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   Chapter 17 Friendship

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"Mrs. Amelia, have a good time!" A proud smile appeared on Lucian's face. He turned the steering wheel and disappeared soon.

After Lucian left, Amelia heaved a sigh of relief. When she was waiting for the car, she heard people talking.

"That woman is really a weirdo. She is a total vixen who is screaming on the street." A passer-by said in an unbearable tone.

"That man is a scum. He dated some other woman while his wife was pregnant. No woman could stand it..." Another passer-by echoed, shaking his head while speaking.

"That woman is pregnant. Maybe that man doesn't want to marry her." Another analyzed.

"You are right. Men nowadays only want to live a happy life, how can they really take the responsibility?!" The other nodded in agreement.


Speaking of the marriage with a shotgun, the first thing that came to her mind was Jasper and Yolanda. But how could Jasper dated another woman as he had been so obedient to Yolanda?

It was that there would be one thing to overcome another. The reason why Jasper betrayed Amelia was that she had full trust in him. While Yolanda was a woman who could not tolerate a grain of sand in her eyes. Even if she did not have that grain of sand, Yolanda would take the woman related to Jasper as a thorn in her side.

"What's more incredible is that the man dated with the younger sister of that weirdo woman at first, and then somehow turn to that woman..."

The women said a lot. Amelia was absent-minded and only heard this sentence.

She looked over in astonishment and wondered secretly, 'What a coincidence! Were the weirdo people they talked about were Jasper and Yolanda?

"Well, that woman is really a hard nut to crack. Don't you see how coward and intimidated that man is?"

From their description, it seemed that they were really talking about Yolanda.

She did not mean to walk over to get it. After all, she had nothing to do with Jasper now.

For her, it was like a water in the well that she got involved with Yolanda.

Her heart sank at the thought of the scene of Jasper's betrayal.

Twenty five years old, when Amelia had made up her mind to a happy life. Jasper had destroyed everything unexpectedly.

When she arrived at the gate of Courtney's shop, she took a deep breath and prepared to accept her taunt.

"Courtney, please give me a cup of Mango Milk Tea!" Amelia came into the store and called her mischievously.

Hearing the voice of Amelia, Courtney turned around with delight. But soon she calmed down and said unhappily, "Mrs. Amelia, what's the wind today? It seems that my little milk tea shop is going to be popular. If so, I will have a large amount of money."

Amelia had expected that. She smiled at Courtney calmly and said, "Of course. Do you think you can hit the headlines?"

"Shame on you," murmured Courtney, rolling her eyes at Amelia.

Amelia found a place to sit down, and then said aggrievedly, "I don't have mango milk tea, but at least a glass of water."

Courtney glared at her and made a cup of Mango Milk Tea for her.

"You didn't tell me before you came. If you bring your wealthy husband here, this small shop won't be good enough for him!" Courtney looked outside and found that the luxury car was not parked there. Her nerves relaxed all of a sudden, but she couldn't help but taunt Amelia.

"We are two different person. I am who I am, and I won't change. If you won't be my friend, then I have no choice!" Amelia said seriously and began to drink the mango milk tea.

"Amelia, when did you become so shameless?" Courtney showed her usual rude manner. She stood up and took out the newspaper. She pointed at the man on the newspaper and said angrily, "Look carefully! How many rumored girlfriends Lucian has!"

Amelia stared at the news on the newspaper. The man on the newspaper was exactly Lucian, and the women around him were all very famous female stars. Although it was her first time to see them, she didn't show too much emotion on her face. Instead, she said calmly, "As you said, those were just gossips."

She and Lucian just acted according to the contract. There was no need for her to be jealous.

"Amelia, your brain has been damaged by love again!" It seemed that it's none of Amelia's business. Courtney pushed her anxiously. She pointed at Lucian on the newspaper and said excitedly, "He changes a female partner every week. If you can bear it, I have nothing to say. But Amelia, it's nothing that you were cheated by Jasper, but if it were for Lucian, you would have a bad reputation!"

Actually, Courtney was worried that if Amelia was failed by Lucian, she would have difficulty to get married in the future.

"Rest assured, Courtney. Since I've made this decision, I can bear any bad results." She was grateful that Courtney cared about her from the bottom of her heart. But it had already happened, and nothing she could do to change Lucian's mind, except that he was a little bossy. He didn't do anything to hurt her. Thinking of this, she was a little pleased and said, "I came to see you because he asked me to do so. He is afraid that I will be bored in h

is house."

