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   Chapter 18 A Strange Atmosphere

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Since they were in middle school, Amelia knew that Courtney came from a rich family and was good-looking. In the University, she had many suitors. But in the end, she ended up with being with Kent Jiang. She thought that maybe this choice would be good for her, however it was objected by Courtney's father, which made them have a long way to go in love.

"If you have to choose between your father and your boyfriend, why don't you choose?" Amelia sighed and continued, "As long as you and Kent love each other, nothing can be changed. What's more, no one cares about family background now. If Kent can do a better job, his background will be better."

"Amelia, you deserve to be my best friend. You think the same as me!" Courtney nodded her head approvingly. Her sad face instantly brightened up.

"Don't put too much pressure on Kent. Try to understand him. Try to persuade your father calmly. After all, your father has done a lot of things for you." Amelia was at the same age with Courtney, only one month difference. Generally speaking, Courtney was elder, but sometimes, when Courtney behaved willfully, she seemed more wayward than Amelia.

But she knew that although Courtney was a little impetuous, she was very kind to her.

"Speak of the devil and he will appear!" Amelia was smiling. Courtney pointed at the man behind her. Her smile was like a blooming sunflower.

Amelia turned around and saw Kent Jiang in a suit walking in with a smile. He seemed to have some good news to share with her.

"Kent, I haven't seen you for a few days. You've changed completely!" It was said that a man in a suit would show his mature charm.

"Amelia, we haven't seen each other for a few days. You've changed your identity completely." Kent said jokingly.

Amelia's face suddenly flushed, but she didn't care about it. She looked at Kent Jiang, who rarely wore a formal suit, and quipped, "Are you going to propose to Courtney?"

"Propose is a matter of time, and the top priority is to pacify our wavering hearts as soon as possible." He walked up to Courtney, stopped making fun of Amelia. He looked at Courtney with a serious face and said sincerely, "Courtney, I know that you have suffered a lot since you were with me. Today I went to the Zhan Group for an interview, and the position for the interview is sales director. I was intend to have a try, but after all these tests, I actually passed the interview of the Zhan Group. From now on our life will be getting better. "

'The Zhan Group? The name sounded familiar.

Does he mean that Lucian's company?'

Just then, Courtney removed the doubts in Amelia's heart and asked, "You mean Lucian's company?"

"Yes." Kent said in an affirmative tone.

Amelia was surprised. She was happy for Kent, but also felt panic inside.

"So nice to meet you. I'm an employee of your company. Hope to get on well with you." Kent turned around and said to Amelia seriously.

Amelia smiled awkwardly.

"The standard of the Zhan Group is very high. Those who can get in are all very capable people. My darling, I will treat you two a big meal tonight!" Courtney was very excited, holding Kent's hands with both hands, and kept trembling. Her performance was like that of her child who had went to the best university, she was too happy to control herself.

They kissed passionately as if no one else was around.

At the sight of this exciting scene, Amelia couldn't help blushing and her heart beat fast. She coughed to conceal his embarrassment. Then they separated.

"Amelia, I heard from Courtney that that bastard Jasper was a scumbag. But seeing that you are so happy now, Courtney and I are relieved. We are happy for you!" Kent sat down and said with smile.

Happiness... What they saw was only the surface.

But she didn't feel sad. She was emotionless. Lucian and she were both relaxed when they were together. How could she not be happy.

It was time for dinner, and Courtney suggested they go out and enjoy the hot pot. Before Amelia finished her words, her cell phone rang.

The caller ID on the screen shocked her, and she thought, 'Lucian is really confident!'

"Shame on you! Amelia!" Out of curiosity, Courtney ran to the Amelia. When she saw the words flickering on the screen, she couldn't help but ridicule her.

Amelia's face turned red. She wanted to cut off the phone, but when she thought of the words that Lucian said before he left, she pressed the answer button with grievance.

She didn't want to become the headline of tomorrow's newspaper because of a call.

Although she didn't know well about Lucian, but as long as the man said that, he would definitely do it.

"Did you have a good time, Mrs. Amelia?" Lucian said softly.

There was a hint of banter in his low voice, which made Amelia frown unconsciously. But her heart beat in a mess.

"I was happy, but thanks to you, I am not in a good mood at all!" Amelia complained.

"Since you are in a bad mood, let's

go home." It was hard to tell whether Lucian was angry or not from his indifferent voice.

"I... I want to have dinner with my friends! " Amelia said nervously.

