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   Chapter 23 Vernon Got Sick

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"Since you want to protect her and her daughter, I have nothing to say. Take care of yourself." All of a sudden, she became narrow-minded and turned around, about to leave.

Then, a hand grabbed her. She looked up and met with Lucian's deep eyes. She felt embarrassed.

"I've called the doctor. He'll be here soon. Go wash your face and have a rest. I'll be here with you." There was a hint of calmness in Lucian's voice, which made Amelia's restless heat a little happy.

This man had played an important role just now in such a critical moment.

Amelia was full of gratitude.

After Amelia left, Lucian looked at Vernon, who was lying on the bed, and asked indifferently, "Why did you do that just now?"

Vernon was frightened and guilty. Lucian saw through his intentions so he had to speak out the reason helplessly, "Amelia was an introvert and sensitive child when she was young. She used to be extrovert and lively, but since her mother passed away, she became introverted. She didn't talk to me. She was indifferent to this family. After several years of being sick, her attitude towards me became better... "

"So you want to arouse her attention in this way?" Lucian snorted and shook his head.

"Lucian, I'm relieved to see that you treat my daughter so well." Vernon let out a contented sigh.

"Firstly, your real purpose is not revealed. It is really inappropriate to joke by your own body. Furthermore, Amelia is an adult, you could not win her trust by pretending this." With that, Lucian stood up and said, "I've called your attending doctor. You can take a rest and I'll go talk to Amelia."

"Lucian, I know it's my fault. But can you promise me one thing?" As soon as Lucian stood up, Vernon pleaded, "Please take good care of Amelia."

Lucian had thought that Vernon would take advantage of the relationship between Amelia and him to do business, but it turned out that he asked him to take care of Amelia.

When he heard these words, Lucian's heart trembled, and then he felt guilty as if waves were surging toward him.

He had shown little concern for her, and sometimes he even put on a long face to her.

"She is my wife. Don't worry." He had the obligation to take care of Amelia as long as she was his nominal wife, no matter whether the truth could be taken back or not.

At this moment, Amelia was cooking porridge in the kitchen and she didn't notice that Lucian had come in.

"Is it for your father?" Lucian asked with a glass of water in his hand, glancing at the porridge in the pot.

Amelia nodded and then turned to ask, "Do you want one?"

If it weren't for Lucian, she wouldn't have been so lucky today.

Lucian was a little surprised. He smiled and said, "You are good at cooking. Please cook more in the future."

With these words, Lucian left Amelia a graceful back.

What did he mean? Amelia shook her head reluctantly. She didn't think that he meant to do that, but he wanted to say something only.

After the check-up, the doctor told Lucian that Vernon had nothing serious but been emotional.

Amelia felt relieved.

However, she was worried that Vernon would be alone at home in the evening. When she was telling Lucian her thoughts, Yolanda's sharp voice suddenly came in. "Dad, who is the super car at the door?"

Amelia was quiet for a while and gave a mocking smile to Lucian.

"Rest assured. I know what you mean... Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... " Vernon worried that Amelia would be impetuous when she saw Yolanda.

"I have been through ten years. Do I need to do it again? Please take care of yourself. " Every time she quarreled with Yolanda, Vernon always made her settle the matter. Yolanda, however, always made trouble for her.

Without saying anything, his eyebrows were wrinkled and the wrinkles on his forehead were clear.

"What? Where is he? " Not getting any response, Yolanda called Jasper behind him, "Jasper, I don't want to climb the stairs. You can go upstairs to check if my father is home or not."

It was wooden building with poor sound insulation effect. This was the house that Vernon built alone. At that time, Amelia was only seven years old, and Iris was responsible for the decoration of the house. Over the years, the well-decorated house had become an old house.

'The house is still there, but the owner has changed.'.

At this moment, Amelia was filled with sadness and desolation.

That was why she seldom went back to the Mo mansion. She would rather live in the rental house to eat box lunch than stay at home to see Vernon.

On the one hand, she went to see Jasper once a week, and on the other hand, she couldn't find any warmth in the Mo family.

However, Sophia always denigrated her in front of Vernon, blaming her for not keeping her chastity and living with other men at such a young age. Vernon always listened to Sophia

and was extremely dissatisfied with what Amelia did, renting a house outside.

