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   Chapter 21 Got Slapped

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"Got it." "Sort out the meeting files. Ask Eric if you don't understand."

After saying this, Lucian left the office.

'Don't be so cocky!' Amelia frowned in disgust.

"Mrs. Amelia... Er, Amelia. These are the documents of the meeting later. Help to tidy them up and arrange the meeting room. This is a large meeting of shareholders. There will be such occasions in the future very often. It will be better for you to see it first today. " Eric explained patiently in a friendly manner.

According to what Eric had said, Amelia had everything ready. When she was about to heave a sigh of relief, she saw Fannie and Nicholas coming towards her.

'Right. Today is the shareholder's meeting. As the shareholders of the Zhan Group, of course they will be present.

The news that Amelia worked in the Zhan Group was spread to Fannie, but Amelia didn't expect to bump into her on the first day.

Amelia stood in the middle of the corridor. She just stood there, waiting for the disaster to come.

The floor was clean and bright, and she could see her own shadow. But soon Amelia was covered by a black shadow. She clenched her hands nervously and guessed what terrible words Fannie would say.

"Why are you here?" Fannie was wearing a rose colored wool coat and valuable jewelry. However, the words of her brought down her dignified bearing.

"Don't say that, aunt. I'm not surprised to see her here. She is Lucian's wife." Shelly held Fannie's arm. Her vicious eyes wandered over Amelia, and her tone was full of mockery.

"Do you mean that Lucian has given her the shares of the Zhan Group?" Fannie stared at Amelia in shock, and the disdain in her eyes grew stronger at the moment she saw Amelia.

"Well, don't be so rude, Fannie. This is the Zhan Group, not a place for family affairs. What a shame!" The man in the wheelchair said. Although he was angry, it didn't mean anything to Amelia.

"Nicholas, you shouldn't have indulged your son. Look what you have done! You are bringing trouble to others!" She didn't seem to give up. Fannie walked in front of Amelia, slapped her in the face and warned her fiercely. "I will make you pay, if you don't keep your hands off the Zhan Group!"

Suddenly, she slapped on Amelia's face. Before Amelia could take the pain, the buzzing sound came from her ears. Her head immediately went blank, and she had no idea what had happened. Her face was burning, and she felt a slight swelling.

"Fannie, how could you hit her?" "Nicholas, who was sitting on a wheelchair, was so angry that he shook his cane. He could only say the words to stop this since he was not capable of moving fast.

"I'll do whatever I want. What can you do to me?" After finishing her sentence, she was about to slap Amelia again.

But she failed.

"Ma'am, I know you love you son very much, so I won't mind it for the first slap. But I don't want to bear the second one." Holding her hands, Amelia said calmly.

Fannie got rid of her hand and said angrily, "Shelly, get Lucian here!"

"No need." Lucian answered coldly.

"Lucian!" Shelly shouted in surprise and ran towards him like a butterfly.

"Lucian, you came just in time. This woman was disrespectful and hurt my hand just now. Do you think she could be one of the Zhans?" As soon as Lucian came, Fannie complained against Amelia first.

"I don't know whether she could be one of the Zhans or not, but I know she's my wife!" Walking to her side, Lucian hugged Amelia tightly and said in a low voice, "Where is your courage!"

Did he mean to blame her for not resisting Fannie?

As soon as Lucian finished his words, Fannie became speechless. She glared at Amelia with cold sharp eyes and her face was pale. And Shelly, who was staring at Amelia with the same resentment.

"Mr. Lucian, the shareholders have arrived." Eric reminded him in a low voice.

For all the shareholders, this was the only path to the meeting room, so Fannie stood behind Nicholas after all.

"Take Mrs. Amelia to the infirmary to have a look." Glancing at the swollen face of Amelia, Lucian ordered with no expression on his face.

"No, thanks. I can handle it myself." All she wanted to do at this moment was to find a quiet place. Amelia ran towards the toilet as she finished her words.

Seeing the back of Amelia run away, there was a slight sadness appeared in Lucian's cold eyes.

"What an unruly woman! Uncle and aunt are here. How could she just leave like that? " As soon as Amelia left, Shelly said sarcastically.

