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   Chapter 28 I Only Want You

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A wry smile appeared on Sasha's face, and she said sadly, "Lucian, I don't want anything, except you."

With that, she stormed out of the room.

After returning to the SJ Garden, Lucian heard that Amelia went to the room next door after reading the note left by him. Amelia didn't come out of the room even though Lily had knocked the door.

Lucian's heart sank and thought, 'When did this stupid woman become so obedient?'?

He just wanted her to remember not to get drunk next time. But she did exactly what he asked.

Lucian walked straight to the door. Fortunately, he had a key with him. When he opened the door, he saw a thin figure with her back to him, staring at the portrait on the wall, murmuring.

"Mom, I'm sorry. Last night, I was drunk, and Lucian punished me to come here. Although he wanted to make fun of me, I'm willing to come here with you."

He didn't mean to punish her. He just didn't want her to drink so much.

"Mom, you must have saw Lucian before. He is handsome. He is nice to me, sometimes good to me. But what touched me most is that he asked me to bring you here. So I don't feel lonely now..."

There was a pretended lightness in her tone.

As soon as he thought that she had finished talking, he walked quickly to the back of Amelia. However, before he could open his mouth, Amelia said in a sad tone, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel very sad when I know that his girlfriend has come back. Although I know that our relationship is not true, I still feel upset, not because I'm reluctant to live luxurious life, but because I feel uncomfortable, the wall behind me fell down... "

Amelia's voice sounded soft and young. Although she was sad, deep inside she was cute.

Lucian couldn't help but smile, with indescribable joy in his heart.

"Really?" A cold voice came from behind Amelia, as if it had been buried for a thousand years.

It was Lucian's voice. Why was he here!

She suddenly turned around. After she made sure that it was Lucian standing behind her, she slumped down on the ground in horror. Did he hear what she just said to iris?

'Damn it! Why was I so engrossed in it that I didn't even notice someone opened the door and came in.'

"Lucian, are you polite?" She started to shout in panic.

He looked up at the black and white picture on the wall and then whispered to Amelia, "It's impolite to yell in front of your mother."

Amelia was speechless. She felt so ashamed that her face turned red immediately. She directly stayed on the ground.

"Why, are you so embarrassed to see me?" He bent over and pulled up Amelia.

"I am not!" Amelia denied in a hurry. But when she thought of what she said just now, she felt ashamed. She lowered her head and wanted to get rid of his arms. However, he held her even more tightly.

"My wall is very strong. It won't fall down." Lucian whispered in Amelia's ear. His warm voice was as attractive as cello.

Her ears itched, as if a current had run through her until reached the bottom of her heart.

It was difficult for any woman to resist the man's passion. So Amelia was stiff when she was held by him. She maintained the posture which looked too intimate with him.

"I heard from Lily that you didn't have breakfast or lunch. Are you going on hunger strike?" Lucian let go of Amelia and asked lightly.

In an instant, Amelia felt as if her soul had been dragged away, and fell into an illusory world. She couldn't tell whether what she saw was true or wrong.

Lucian, who had always been cold, was very patient now. Even his eyes were full of concern.

Hearing that, Amelia came to her sense all of a sudden. She took two steps back and said awkwardly, "I don't feel hungry."

Amelia's lie was debunked.

As there were only the two of them in the room, the sound of hunger was extremely loud.

At this moment, Amelia became more embarrassed.

Frowning, Lucian pulled Amelia over and said, "Let's go out for dinner."

The tone of this sentence was very serious.

Amelia didn't refuse him. Even she couldn't get along with Lucian, she didn't want to upset her stomach.

"Gee, chilli chicken, pickled fish..." Lily placed all the dishes on the table. Amelia, who was extremely hungry, seemed very happy. After swallowing, she took up the chopsticks and complimented, "Lily, thank you very much. These are all my favorite dishes!"

"Mrs. Amelia, you don't have to thank me. Thanks to Mr. Lucian's reminder. He said that you like spicy food, but he asked me not to add too much chili. So I cooked two dishes and please have a taste. Do you like them?" Lily laughed happily.