Amelia was well aware that her words would invite disdain from Courtney. However, in order to set Courtney's mind at rest, she had to put in a good word for Lucian.

"Oh, Mrs. Amelia, are you basking in your happiness?" Courtney pursed her lips and showed a disdainful expression.

Amelia smiled and pouted, as ifs she was going to act like a spoiled child. "All right, Courtney. I know you feel sorry for me. You're my best friend. I won't feel wronged." She said

"Well, I was too late that night, or you wouldn't have been..." With knitted eyebrows, Courtney felt so guilty.

"It's not your fault! This has nothing to do with you. Besides, Lucian didn't hurt me... " Amelia said with a guilty conscience.

"You mean... Didn't Lucian take advantage of you? " Courtney was shocked and unbelievable.

"Courtney, what are you thinking?" Amelia finally understood why Courtney was so hostile to Lucian. It was no wonder that Courtney talk about the gossip about him as soon as she entered the room.

Courtney still didn't believe it, and she asked, "Why did you agree to marry him if he didn't do anything to you? Don't tell me you fell in love with him at the first sight, or you were interested in his wealth and power! "

Courtney's words hit her heart. They had known each other since middle school. Having known each other for ten years, she knew her for sure.

"I..." Amelia didn't know how to answer, so she just hemmed and hawed and didn't know what to say.

"Are you saying that you can't bear the betrayal from Jasper, so you want to find someone to heal the trauma in your heart?" Courtney guessed wantonly, staring at Amelia who was embarrassed.

In addition to the pictures, the reason why she agreed with Lucian was that she wanted to forget about the hurt Jasper had brought to her.

In order to deny this question that was hard to answer, Amelia nodded her head and agreed.

"Spare me!" Courtney became irritated. She shouted at her, "That bastard is really a whore! How could he stay with that bitch, Yolanda, only because he is not fussy about food!"

"Enough, Courtney. Yolanda has already got married, and Yolanda has a child with Jasper. We shouldn't curse them for the sake of the baby. What's more, the couples that you cannot love are not true love. You should congratulate me for breaking away from the bitter sea." Amelia smiled free and easy, as if the harm had never been there.

Courtney stared at Amelia for a while and asked carefully, "What about Lucian? Is Lucian your true love? "

That was a sharp question.

Amelia opened her mouth wide and answered, "Well, we'll see."

She thought this answer would set Courtney's mind at rest. But to her surprise, Courtney gritted her teeth and cursed, "When can you grow more wary? You have already been bullied by your vicious stepmother, and betrayed by Jasper. Now there's another man called Lucian. Don't come to me when you're about to cry later!"

It was reasonable for Courtney to worry about her. She had witnessed how Amelia was treated by the Mo family in the past years, and she spoke for her several times.

But now Amelia didn't want to cry anymore, because she didn't want to be hurt by anyone. Therefore, when she found out the relationship between Jasper and Yolanda, she was upset, but she didn't struggle. She didn't expect herself to let go of him so easily.

"By the way, how is it going between you and Kent?" They were junior high school classmate. Kent had gone all out to pursue Courtney in the University, and they got along very well. What's more, as Courtney was very wayward, Kent could totally tolerate her, so they were in a good fit.

"What else can I do? Just like that!" Hearing the name of Kent, Courtney was depressed at once, and even her answer became absent-minded.

Looking at her face, Amelia asked with concern. "Don't tell me you broke up with him."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Courtney interrupted Amelia's conjecture and explained, "We are fine. But we have encountered some troubles recently, and both of us hold our breath. I was in a bad mood the night you asked me to have a drink. I was going to wait for you in the bar after hanging up the phone, but I didn't expect that Kent dragged me so I went to the bar late..."

"Did you quarrel with each other?" It didn't make sense that they have a fight with each other, and each time it was Courtney who had the upper hand. Within a day, Kent would come to apologize to Courtney. It had been almost a week since they went to the bar.

At the thought of this, Amelia couldn't help trembling. She and Lucian became a couple in less than a week after they knew each other.

"If we could quarrel, I would feel better." Courtney sighed and said in a low spirit, "It's all my father's fault. He strongly disagrees that I am together with Kent. He said that he is not from a rich family and I will only live a hard life if I marry him. He also said that if I insisted on marrying Kent, I shall never go back to the Lin family..."

Tears began to well up in her eyes.

After hearing this, Amelia sighed in his heart.

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