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   Chapter 20 Work In The Zhan Group

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Although Amelia didn't want to work in the Zhan Group, she got up early when she thought of what Lucian said yesterday.

"Mrs. Amelia, you are awake." Lily wore a floral apron stood at the stairway respectfully, as if she was waiting for Amelia.

Amelia nodded awkwardly and went downstairs. When she looked around the living room, she didn't see Lucian. 'Is he still sleeping? And he is worried that I'm late.'?

"Tut, tut, nice. You look better in this dress." While Amelia was confused, she heard Lucian's comment.

She blushed and glanced at her dress uncomfortably, and then glared at Lucian with dissatisfaction.

Amelia did as what Lucian reminded her last night and put on her working clothes. The formal suit, which was well-cut but tight, made her uneasy.

The set of business wear accentuated her sexy figure, which made her look very feminine.

With admiration written all over his face, Lucian looked at Amelia from head to toe.

"Don't pull a long face, Amelia. You are working in the Zhan Group, not in the frying pan!" After that, Lucian put on his suit, which was so natural that the charm of it was shown clearly. The mellow voice of Lucian made Amelia a little absent-minded. When she came to herself, Lucian had already been sitting at the table for breakfast. He said to Lily in a low and deep voice, "Ask Mrs. Amelia to have breakfast with me."

Lily came over with small steps and said in a low voice, "Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian let you have breakfast with him."

Amelia really wanted to throw out the words that she was not in the mood, but when she thought that she would have to take his car later, she reluctantly sat there.

"Most of the employees in the Zhan Group recognize you. But they won't give you any privileges just because you are my wife." In the car, Lucian reminded her with an expressionless face.

Amelia sneered in her heart, 'Who wants to do so!' She never thought about working in the Zhan Group.

"Last night, your father called and said that he was recovering well, and asked you to go back to the Mo mansion to visit him if you have time." Lucian sounded calm, but there was an overtone in his words.

Amelia looked askance and asked carefully, "Will my father's heart attack come back again?"

"At least his condition is under control now. He can go to the company to deal with his business and doesn't need to stay at home all day long." Lucian told Amelia about Vernon's physical condition and added deliberately, "My father-in-law wants to cooperate with my company. I say it depends on our wife's performance."

There was no smile on Lucian's face. He looked rather cold.

The anger was ignited in Amelia's gentle eyes. She asked with great dissatisfaction, "Lucian, what do you take me for?"

Vernon had a small company. It wasn't large enough to be a cooperative partner for the Zhan Group. Amelia didn't know what his father wanted, but she was really angry at Lucian.

Indeed, they made a deal to get marry. But nothing more.

"You are my contractual wife now, and I will investigate it later!" With an evil smile appearing on the corner of his mouth, Lucian looked straight ahead and didn't respond to the angry Amelia any more.

As soon as they arrived at the Zhan Group, Amelia was shocked by the spectacular scene in front of her.

The tall building towered into the sky.

"It's... Is this all owned by your company? " There were at least 20 floors, the characters of "Zhan group" hanging brightly in the middle of each floor. Amelia's neck hurt at the sight of it, and her eyes were full of curiosity as if she just saw the boundless universe.

Lucian nodded calmly and added, "This is the headquarter of our company. In other cities, there are also branches of the Zhan Group."

"And more..." Amelia opened her eyes wide and bit her lower lip. She could not believe what she saw.

She looked like a lovely rabbit.

"Good morning, Mr. Lucian!" His assistant, Eric, walked quickly to them and bowed to them. Then, he saw Amelia behind Lucian and greeted politely, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Amelia."

"No... You're welcome. " She was going to tell Eric not to call her Mrs. Amelia, but when she glanced at Lucian, she had to wave her hand awkwardly.

"Eric, from now on, just call her name when you are in the company, because she will be an employee of the Zhan Group and responsible for receiving clients, and... Bring me tea and water. "

"Serve drinks and snacks?" Amelia looked up and said in surprise. She didn't expect that the job of assistant to CEO was this.

"Yes." With a hint of tease in his eyes, Lucian confirmed the doubt in Amelia's words.

"All right." But on a second thought, Amelia thought it didn't matter. At least, she made money by her own. If Lucian offered her a high position, she would not be able to cope with those words said by Fannie.

