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   Chapter 25 A Man And A Woman Alone

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It was so horrible!

She knew that she and Lucian were just nominal couple, but she was still worried that he would get drunk during the social engagement.

Amelia covered his eyes with the pillow.

The next morning, 8 a.m. After Amelia got up, she thought that Lucian had come back, and she went downstairs after she arranged everything well. Lily asked curiously, "Mrs. Amelia, have you contacted with Mr. Lucian? He didn't come home last night."

It seemed that Lucian didn't return all night.

Amelia had to go to work now, but no one would drive her there. It would take her a while before she could get a taxi. In that case, she would be late for work

Just as she was upset, her phone suddenly rang. She thought it was from Lucian, but it turned out to be a strange man's voice. "Mrs. Amelia, boss asked me to pick you up to work."

"Okay, I'll be right there." Amelia calmed herself down. She looked at the breakfast on the table and said to Lily apologetically, "Lily, the driver is waiting outside. I don't have time for breakfast."

"Then you can take the breakfast away with you." Passing a glass of milk and toast to Amelia, she said with a sweet smile, "Bye, Mrs. Amelia. Have a good day at work."

The moment Amelia walked out the gate, she saw a brand new Lamborghini parked there.

"Mrs. Amelia, please." The man was in his thirties. He spoke and behaved respectfully.

Amelia bowed and expressed her thanks.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Amelia. I'm Frank Chen, a driver for Mr. Lucian. I'll drive you to and off work from today on." Frank Chen explained himself in a fluent way as he started the car.

'Frank?'? She remembered that Lucian mentioned this name last time.

She remembered that the other day, Lucian insisted on asking the driver to send her home.

"Did Lucian ask you to pick me up?" She was still a little worried when she thought of the fact that Lucian didn't come back last night.

However, she persuaded herself that she only worry him out of politeness.

Because Amelia didn't think she had a deeper feeling for Lucian.

"Mr. Lucian called me early in the morning and asked me to pick you up at the SJ Garden." Frank answered honestly.

Amelia didn't know why but didn't ask more.

The moment she got out of the car, Amelia felt that someone was looking at her. She looked around in horror. Just as she expected, a lot of people were watching her closely like she was a monkey.

They was stunned by the luxury car. She felt a little annoyed when she saw the luxurious car. A moment ago, she was glad that she got picked up. But now, she felt that the car was a big trouble to her.

When she walked into the elevator, several girls were whispering, "I used to think the luck of Cinderella only existed in fairy tales. I didn't expect that it could be real."

"Exactly. That's how the world works. Women love rich men. "

"Our CEO is rich and handsome. If I marry a man like him in the future, I will be willing to live in widowhood next life."

"You wish! Here comes the elevator!"

The women whispered in a low voice. But the more they talked, the more excited they were. They didn't stop talking until Amelia was left alone in the elevator.

When she approached the working area, Amelia was about to push the door in. But she was stopped by Eric. "Mrs. Amelia, please wait a moment. The CEO is still in there for business."

"Yes?" Amelia frowned in confusion, but soon she understood and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I was too reckless just now."

She thought she could come and go in her working place at will. Considering that the place she worked in was also an area for Lucian, and there was a lounge inside. Maybe he didn't go home last night and was doing freshening up there.

About ten minutes later, she found that Lucian still had no intention to open the door. Holding the toast, bread and milk in her hands, she suddenly felt very hungry. She asked Eric, who was standing next to her, "Do you want to eat?"

Taking a look at the food handed over by Amelia, Eric hastily waved his hand and said, "Thank you, Mrs. Amelia. I have had my breakfast."

She opened the package and gulped down all the food.

She was worried that Lucian would come out in the middle of the meal, so she wolfed down the food.

As soon as she finished eating, the door of the office opened.

What happened inside the room shocked Amelia, who was standing at the door.

"Lucian, I'll see you tonight." The woman in front of Lucian was in a very sexy shape. Before leaving, she even put her flaming red lips close to Lucian's face. After kissing him on the cheek, she whispered in his ear very intimately. Her dreamy eyes were filled with a kind of charming. The well-cut short skirt wrapped her slender figure. Such a sexy beauty with long legs and slender waist was almost every man's dream.

