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   Chapter 27 She Is Lucian's Girlfriend

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"Lucian... Aren't you... I thought you were out with your girlfriend?" Amelia asked drunkenly as she looked at the man in front of her.

Then she finally vomited.

Lucian kept quiet as he rubbed Amelia's back. He helped her stand up when she was finished throwing up.

Amelia felt as if she was floating before she fell into Lucian's arms.

Suddenly, all she could feel was softness.

"Prepare some honey water for Mrs. Amelia." She was already lying on the bed when a cold voice came from behind her.

Despite her drunkenness, she still had a pretty good idea what was going on.

Having assumed that Lucian wouldn't come home that night, the last thing she expected to find when she arrived home was, well, Lucian.

She recalled how when she first met him, she was drunk too. However, compared to their encounter then, this was nothing at all.

"Take off her clothes and put her in pajamas." He was standing in the living room, seemingly about to head out.

"No... I'm not taking my clothes off." While Amelia heard the voice, she didn't open her eyes. She thought it was Lucian who was going to help her change out of her clothes thus her refusal to cooperate.

"Mrs. Amelia, you got some vomit on your clothes. You'll sleep better if you change out of your dirty clothes," Lily said gently. She wanted to hear Amelia's approval first before doing anything.

"Lily..." Amelia nodded her head.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia has changed her clothes."

"Okay." Lucian nodded, his eyes cold as ever as he looked toward Amelia who was lying in bed.

When she vomited, she got rid of all the alcohol she had drunk that night. As she lay in bed, she kept tossing and turning, throwing off her quilt as she felt quite hot.

As Lucian watched her, he trotted over, brows furrowed, looking grim.

"Don't throw the quilt off." Lucian covered her with the quilt again as he sat on the edge of the bed. It wasn't until she had stopped tossing and turning did he finally leave.

When Amelia woke up, it was already the noon of the next day. She squinted her eyes and rubbed her forehead, feeling a bit dizzy. Suddenly, something dawned on her, she immediately sat up and looked out of the window. "Shit! I'm late for work!" she cursed to herself.

"Are you awake, Mrs. Amelia?" Lily walked into the bedroom with food in her hands. When she noticed that Amelia seemed to be panicking, she said, "Mrs. Amelia, I've already washed your clothes."

"Washed?" She was shocked and she hadn't realized that she had slept in Lucian's room that night.

"Yes, it seems you were drunk last night so Mr. Lucian carried you to the room," Lily explained, nodding.

Amelia tried to rack her brain for any recollection of this.

Everything was a haze but she seemed to remember someone holding her and talking... She looked at her pajamas and cried, "Then... What about my clothes?"

Did Lucian help her change into her pajamas?

"You vomited all over yourself last night. Mr. Lucian asked me to change your clothes for you." Lily was a bit confused. Why would she panic at the thought of her own husband changing her clothes? Lily couldn't help but laugh at her. "Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian is a good man. Any woman would kill to be in your spot right now but it seems you're constantly afraid that he'll take advantage of you."

Amelia was a little embarrassed. It was completely acceptable for a husband to help his wife change out of her dirty clothes so it was definitely strange that she was acting this way.

In order to appease Lily's confusion, Amelia added as an explanation, "Lucian's such a neat freak. I was just worried about the smell."

"Oh, I see. You're so considerate, Mrs. Amelia. No wonder Mr. Lucian likes you." Lily immediately understood what she meant. She then looked at Amelia in admiration.

Uh... She only said that so Lily wouldn't be suspicious. She didn't mean for it come out that way.

"Where's Lucian?" While she knew that Lucian was probably at work, she still had to ask.

"Mr. Lucian left a note for you. Maybe you should read it first." Lily took out a piece of paper from her apron. Lucian had handed it to her and asked to give it to Amelia before he left for work.

Lucian left a note for her?

Amelia was a bit taken aback by this. Receiving a message that wasn't electronic wasn't really popular nowadays.

Needless to say, the note piqued her curiosity.

As Amelia unfolded the piece of paper, the color drained from her face when she was met with his strong and forceful handwriting. The curiosity in her was replaced with shock and confusion.

There was no way that Lucian was in his right mind. The note said that he was going to let her ruminate about her mistakes in front of Iris's portrait for the rest of the day.

"Mrs. Amelia, what's wrong?" Lily asked out of concern when she noticed the strange look on Amelia's face.