"Shelly, this is the general shareholder's meeting. According to the rules, you are not allowed to enter." At the door of the office, Lucian suddenly turned around and said to Shelly who followed be

hind him.

Shelly frowned, pouted and said, "Lucian, let me stay here as your personal assistant. I promise I won't cause you any trouble."

"I don't like girls to be unreasonable in front of me." Lucian said to her with a cold face. He didn't allow her to refuse him.

Shelly pouted. Although she wanted to stay in the meeting room, she knew that Lucian wouldn't change his mind, so she had to say, "OK, I'll go out."

In the bathroom.

Amelia stared at herself in the mirror for a long time and covered her face with one hand. She didn't move her hand from her face until she heard a sarcastic voice from behind. She looked calm instead of sad.

"What a sad scene!"

At the back, Shelly crossed her arms over her chest, and her smile was inexplicable triumph.

She thought that she had been wronged by Lucien and she should take it out on Amelia.

Amelia turned on the tap, trying to exclude the annoying sound from the sound of water.

"Don't pretend to be pure and lofty in front of me, Amelia. I know exactly what you can do. I'm also capable of doing the same thing. Besides, I'm qualified enough!" Shelly turned off the tap and sat on the edge of the washing basin with 10 cm high heels. Her sexy figure could be seen clearly after her triumphant words, but it was full of contempt in Amelia's eyes.

Dressed so sexy in winter, she looked more like a prostitute, although she was from a rich family.

"Then try your best." After that, Amelia was to leave.

She and Lucian were just acting. She didn't care about Shelly's threat, let alone talking to her.

However, Shelly didn't think so. If Amelia didn't talk to her, she would feel disappointed. She thought that Amelia was about to attack again because she was not convinced. Therefore, she jumped off the washing basin and stood in front of Amelia. "If you are really worried about money, I'll pay you double as long as you leave Lucian!" she said with contempt

Amelia extremely despised the kind of person who trampled on the personal dignity of others just because he was rich and powerful. Therefore, she replied in the next second, "It's not that I pester Lucian, but that he is unwilling to let me go!"

What she said was true, but it sounded like a provocation to Shelly.

"Are you telling me that you're irreplaceable in Lucian's heart?" Shelly was jealous with a bit of malice in her eyes.

"Miss Shelly, you'd better spend more time on Lucian rather than wasting time arguing with me!" Amelia had seen her nonsense before. It would only get more and more chaotic if she continued the talk. What's more, her face was swollen, so Amelia was in no mood to say even one more word.

"What do you mean?" Depressed, Shelly felt that Amelia was showing off the love of Lucian to her. Then she ridiculed, "Amelia, don't think you could stay as Lucian's wife for a long life. In a very short while, you'll have a hard time!"

Amelia smiled, "I hope so."

Amelia was so eager to end the relationship with Lucian that she didn't get hurt by what Shelly said at all.

Facing with the attitude of Amelia that she didn't care at all, Shelly had to leave with a groan as Amelia didn't want to quarrel with her.

Amelia stood there in a daze for a long time. She didn't come to her senses until she heard a cold voice from behind.

"What are you thinking about?" After looking at her for a long time, Lucian found that Amelia didn't move at all. He walked forward and found that half of her face was swollen. He frowned and asked unpleasantly, "Why didn't you go to the infirmary?"

She covered her face with her hands as if trying to stop him from looking.

It was a heavy slap, but it was nothing compared with the sharp words of Fannie.

"Lucian, I must have owed you in my previous life." Looking at the frowned Lucian, Amelia was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

His words were like a hammer that was suddenly hit on Lucian's heart.

He was somewhat familiar with this sentence. Yes, she had told him the same word before. With grievance, there were still tears on her face while she said this. Unlike her, Amelia didn't say anything. It seemed that she didn't blame him, but he was very guilty.

Seeing that Lucian's eyes suddenly became dull, Amelia thought what she said was a little excessive, so she changed the topic and asked, "Aren't you in the general shareholder's meeting? Why do you come here? " And it was at the door of the ladies' room.

'Yeah, why did he come here? Why did he be absent-minded on the meeting? Why did he worry about Amelia?

Lucian's mind was filled with many questions, but he didn't ask.

He thought he must be crazy as his mind was full of Amelia at the meeting.

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