'By Lucian? She frowned and looked up, only to see that Lucian moved his chair and sat down opposite her.

Did he mean to watch her eating? She guessed in a panic.

"Lily, put me a pair of tableware. I will have dinner with Mrs. Amelia." A low voice came from the other end of the table.

Did she hear it wrong? He said he wanted to have Dinner with her?

"Okay." She turned around and walked into the kitchen. When she put the bowl and chopsticks gently in front of Lucian, she said happily, "Mrs. Amelia, last time you said that having dinner alone was boring. I just said it casually and Mr. Lucian remembered it at once. He really loves you!"

It turned out that... 'Lily told Lucian what I have said. I trust her too much.' She thought.

But she thought that Lily was sent by Lucian. So it was not strange that she listened to Lucian.

Amelia said that just because she didn't want to embarrass Lily. She didn't complain that Lucian didn't keep her company during the dinner

Since she didn't know what to say, she just lowered her head and ate, turning grief and indignation into appetite, keeping eating.

"Eat slowly. Don't choke." A glass of water was placed right in front of her eyes.

Amelia looked up and met with Lucian's eyes.

Wait, why does he look so gentle now? Is there something wrong with his cold eyes? '?

"Thank you." She said awkwardly.

Looking at her shy look, Lucian couldn't help laughing. "We are a couple, why are you being so courteous?"

"What?" Amelia was surprised. She didn't expect that.

Oh my God! Did he change his attitude today? Why did he speak like a completely different person, especially the sentence, "Husband and wife"

Was this the softness before parting?

"Lucian, in fact, you don't have to do that. I have been through all kinds of departure, this is not a big deal!" She pretended to be relaxed, but in fact, her heart was dark.

It was because of the separation that she was more and more afraid of it.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. " Lucian pretended not to understand.

It seemed that Lucian was still trying to lie to her. So she decided to get to the point.

"Lucian, I heard that the sexy beauty yesterday was your girlfriend?" Amelia put down her chopsticks and asked seriously.

Raising his eyebrows, Lucian neither admitted nor denied, "Is Mrs. Amelia jealous?"

She asked him seriously, but he prevaricated.

Never mind. It didn't matter what the result was. The most important thing was to end this nominal marriage.

"Lucian, since your love is back, then it's time for us to end our marriage." She said calmly, trying to control her grief.

Lucian's face darkened. He ignored what Amelia just said and said coldly, "If you are full, go upstairs to write a self-criticism review. And, don't get drunk without my permission later!"

His tone suddenly changed and became angry. After giving the order, he turned around and left.

Sitting in the dining room, Amelia's heart ached somehow.

Since Lucian didn't love her, why should he restrict her in any way?

She just wanted to fulfill his wish and set herself free. What was the point of living together like this.

For Amelia, Lucian's words had become a golden law.

After writing the self-criticism review, she knocked on Lucian's study. With his permission, she put the report on the table and said expressionlessly, "It's the self-criticism review as you ordered."

Lucian was flipping through the documents when he suddenly stopped. He looked up at the spiritless Amelia and asked coldly, "Since you felt terrible by writing self-criticism, why didn't you think about your stomach when you drank?"

"If I have thought about it, who else would want to drink it?" Amelia replied impatiently and covered her mouth with her hand immediately.

If she had talked too much, she would have killed herself. Why should she talk to him? That would be more terrible.

"Great! Your handwriting is neat and sincere. I won't pursue it this time. But just this once." After reviewing the self-criticism report of Amelia, Lucian warned her.

He felt as if a teacher was giving orders to an disobedient student.

Amelia didn't say anything. She turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly, Lucian stopped her, "It's Saturday tomorrow. You can go out and play."

Amelia was just a little depressed. But when she heard what Lucian said, she felt excited. But she pretended to be calm in order not to let him go back on his words. She said, "Okay."

Lucian narrowed his eyes as if he hadn't thought that Amelia would be so calm.

It had to be said that Lucian was really good at making people depressed and then made them happy.

Anyway, she could go out and get some fresh air tomorrow. Amelia was so happy that she didn't have to stay under his watch.

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