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   Chapter 19 A Dinner Together

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"What would you like for dinner?" Lucian asked after Amelia got on the car.

Amelia wanted to say something impolite. But after thinking for a while, she believed that she should treat her stomach well. So she pointed at the hot pot restaurant not far away and said, "Hot pot."

Amelia had agreed to have a dinner with Courtney, but later her plan was ruined because of Lucian. Anyway, she had to take back what she had lost.

After a series of thoughts, the depressed Amelia became better and better.

Lucian refused to eat spicy food, so when Amelia proposed to eat hot pot, a hint of disgust grew in his eyes, but he listened to her.

Lucian asked the waiter to arrange a private room for them, but Amelia felt it boring to stay in a private room with two people, so she refused, "There's a table by the window. Let's sit there."

"It's disgraceful to sit outside." Although it was early for dinner, it was crowded in the hotpot restaurant but Lucian even didn't want to eat at all. He said in an angry tone. He didn't like such a noisy dining environment.

"If you feel ashamed, you can leave here right now. Anyway, I'm sure that I would eat the hotpot and have the table near the window!" Amelia seemed to have a hard time with Lucian and said to the frightened waiter, "Let's sit over there."

With so many guests around, it was already a good place to sit by the window. And Lucian was still picky about the seats.

Amelia had thought that after she said that, Lucian would be angry and turn around to leave. But unexpectedly, he took the lead in sitting near the window.

Amelia was stunned at first, and then smiled triumphantly.

She could even intimidate the arrogant Lucian.

"Do you know why I came here, Amelia?" As soon as Amelia sat down, Lucian couldn't wait to ask.

"Because it will be more humiliating if you leave now." Amelia said with a dirty smile.

"You!" Lucian was deeply offended by her words. He found that she was getting more and more disrespectful. But there were so many people around, he couldn't help but to retort in a cold voice, "I just thought that you might be go to work in the company tomorrow, so I accepted your advice."

As soon as Lucian finished speaking, the complacency on Amelia's face disappeared.

The thought of going to work in the Zhan Group made her heart skip a beat.

"Lucian, can you stop acting like this? Have you forgotten what your mother said to me last time?" If she went to work in the Zhan Group, people would gossip about her and even think that she used the identity of the daughter-in-law of the Zhans to enter the Zhan Group.

"Amelia, why do you feel guilty? Besides, you work in the Zhan Group, not be regarded as the Bodhisattva there. Don't be so optimistic! " Lucian said bluntly.

"I can work anywhere but in the Zhan Group." Amelia replied stubbornly.

"I'm not that patient. If you don't say yes, I can still make you have no choice." With his cold eyes staring at Amelia, Lucian said.

"Lucian, I don't want to be angry with you when I have a good appetite. So you'd better shut up!" The dishes were served on the table. And Lucian's words made Amelia uncomfortable. But the more she fought back, the more aggressive he would become. So she had to turn her attention to the food that had not been in the pot.

"Please enjoy yourself, Mrs. Amelia." With that, Lucian turned his face to the window, with no intention of having dinner.

Amelia thought he was at odds with her, so she didn't say anything more.

Her relationship with Lucian was not good enough to mediate.

Amelia was so absorbed in the food that she totally ignored the man sitting opposite.

"The gentleman seems to be Mr. Lucian!"

"Why a man like Lucian would come to this hotpot restaurant? Even if he eats hot pot, it is a place with superb environment and service..."

"Yes, you are right. Look at the woman opposite him eating food like a beast..."

"Yes, I heard that Mr. Lucian has already been married. I was heartbroken at the news."

People started to gossip about them. Amelia stopped eating and looked at Lucian.

Embarrassed, Amelia put down her chopsticks and asked indifferently, "Why don't you eat?"

She thought men were all carnivores, so she ordered a lot of meat. She thought Lucian would eat, but he didn't even move his chopsticks.

"I'm already full seeing you eating." Lucian said expressionlessly.

Amelia's face sank. Of course, she could hear the irony in his tone. She picked up the chopsticks again and ate with an excellent appetite.

Lucian didn't like spicy food. He frowned when he saw Amelia put some capsicum frutescens in the already spicy oil dishes.

Half an hour later, Amelia put down her chopsticks with satisfaction.

"Are you full?" His voice was so cold as if it would explode at any time.

Amelia nodded. She glanced at the food in front of Lucian and said, "You haven't even moved your chopsticks during this meal, so you don't have to pay the bill."