Amelia's b

rain went blank at the sight of this scene. The air around her seemed to be drained, and she felt difficult to stand on her feet that she was about to fall the next moment.

It was so strange. Why did Amelia have such a reaction?

There was a strong smell of perfume on the woman. She wore her long curly hair with a cold smile on her red lips and passed by Amelia.

Then, she looked at Lucian. He was dressed in a smart suit, which made him look particularly handsome and masculine.

He didn't come back last night. Was he with that woman just now?

She could not help asking herself.

"Mrs. Amelia, let's go inside." Eric reminded her in a low voice.

She nodded and tried to calm herself down. Then she would like to use their marriage was just a deal as an excuse to comfort herself.

It didn't matter who was with Lucian, and she had nothing to do with it.

Moreover, before they knew each other, Lucian's girlfriend was changed every week.

So after they got along for a week, there would be different women around him, and she had to get used to it.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you." After Amelia sat down and said this with a smile, she began to read the documents on the table carefully.

Lucian stared at Amelia for a long time without saying anything.

Suddenly, he said, "She's my junior apprentice, Sasha Liu. She just came back from studying abroad."

'So what? You guys go to have dinner and drink first. Then you get drunk and cannot control yourselves. And then...'

A series of fancies came into her mind after she heard it.

'What's wrong with me? Why do I care so much about the kiss between him and the woman?'.

She dropped the documents and scratched her hair, with her mind in a mess.

Lucian was confused by her reaction. He walked over and asked, "What's matter with you?"

"I didn't do anything..." Amelia didn't think she could have done anything. Lucian was the boss.

"Raise your head." Because of his tall and slender legs, Lucian sat on the desk in a relaxed manner. The distance between him and Amelia was a lot closer. Especially when he reached out his fair and slender hands, Amelia was so scared that her face turned red and her heart beat fast. She didn't know what Lucian was going to do, but she raised her head as required.

"Is there anything on my face?" Because he swept his fingers gently around her mouth, as if he was cleaning something for her.

"Bread crumbs." Lucian said faintly.

Amelia lowered her head and said thank you in a shy voice.

She had eaten so fast just now that she forgot to wipe her mouth.

Lucian looked at her blushing face. A whim came to his mind. He deliberately rested his fingers on the smooth face of Amelia, and then buried his face, trying to look into her eyes as much as possible.

'Oh my God, what does he want to do?'.

Because she could clearly feel Lucian's light breath and the good mint fragrance.

She was facing a handsome man. No matter how calm she was, she couldn't act as if nothing had happened.

Amelia was so nervous that her whole body was shaking. She was afraid that if Lucian approached her again, she would really be hard to resist.

Even the ice blocks would be melted by the sun, while Lucian's deep eyes were like a strong light, making her nowhere to escape.

"Amelia, are you..." Lucian squinted at her with a frivolous smile.

"I didn't Ah! " She was in a hurry to explain, but as soon as she looked up, she had a close contact with Lucian.

Though it was just in a second, her lips felt so soft and numb as if they had been struck by electric current. Amelia was stunned for quite a while.

The kiss was totally an accident for Lucian. He didn't feel anything wrong except that. He carefully observed her expression.

"Ahem, it's time for work." Amelia whispered in a low voice, blushing.

Seeing that Amelia pretended to be serious, Lucian couldn't hide his smile and sat on the leather sofa. He pretended to read the documents casually, but in fact, he was thinking about the kiss.

Amelia's lips were very soft when he kissed her. There was a faint aroma of jasmine, which made him savor.

At this moment, Amelia felt that her face was burning, and the feeling was even stronger than the slap given by Fannie yesterday. She had planned to get down to business, but after that unexpected kiss, she couldn't rest in peace.

Amelia spent the whole day in a daze. Fortunately, Lucian didn't give her anything else, so she didn't feel panic at all.

"Let's go." Lucian glanced at the woman who was still in a daze and then pointed at the files scattered on the table by her. He demanded unwillingly, "Clean them up."

"Okay," Amelia was so frightened that she started to move in a hurry. When she finished, she found that Lucian was still here. She asked curiously, "You... Why are you still here? "

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