"Uh... It's nothing." She forced a smile as she glanced at the note again. Once she was sure that she'd read everything right the first time, she went to the room where Iris's portrait was.

From behind her, she could hear Lily asking her to

eat something first but she ignored her.

She wasn't upset because of the note. It was just that she was slowly realizing that she shouldn't have drunk that much last night. This way, she could talk to Iris and sort her emotions out.

Initially, she was angry upon reading the note but after giving it more thought, she knew she shouldn't be.

Meanwhile, in the Zhan Group building.

"Lucian, why didn't you stay with me last night?" Sasha took a sip from the glass of wine she was holding. Then she put it down and strode towards Lucian. "I read a lot of news about you when I was out of the country. Don't worry though. I'm not mad. I understand that men have their needs."

Lucian raised his head to look at Sasha. He couldn't ignore the wave of disappointment that he suddenly felt.

Sasha seemed to have changed from living out of the country for so long.

He preferred women who kept to themselves as opposed to lavishly showing off their men on the streets.

At the dinner party the other day, Sasha didn't shy away from showing her affection to several men. At first, he assumed that she may have just been excited from not seeing them for a long time. However, after a while, he figured he was wrong.

He'd been out of the country himself but he was never like that. He realized that he just really liked introverted girls more.

At the thought of this, Amelia's image suddenly appeared in his mind.

Amelia always kept to herself and often jumped at the slightest movement. Whenever she was around him, she was shy and bashful. After their first kiss, Amelia looked so shaken and taken back. It looked like she wanted to scold him for it!

The smile that appeared on Lucian's lips was not lost on Sasha. She took that as a good sign so she sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and said flirtatiously, "Lucian, I don't want to see you on the news with some other girl again. I should be enough for you."

She sounded sure of herself despite the three years that had passed. Even then, Lucian still agreed to meet up with her which meant that he probably still had feelings for her.

"You read the paper?" He refused to believe that such news wouldn't make it on the paper.

"Are you talking about your marriage?" Of course, Sasha had read that. That was what made her fly back in the first place.

"Yes and you met my wife yesterday," he said coolly. He untangled Sasha's hands that were wrapped around his neck and stood up, effectively pushing Sasha off him. In a serious tone, he said, "I have a wife now, Miss Sasha, so it's best that you behave yourself."

Sasha's body went stiff. She stood there in a daze. She couldn't believe what Lucian had just said.

Three years ago, Fannie talked down to her as if she was nothing but a piece of trash. It hurt her so much that she left the country. Before she left, Lucian promised her that he would do something about it to make it up to her.

Marrying Lucian and becoming a member of the Zhan family had always been a dream of hers.

"Miss Sasha? Lucian, you've never called me by my name before... " Looking at the cold look on Lucian's face, Sasha's heart ached. She felt like her heart was ripped out of her body.

If she lost Lucian, her dream of marrying into a wealthy family would be shattered.

Then who was going to make up for all the humiliation and pain she had suffered in the past three years?

"I admit that my original intention in marrying Amelia was to avoid an arranged marriage set up by my parents but it wasn't entirely for you." As much as Lucian felt sorry for her, he still had to prioritize himself.

"Lucian, don't tell me you like her!" Anger was written all over Sasha's face.

Lucian frowned. He kept silent for a long time which made Sasha's imagination run wild.

"Oh great. I wonder what kind of power this woman has. She's won you over and she's married to you!" Sasha sneered. A bitter smile crept up on her face.

"Sasha, I hope we can end this amicably. This has nothing to do with anyone else. Please leave Amelia alone." Lucian frowned. Although he felt bad for Sasha, he was afraid that she would take her anger out on Amelia.

"Lucian, aren't you always surrounded by women and flirting with them all the time? And here you are defending this Amelia girl! Can't you see how offensive that is to me?" Sasha froze when she saw how nervous Lucian looked.

"I still feel guilty whenever I remember what my mother did to you but that doesn't mean that I love you." It was true that he had promised her to make it up to her three years ago. But that wasn't a promise made out of love, it was a promise made out of guilt.

"Well, it seems that I was just delusional this entire time." All the color had drained out of Sasha's face. Besides the overwhelming disappointment she was feeling, she was also indescribably hurt.

"Please let me know if you need anything, Sasha. I'll try my best to help you. Just let me know if I could be of any assistance to you."

Lucian was practically saying that he was willing to give her anything except the two things that she wanted: love and marriage.

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