"Swipe the card." Lucian ignored her words and passed the card to the waiter.

"Hey, don't take it. I... HMM! " Before A

melia could finish, Lucian covered her mouth with his hand. She had a pair of big round eyes which were filled with innocence and resistance.

"Amelia, this is a public place. Please keep quiet." Lucian stood up and said coldly, "There were some who were guessing who you are just now. If you don't want to be recognized, you'd better shut up."

Amelia looked around and found that there were really some people staring at her and Lucian. In order not to attract attention, she walked out of the hotpot restaurant quickly.

After getting in the car, Lucian said in an extremely disgusted tone, "You smell like a hotspot! That's so disgusting!"

It was obvious that he was angry.

Amelia turned her head and said with similar character: "Then you can put me down and I will take a taxi back!"

But after she spoke out quickly, she felt that she had said something wrong.

That was Lucian's home. Why should she go back.

With no more words, Lucian started the engine and drove into the darkness.

When Amelia was about to go upstairs to the bedroom, the man behind her stopped her. "Lily isn't here today. Go to the kitchen and make some food for me. It's better to make it light."

Amelia turned around and was about to refuse the job. But she saw that Lucian took off his suit jacket and lay on the sofa. She could even hear his long breath.

Was he too tired?

When she remembered that he hadn't eaten anything just now, her heart softened. She silently walked into the kitchen.

Half an hour later, Amelia got the food ready. When she walked into the living room, she found that Lucian had already fallen asleep.

"Are you deliberately making fun of me?" At the thought that Amelia cooked dinner for him with great care but he fell asleep, a sense of sadness flashed through her heart.

"Even if I want to make fun of you, I won't hurt my stomach." The moment Amelia turned around, she heard a deep and cold voice from behind.

With her back to him, Amelia rolled her eyes at Lucian. She was in a bad mood, trying to find a right place to vent her anger. However, before she could make it, Lucian had already arrived at the table. He asked in amazement, "You cooked all these, Amelia?"

His tone showed complete disbelief.

Was he complimenting her cooking?

"Yes!" As there were no other ingredients in the fridge and Lucian asked for light food, she made two dishes that she was good at but not often to make.

After all, these were some memories about these two dishes that she did not want to recall.

"It looks good. I wonder how it tastes." After taking the chopsticks and taking a sip, Lucian suddenly relaxed his tight frown. He smiled and said, "Last time I tasted your cooking, it was good. Both dishes this time are even better!"

Did she hear it wrong? The narcissistic Lucian was willing to praise her!

"Only this time. I won't do it again!" To make these two dishes had broken her principles.

"Mrs. Amelia, I'll give you 80 points for your cooking. If your attitude is better, I won't be stingy with the rest 20 points." Lucian said happily as he chewed the food.

This man was quite normal when he didn't show any expression on his face. But when he showed a cold face, Amelia felt that the room seemed to be frozen.

"I'm not your servant. Why should I be polite to you?" Amelia glared at him scornfully. Because he almost finished all the dishes, Amelia felt a little relieved.

These two dishes were both Iris' specialty and her favorite. However, after her death, Amelia had ceased to eat them.

"What's wrong with you?" Lucian found that Amelia frowned and asked.

Amelia was dazed for a second. Then she asked, "Have you finished your dinner? I'll take the plates away if you have finished. "

Amelia was lost in thought. After a few minutes after Lucian put down the chopsticks, she still stood there.

Looking at the petite figure in the kitchen, Lucian was lost in thought.

All of a sudden, his thoughts were interrupted by a girl's giggle.

If the tragedy hadn't happened, she should be the one standing in the kitchen.

When Amelia came out of the kitchen, Lucian was no longer in the living room. She thought he was asleep, so she went upstairs. However, when she just arrived at the door of the bedroom, the door opened.

"Are you going to rest?" Lucian, who was standing at the door, asked.

He had put on the formal clothes, but now he wore a sports shirt, which made him look much more sunny.

Perhaps because Lucian had a pretty face, no matter he dressed up sexily or elegantly, he got a distinctive temperament.

Amelia stared at him obsessively. If Lucian hadn't come to her, she might have stared at him for a long time.

"Yes." Amelia avoided the eye contact with a guilty conscience, not daring to look at the handsome and unparalleled face.

"The right side of the wardrobe is the working clothes. You wear the color you prefer, but remember to wear them tomorrow." Lucian glanced at Amelia indifferently and said good night politely.

Amelia shook her head in confusion. She felt that this man was really strange.

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