too shy to say it, and it turned out that he thought her voice was too low!

"Since you don't want to do that, forget it." He said in an irritated tone deliberately.

"Honey!" She angrily shouted and her voice was a few times louder.

This time, not only did Lucian hear about it, but also heard by Lily who was in the kitchen.

"Well, good. I like it." With joy all over his face, Lucian smiled and joked, "If you call me that every time, I..."

"Lucian, don't be so shameless! Shame on you!" Amelia said with shame and indignation as she broke away from Lucian's embrace.

Lucian's hand paused in the air. After a few seconds, he regained his composure and continued to sip his coffee elegantly.

Amelia was about to change her shoes when Lucian took a step ahead of her. She ignored him and went on walking outside.

At the gate, she was about to walk to th

e place where she could take a taxi when Lucian stopped her in his Lamborghini.

Amelia made no answer. She was to turn around and walk on.

But he kept beeping the horn behind her to annoy her.

Amelia was completely irritated. She stood still and looked at the man in the car. She asked angrily, "Lucian, what do you want to do?"

It was he who promised her to go out last night, but now he was stopping her and made a fuss again.

"Of course I'm taking my wife out for fun." Lucian looked innocent, which was totally different from his usual stern look. At this moment, he was just a handsome, naughty boy.

Amelia ground her teeth. She believed that Lucian became a fool to keep calling her wife.

In fact, they were just acting. How could he call that out.

"Thank you for your kindness. I'll take a taxi." She refused him almost expressionlessly.

"Mrs. Amelia, I don't know if it's because your understanding is limited or my words are not clear enough. What I mean is that you can go out with me today instead of going out alone." Lucian raised his eyebrows with a smile, but his tone sounded authoritative.

"Lucian, don't go too far!" It was not like what he had said when they had just agreed to get married. They could only interfere with each other in public. Now he was clearly restricting her freedom.

The thought made her blood boil. She wished she could take a bite on Lucian.

Seeing that she was annoyed, Lucian couldn't help smiling. He suddenly became kind and said to her, "Get in the car. I promise you will have a good time today."

"I don't want to go out with you!" It was hard to ensure joy to go out with him.

Amelia refused without hesitation.

"Really? Now that you don't want to go with me, why don't you just stay at the SJ Garden and wait for me? I'm going to meet Sasha. She said she would prepare a lot of delicious lunch for me, and she asked me to go to her place this noon. " With a great deal of regret in his tone, he tried to sound out Amelia's reaction, "I don't think my wife will mind my meeting with other women."

Together with Sasha... She was the woman who was passionately kissing Lucian.

Amelia was a little worried.

But when she thought of the reason why Lucian married her, she smiled indifferently. "Of course not."

Lucian's face immediately darkened. Glancing at Amelia who was smiling brilliantly, he cursed inwardly, 'You are such a double faced woman.'.

When he heard that she was reluctant to leave him, she used him as a wall to lean on. Now she pretended not to care about it. What the hell did she want to do?

"That's good." Lucian bit his lower lip and said with a plastic smile.

The smile on Amelia's face didn't last long until the car disappeared in front of her eyes. Her heart started to sink as if it were dust peeled off the wall. Although nothing happened, she still felt the pain.

Lucian was only going to make Amelia get mad. When he was about to get the car back, his phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and found it was from Sasha. He frowned. But when he thought of the terrible words his mother had said to her three years ago, he finally answered the phone.

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