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   Chapter 16 How Narcissistic You·Are

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Amelia didn't nod her head, nor deny it. Thinking of the days she had spent in the SJ Garden, she felt like she was isolated from the whole world. Even her good friend, Courtney, scolded her for only staying with Lucian. Moreover, the title of Mrs. Amelia was only a title, which meant she should have her own living space too.

"Mr. Lucian, can I ask you a favor?" After hesitating for a while, Amelia asked in a serious tone, deciding to put aside the nervousness in her heart.

Lucian raised his eyes, looked at Amelia calmly and asked, "What's up?"

His voice was cold and emotionless.

Looking at the handsome man not far away, Amelia took a deep breath silently and said, "I think we should set a deadline for the marriage deal between you and me."

If they continued to live like this, their future would be endless and she would not have any freedom in her life.

Hearing that, Lucian's eyes turned dark all of a sudden. In a cold tone, he asked, "Miss Amelia has been out of the emotional wound?"

A love wound? Hearing this, Amelia was confused. She didn't know what Lucian meant.

At the very beginning, Amelia agreed to marry Lucian just because she wanted to forget the painful feelings. But now, since Jasper had married Yolanda, no matter how sad Amelia was, she could only swallow her sadness silently.

"Mr. Lucian, I don't know why you made the deal to marry me. If you just want to evade the marriage arranged by your parents, then there is no need for us to continue the acting. You have already brought me to your parents. Although they are angry, they will not interfere with you in the future." Amelia didn't know why she had to say that, but it was what she had been thinking from the bottom of her heart. Since they had made wrong decisions, if they continued to play the role, they would make more mistakes.

"Amelia, do you think you can go back on your word so easily?" Dropping his computer on the desk, Lucian suddenly approached the unsettled girl, and cast a cold glance at her. He said in a cold voice, "It's true that it's only a deal to get married, but please think about your father, who has a serious heart disease. What would he do if he knew you play with your marriage?"

Amelia looked up and didn't know how to respond.

She never thought that the matter would affect her family. She thought she could end it as soon as he promised.

"You are very clear about your status in the Mo family. If you get rid of the identity of the young mistress of the Zhan family, who do you think you are in their eyes?" Lucian's indifferent tone sounded like a flood or a beast, washing the restlessness of Amelia.

"Lucian, you are really strange. There is no emotional foundation between us. Why did you do that? It will hurt both of us! " If you want a marriage so much, why don't you find someone you love so that you don't need to make a choice again in the future.

Lucian frowned and his eyes were filled with pain. But soon, his expression was frozen.

"Your father had a heart attack, and I've found the most professional doctor abroad to treat him. So, you can rest assured to be the young lady of the Zhans. Without my permission, you are not allowed to mention that you wish to end our relationship anymore." After Lucian finished his words in an irreversible tone, he turned around in a cold manner, leaving the stunned Amelia standing there alone.

There had been something wrong with Vernon's heart. Many pills didn't work. What Lucian just said was exactly what she desired, and she had no reason to refute.

Even though Vernon once let her experience deep coolness, but for Amelia, blood is thicker than water after all. Vernon was not in good health in these years, so her resentment disappeared a lot.

If Lucian could cure her father, then Amelia would like to keep their nominal marriage as nothing more.

When Amelia went downstairs, Lucian was about to go out. However, when he saw her coming down, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Have you decided? Will you stop messing around? "

His indifferent voice seemed to blame a capricious child.

"Lucian, you'd better keep your words!" Amelia stared at Lucian and felt wronged.

Looking at Amelia's angry face, he couldn't help laughing. "You look as upset as if you've signed an indenture." He teased

Were there any differences? In Amelia's opinion, Lucian was sent by God to tease her. After all, it was her own fault. If she didn't agree at the beginning, there would not be a series of troubles.

As for the laughter of Lucian, Amelia pretended not to hear. When she smelt the scent of food, she realized that she was very hungry. Amelia looked at Lucien and said crossly, "I stayed up all night last night. Now I'm hungry and I don't have the mood to quarrel with you!"

"That's right. Only when I'm full will I have the energy to be angry." Lucian silently nodded with a smile on his lips.

"Mrs. Amelia, the chicken soup is asked by Mr. Lucian. He asked me to cook it for you. Please drink it as much as you can." Lily filled a bowl of soup for her.

Amelia blushed and said she would do it. Then she looked at Lucian up and down secretly and felt that this man was strange.

Sometimes he was cold, sometimes he was warm. Amelia didn't know which one was the real him.


still early today. If you are bored, you can ask your friends out and I will pick you up at dinner." During the lunch, Lucian suddenly said.

