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   Chapter 22 Is It a banter

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"Come with me!" Lucian took hold of Amelia's wrist and pulled her back to his office.

When the door was closed with a bang, she behaved obediently. She was afraid that if Lucian was irritated, he would threaten her again.

"Lucian, we are in the company. Could you please... Can you put your business first? " Amelia's voice trailed off.

At the same time, the icy atmosphere was always felt on Lucian's carved face. But his action was so warm-hearted. As soon as Amelia distracted, he had put the ice cubes in front of her.

"Why is there ice here?" Amelia asked in surprise. She felt that Lucian was doing magic.

"This is the Zhan Group. You can find whatever you want here" Without even raising his eyelids, Lucian packed the ice cube and was ready to apply it to Amelia.

In fact, before his meeting, he had already asked Eric to bring some ice cubes to his office. He thought that Amelia would come back from the lady's room, but she didn't. And Amelia even grumbled.

But on a second thought, he did deserve the complaints from Amelia, for he was the one who should be blamed.

"I can do it myself..." When he put the ice on her face, she took it uneasily and then lowered her eyes with embarrassment.

She was supposed to be aggrieved, but now it seemed that she had done something wrong.

"Apply some ointment on your face. If your face is swollen, it will have a bad impact on the Zhan Group's image." He derided Amelia on purpose and wanted to continue the second half meeting, so he had to irritate her in this way.

"The image of the Zhan Group has nothing to do with me!" He should have the nerve to mention it when she was still mad.

Lucian couldn't help laughing. Seeing that Amelia was sulking, he handed a glass of water to her and said politely, "You did suffer a lot today. Wait for me here for half an hour. I'll finish the key points of the meeting and come out soon."

For some reason, as long as Lucian spoke softly, Amelia became nervous. And she couldn't control how hot her face was.

This reaction... Could it be...

Amelia lowered her head quickly and felt shy.

After Lucian went out, Amelia couldn't calm down. Just now, he behaved like a gentleman, which made him completely elegant.

Amelia put the ice on her swollen face and smiled while thinking.

The engagement of Lucian was accurate. Half an hour later, his tall figure appeared in front of Amelia. "Take it off and show me."

Lucian said in a low voice while bending down to take a step forward and the peppermint scent of him came to her too.

Amelia blushed at once. She lowered her head shyly and said, "Thank you for your concern. I'm much better now."

"What happened?" Perceiving the peculiar expression on her face, Lucian asked curiously.

Amelia blinked and put a few strands of black hair behind her ear. She looked embarrassed and said nervously, "Nothing. Is it lunch time now?"

She asked nervously.

"You are hungry. Let's go to have lunch." With a smile on his face, Lucian gave the ice cubes to Amelia and reminded her, "Apply it to your face when you walk. It's won't be swollen tomorrow."

In fact, Amelia was not hungry at all. The reason why she wanted to eat was that Lucian was looking at her. She always thought that he was joking to her. In addition, Lucian was so special that she could not resist but say something.

"Hey, I'd better stay here. Look at my face..."

"Amelia, do you really think that you can affect the image of the Zhan Group?" Lucian joked.

Amelia bit her lip and shook her head.

"Well, I don't have anything else to do this afternoon. Let me drive you home." Seeing her swollen face, Lucian felt a little sorry.

'Has he really changed today? How could he be so kind?'

Amelia was wondering when she heard him say: "Don't be touched. I just don't want to feel guilty. Besides, this slap was from my mother. The salary for this half day won't be deducted. I also cover the medical fee. Is this treatment enough?"

"Okay!" It would be better if he think in this way. Amelia calmed down and accepted Lucian's proposal with pleasure.

After leaving the company, Amelia was first taken to the outpatient. A doctor prescribed some pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Before leaving, Lucian asked the doctor whether Amelia needed to be hospitalized. On hearing that, Amelia glared at him, feeling that Lucian made a fuss.

"Have you ever been sick? If she is hospitalized for such a small problem, how many inpatient departments will be built throughout the co

untry! " After sitting on the car, Amelia said excitingly.