Hearing the sound of someone going upstairs, Amelia frowned tightly. Since she heard the name of Jasper, it must be Jasper.

This man of the past would always inadvertently appear in front of her.

She was already disappointed enough in her heart, so the love in the past was gone, and the memories would occasionally flash in her mind, but it was not the fantasy about the future.

"Bang Bang Bang..." After knocking at the door, Jasper said, "Dad, are you home?"

Amelia stood up and opened the door without even raising her head. She turned around and said to Lucian, "Since they're already back, let's go first."

Amelia didn't want to see Jasper, nor did she want to hear Yolanda's sour words.

"Okay." With a smile, he stood up and said to Vernon, "Dad, take care of yourself. Call me if you need anything."

Amelia felt warm after hearing what Lucian said.

Amelia was not a vain woman. However, when she saw that scene in front of Jasper, she was very proud, so she actively held out her hand and grabbed Lucian's arm, with a happy expression on her face.

"Lucian, Amelia. We just came back. Are you leaving?" Jasper felt a little embarrassed. He looked at Amelia for a while and turned to look at Lucian, just like a subordinate reporting work to the boss.

"Yes." Lucian said one word, without saying anything more.

Before leaving the room, Amelia said to his father, "Dad, I made you some porridge. If you are alone at home tomorrow, please call me and I'll make dinner for you."

She didn't mean to say that, but she was still worried about him because of her blood relationship with Vernon.

Vernon was relieved and said, "Don't worry about me. I'm fine."

Jasper couldn't tell what was going on. He took a look at Vernon who was lying on the bed and said respectfully to him, "Dad, I'll see Lucian and Amelia off first and come in to see you later."

After walking out of the room, Amelia wanted to let go of Lucian's hand, but found that Yolanda was looking at her unhappily. She held his hand even tighter.

Lucian also felt the change in the hand of Amelia. He looked up and saw Yolanda waiting downstairs. He whispered, "We can leave now."

With Jasper walking behind them, Lucian wouldn't like to say more.

"Oh, it's you, Mrs. Amelia! Look at the car outside. It's really cool! " As expected, before Amelia went downstairs, Yolanda began to satirize.

Amelia had got used to it and was ready to go out directly regardless of Yolanda's existence.

But her ignorance did affect Yolanda's good mood. She complained behind her, "Don't walk so fast, Amelia. I just want to tell you that I have taken your bedroom, which will be my baby's room, so I should inform you of it politely."

"What did you say?" Amelia looked back, surprised and indignant.

"Although Jasper and I have a wedding apartment, we will still go back to my parents' house in the future. You are now the wife of a rich family. Do you even care about that shabby room?" With her arms crossed over her chest, Yolanda looked so disgusting since she was occupying others' stuff with a complacent look.

Amelia held back her anger and said calmly, "I don't care what you want. But you can't stay in that room!"

Her attitude was firm as if she was defending her unshakable territory.

"Amelia, I'm discussing with you. Don't think I'll be afraid of you with Lucian behind you!" Yolanda's face changed. She suddenly became angry in a mocking tone. She stroked her belly with one hand, and pointed at Amelia's face with the other. In a domineering tone, she said, "You've married to Lucian. Anything in the Mo family is at my disposal!"

Looking at her cocky head, Amelia sneered. "Do you really think that you can become a member of Mo clan just by taking Mo's surname?"

Ten years ago, Sophia brought Yolanda into the Mo family. At that time, Yolanda was still a member of the Che family, but afterwards, Yolanda couldn't wait and take the surname of Mo soon as well as called Vernon father. As Amelia saw the false face of Sophia and Yolanda in the past, it was difficult for her to take them as family members.

When Sophia came here for the first time, she showed a mild image in front of Amelia, but less than half a year later, she showed her nature as a lazy cat, and also a fan of mahjong. Sophia didn't go home often, so Amelia did all the housework in the house. Even Susan was hired later, she still did much more than a servant.

That was why Yolanda, who acted as a host, often laughed at her, saying that Amelia was even inferior to the servants in the Mo family.

If Yolanda was geneticlly connected to Vernon, she could tell Amelia this to destroy her.

Yolanda's face changed dramatically. She didn't expect that Amelia would have the guts to retort.

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