Hearing that, Amelia was stunned. She didn't know what to do but put down the chopsticks and asked, "Is there anything you want me to do?"

With a sneer on his lips, Lucian glanced at Amelia coldly and said, "Don't think I'm up to something."

"Mr. Lucian is a businessman. Shouldn't you be that way?" The relationship between them is a form of contract, so everything seems to be an agreement.

"You are really a clever woman," With a gloating smile, Lucian looked at Amelia and said to her, "Don't get out of bed tomorrow morning too late. Go to work in the Zhan Group with me. Your position is the assistant to CEO."

"What!" Amelia stood up excitedly. She looked at Lucian and said reluctantly, "I won't spend a penny of your family nor would l I work in the Zhan Group."

Lily was scared by her excitement. She came to comfort, "Mrs. Amelia, don't be angry. Mr. Lucian is so kind to you."

The voice of Lily was as soft as that of a sheep.

Embarrassed, Amelia said to Lily, "Sorry to scare you."

She was provoked by Lucian, so she just aimed at him. Amelia didn't expect that the woman next to her would be scared by her.

"Lily, you've made early judgements this morning." Lucian stood up and straightened the bowl that Amelia knocked out. Then he whispered to Amelia, "Mrs. Amelia, there are others here. Please behave yourself."

"You!" Amelia was too angry to retort. At first, she was going to refute him. But when she saw that Lily was looking at her curiously, she had to restrain her anger and turned to smile. "Didn't you just tell me to go out and date with my friends? I'll do it now! "

Although she said it with a smile, there was more or less a bit of willfulness in her tone.

But Lucian didn't stop her. Instead, he said thoughtfully, "I'll ask Frank to drive you there."

"Who is it?" Amelia was surprised. But it didn't matter. She refused at once, "I can take a taxi when I go out. I don't need a ride."

She didn't want to be special, and her status had pressed her out of breath.

"Frank Chen is my driver. If you don't use him, he will lose his job." He said in a calm voice.

It seemed that if Amelia didn't give in, she would lose Frank's job.

She was afraid of bringing trouble to others just because of herself, so she couldn't find any reason to refuse him after hearing his words.

"Lucian, can you stop showing off your wealth? You are the CEO of the Zhan Group. It's natural for you to have a driver. But I'm a common people. It's unnecessary for me to have a driver." She refused with excitement, and glanced at Lucian.

"All right. You can take a taxi and I'll pick you up when you come back." At last, Lucian compromised.

Amelia didn't expect that her words would work. At the moment, she was so happy.

When Lucian saw her smile, he shook his head helplessly. Then, he carried his briefcase and was about to go out. After taking a glance at Amelia, he said, "I'm going out. I'll take you to the taxi stand."

Murmured Amelia, then she walked after Lucian.

'You have long legs.' Lucian is just one step ahead of Amelia but she trotted to keep up with him.

"Ah!" Amelia was walking with her head down. As a result, her forehead was hit by something and she cried out of pain.

"Give me your phone. I'll save my number to you." It suddenly occurred to Lucian that he didn't know how to get in touch with Amelia. So he turned around. To his surprise, she walked with her head down.

"If others hear this, they will laugh their heads off!" Amelia gave the phone to Lucian and said with contempt.

"Mrs. Lucian, you mean we should act more realistic, right?" All of a sudden, Lucian reached out his hand and put his arm around Amelia's slender waist, with a touch of evil and attractive light in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth showed a trace of unruly, looking very dangerous. And the intimacy between them just now made Amelia get nervous, fearing that in the next moment, he would do something more terrible.

"What... Let go of me first... " Amelia was so nervous that she couldn't even speak clearly. She didn't dare to push Lucian away so she had to bury her head in his arms.

Lucian let go of her and teased when he found that she blushed. "Is it because I'm so handsome that you are shy?"

"How narcissistic you are!" Amelia rolled her eyes at him, walked past him and got in the car.

"That's great! Only to a taxi!" She was worried that Lucian would not keep his promise. And the fact that she didn't tell Courtney about her marriage had already made Courtney misunderstand her. If this eye-catching car drove to the gate of Courtney's milk tea shop, Courtney might think that she was showing off. Then the misunderstanding between them would be deeper.

"Here we are, Mrs. Amelia." Lucian kept his promise and sent her to the taxi stop. Before she got off the car, he took her by the wrist and reminded her, "Remember to call me before you go home in the evening. If you don't go back to the SJ Garden, the headline of tomorrow's news will be you."

Obviously, he was threatening her.

Amelia didn't want to argue with him. She bit her lower lip and nodded discontentedly.

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