"I didn't expect you to have such a strong psychological adaptability, so I am looking forward to your perf

ormance." Lucian sneered, full of provocation in his tone, as if he did not believe that Amelia would do well in the following work.

Eric took Amelia to report to the human resources department, and then took her to get familiar with the office area, and then told her the work dos and don'ts.

After having a general understanding of the situation, Amelia concluded that almost all the work she was involved in was about Lucian.

She had no clear scope of work and workload. In addition to daily affairs, she would also follow the arrangement of Lucian at any time. Therefore, she spent more time with him next.

Thinking of that she would face that cold face every day in the following days, Amelia could not help but shudder.

Suddenly, the heavy door was opened with a bang. Amelia's face paled with fear. Then she saw four men in black suit standing respectively on both sides of the door, with solemn expressions like the Praetorian guards.

Then, Lucian, dressed in a strip suit, strode into the office. His cold demeanor was intimidating in the office.

Isn't this her office? What did Lucian want to do?

Amelia was so frightened that she put her hands on the big desk with her heart pounding.

"Remember what she looks like." Lucian spoke lightly and looked at Amelia up and down with a mysterious expression in the deep pool.

"Got it." The four men in suit standing by the door answered almost in one voice.

'What is he doing? Why does Lucian make them remember my look?' She touched her face with horror which filled her heart.

"You may leave now." After giving orders, Lucian casually put his hands in the suit pocket, showing his unruly expression on his cold face. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Are you satisfied with the working environment?"

Amelia was still in a trance. When she heard Lucian, she replied impatiently, "Does my answer matter?"

Here was the Zhan Group, and Lucian had the final say in everything. Amelia had many complaints. First of all, she was unhappy with Lucian, so she disliked everything related to him.

"It is not important." Lucian snorted and pointed at the large desk. "You can work there from now on, but here is where I take a nap."

"What did you say?" Amelia opened her eyes wide. She couldn't believe what she heard. She pointed at a room on the corner and asked again, "Do you mean you will sleep here at noon?"

Lucian shrugged and asked disapprovingly, "Is there any problem?"

The curiosity in Amelia's eyes dimmed all of a sudden. There was some unhappiness in her disappointment eyes.

Before entering the office, she was curious about the size of the place. She didn't expect that such a large office area only belonged to Lucian. All of a sudden, she felt she had been cheated.

"Lucian, could you arrange another working place for me?" She tried to consult with Lucian. After all, as a woman, she would feel uneasy at the thought of a man resting in her office.

Lucian squinted at the nervous look on Amelia's face and asked, "What are you afraid of?"

"I..." She blushed and hastily denied, "I'm not afraid, I just... I just don't want to see you."

Yes, she didn't want to see him, which was reasonable.

With a faint smile, Lucian asked, "Don't you want to see me?"

In the next second, with his deep eyes fixing on Amelia, she was able to smell the faint peppermint scent from Lucian since they were standing very close.

It was strange that Amelia did not dislike the cold scent in winter.

In a flash, Lucian stretched out his hand and swept his fingertip over the fair and smooth skin of Amelia. His behavior seemed to be gentle touch or tease.

After all, Amelia didn't know what happened. She blushed and lowered her head shyly.

In Lucian's eyes, her shy look was like a beautiful daffodil blossoming.

Shyness and mature charm brought by her sexy business wear. Amelia was extremely charming at the moment. Without any embellishment, the fragrance on her body made Lucian raise her pointed chin with one hand. With a loss in his throat, he said in a pleasant voice slowly, "When you don't speak, you fascinated me."

"What?" Amelia suddenly raised her head and looked directly into Lucian's eyes. With the close distance between the two, as long as they slightly moved, they would touch each other.

The breath of each other, like flame, was constantly burning on Amelia's face. This uncomfortable feeling made her look away quickly, and then she began to gasp.

"You are a coward, Amelia!" Lucian's handsome face flashed a sneer as he left. Then he said seriously, "You can pretend that you don't see me, but you have to stay here."

The redness on Amelia's face had not completely faded away. Although her heartbeats were reducing downward, she was still very nervous.

"Bang Bang Bang..." There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Lucian said coldly.

"Sir, the meeting begins at ten o'clock in the morning." Eric came in and reported.

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