"Since they are your friends, they are also mine. Wait for me!" Then, he hung up the phone.

"Hey, Lucian!" Amelia found that he had hung up, and became extremely agitated.

"Amelia? What's wrong?" Courtney came over and saw the arrogance on Amelia's face.

"What on earth does Lucian want to do?" Amelia said in a furious tone. She was so mad that she kept panting.

Before Kent could open his mouth, a mellow male voice came from the small milk tea shop. "Amelia." He just said it briefly.

Amelia suddenly stood up and stared at the man with a stiff face.

"Oh my God! Isn't he Lucian? Why is he so handsome? It seems like he has just walked out of a painting! " Courtney exclaimed behind Amelia. Then she said excitedly, "Kent... Pinch me! Did I really see him? "

Amelia was not surprised at all that Courtney was an anthomaniac. When Amelia first saw Lucian, she also thought that the man was painstakingly carved by the God, handsome and arrogant with unparalleled dignity.

However, when Amelia was drunk, Lucian took pictures of her secretly. As a result, her good impression of his face was greatly reduced, and she thought that he was just a vulgar man with pretty face.

"Courtney, is it not appropriate for you to praise another man in front of me in this way?" Kent Jiang looked at Lucian with a little jealousy. When Kent Jiang thought that he had to work in his company, he was overcome with awe.

"Don't be so narrow-minded. He is husband of Amelia. I only praise him for a few words and won't have any improper thoughts. Besides, I have you now." "Thank you, Kent. Now that you're back, I'll be back.".

"Hello." Lucian naturally reached out his hand and greeted Kent, who was standing behind Amelia.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lucian." Kent Jiang felt flattered and shook hands with Lucian.

"Oh my God! You are so polite! You are so easy-going!" Like an anthomaniac, Courtney reached out her hand and introduced herself, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Lucian. My name is Courtney. I'm the best friends of Amelia so you are my brother-in-law. I have to address you with respect."

Courtney had been very angry when she mentioned Lucian just now, but now she was smiling at him, which made Amelia a little angry.

Especially when she heard Courtney call him brother-in-law, Amelia was even more confused.

She remembered Courtney called Jasper this before.

Thinking of this, Amelia couldn't help rolling her eyes at Courtney.

"Hello." Lucian spoke out a word lightly and turned to look at Amelia. He asked with a smile, "Are you unhappy to see me?"

His words implied something.

Courtney and Kent Jiang smiled at each other in tacit agreement, and then turned their curious eyes to Amelia.

Noticing that three people were staring at her, Amelia felt a little embarrassed and answered, "How can I be unhappy?"

"Mr. Lucian, my name is Kent Jiang. I just passed the interview of the Zhang Group yesterday. I hope you can give me more advice in the future." Kent Jiang walked up to Lucian and stood in front of him.

"Kent?" Lucian narrowed his eyes and thought for a while. Then he smiled and said, "Welcome to the Zhan Group."

"Brother in law, thank you for your advice in the future for my boyfriend!" Standing aside, Courtney said with a cheeky grin.

Upon hearing this, Amelia frowned. She thought, 'I have never expected that Courtney would say something like that for the sake of her boyfriend's career.'

"The Zhan Group has always valued a man of quality and ability." Lucian said seriously with a cold face.

The lively atmosphere suddenly became cold, and the smile on Courtney's face also gradually faded away, as if she was shocked by Lucian's strong spirit which could not be ignored.

"It's a party for friends." Then, Amelia turned around and looked into Lucian's eyes.

"Of course." Lucian easily shook his shoulders and put one hand on the shoulder of Amelia. Then he asked Kent Jiang and Courtney, "Would you like to have dinner with us tonight?"

"It's... No need for that. It suddenly occurs to me and Kent and we still have things to do. " Seeing that Amelia didn't look good, Courtney was afraid that she would lose her tongue if she said more. So she shut up.

"It's a pity. See you next time." As expected, Lucian turned to look at Amelia and said gently, "Let's go."

Lucian's sudden appearance destroyed their good friend's party.

Amelia found that when Kent Jiang met with Lucian, he became restrained. And she also felt that the meal could be boring, so she said to Courtney, "Let's meet another day."

"Okay." Smiling like nothing had happened, Courtney finally waved at Amelia.

Perhaps in Courtney's eyes, it was right for Amelia to choose Lucian. At least, Lucian would pick her home in person and he was easy-going.

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