"Amelia, the reason why I treat you well today is totally because of that slap. Don't be defiant." Lucian glanced at Amelia and warned her.

Oh my God! This man!

Amelia couldn't stand it and shook her head. She turned to the other side, ignoring the icy face.

"Your phone rings." Suddenly, Lucian reminded her coldly.

She turned around and found her phone in the car. She suddenly remembered that she had forgotten her phone in the office a moment ago. It seemed that Lucian was very considerate.

"Thank you!" Amelia said in a low voice. Then she picked up the phone and found it was her father. She hesitated for a moment and answered the phone. "Hello, Dad."

"Babe, can you go back to the Mo mansion now?" Vernon's voice was husky and strenuous.

"Dad, what happened?" She noticed the difference in his voice and asked nervously.

After taking a look at Amelia, Lucian pulled over the car to wait for her to finish the call.

"Hello, dad?" The phone was suddenly hung up. Amelia grasped Lucian's arm and said anxiously, "Can you please send me back to the Mo mansion?"

Lucian didn't ask more. He made a U-turn and drove towards the Mo mansion.

I heard that he has recovered? Why was his voice so weak and suddenly hung up the phone?

She looked very anxious. Seeing that Lucien was driving fast, she didn't want to push him. She clenched her fists, not knowing what to do.

"Don't worry. He will be fine." Lucian comforted her.

"Thank you." Amelia answered from the bottom of her heart.

When they arrived at the Mo mansion, Amelia rushed in. Standing by the door, she saw Vernon sitting in the center of the living room, gasping for breath with one hand on his heart.

"Dad, what's wrong?" She knelt in front of him and didn't know what to do.

"Don't worry. Your father probably has a heart attack. Go get the medicine first." Lucian said unhurriedly as he helped Vernon up.

"Okay," Amelia was shaking all over. She handed the pill to Lucian and said nervously, "I'll get some water."

As soon as Lucian put the pill into Vernon's mouth, Amelia let out a groan. Even though the sound was small, Lucian heard it.

"Here you are!" The back of Amelia's hand was scalded red but she still gave the glass to Lucian.

After taking the pills, Vernon looked much better. He said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry for making you worried."

Lucian shook his head and said to Amelia, "Use cold water to wash your hand."

His tone was still neither cold nor warm, sounding more like an order, but this feeling made her feel warm in her heart.

"Dad, why are you home alone? Where is Sophia?" Amelia searched several rooms but didn't see Sophia. She even couldn't see the only maid in the house.

Vernon coughed several times and said in a hoarse voice, "Yolanda is pregnant. Your mother and Aunt Liu have gone to take care of her."

"That's not my mother!" Amelia denied resolutely.

When hearing this, Lucian looked at Amelia from head to toe in surprise.

In the past ten years, she had never called Sophia mom, and even call her aunt to show politeness was avoided by Amelia as much as possible. Therefore, after hearing what Vernon said, she extremely resisted it.

How could she forget the hateful face of Sophia in the past?

Iris was born with a good temper, and she did as Vernon told. As a result, she didn't cry or yell at Sophia after she found out the affair between Vernon and Sophia. She even had a talk with him peacefully, thinking that a peaceful deal would make him look back. However, no one knew that Vernon didn't go home until Sophia showed up. Until then Iris know that her marriage was at risk...

Iris chose to commit suicide because she was depressed and confused. And that was why she gave up on herself and even Amelia easily.

At the thought of this, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Babe, I know you feel wronged and resentful. I regret it. Ten years have passed. Just let it go. Don't hurt yourself." After these words, Vernon coughed again.

"It is excusable to take care of Yolanda for Sophia, but Susan Liu should stay here to look after you. You have a heart attack and she knows it. Why did she leave you at home alone?" Amelia wiped her tears with the back of her hand and said.

"My conditions have been under control, but the failure to sign the business orders made my anger came up and I have an old illness." Vernon didn't directly answer her question. Instead, he shifted the topic to work.

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