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   Chapter 15 Flipped With Love

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It was afternoon after Amelia woke up.

Perhaps because she had slept for a long time, or because she just ate a little porridge at noon, Amelia felt her whole body soft. She looked around and found that she was sleeping in Lucian's bedroom. Amelia got out of bed immediately and didn't open the door until she was sure that Lucian was not in.

"Are you awake, Mrs. Amelia?" A sweet and attractive voice went by, making Amelia, who was sweating, step back.

The girl in front of her was only 17 or 18 years old. Amelia felt very uncomfortable when she heard the girl call her young mistress, but she still politely nodded.

"Who are you?" She remembered that there was no one here except for Lucian. Up to now, just Darren came here a little more frequently.

"My name is Lily Gu. I'm eighteen years old. Mr. Lucian asked me to take care of you." The girl replied with a sweet smile. Then she praised Amelia, who was not clear about the situation. "You are so beautiful!"

Am I pretty? She looked dull and her hair was in a mess. It might not be a beautiful statement.

"I... Call me Amelia. " She really didn't like to be called Mrs. Amelia.

"No, I can't! We're in the Zhan's house, and as servants, we have to follow the rules of the family. So I can't change my calling to you, Mrs. Amelia." With a serious look, Lily Gu said nervously, "Mrs. Amelia, before Mr. Lucian left just now, he asked me to cook you some chicken soup. When you wake up, I will watch you finish it."

The last sentence seemed to lack of confidence.

Right then, Lucian had a good performance. It sounded like he was worried about her, but he left a person to supervise her.

But she was indeed a little hungry. She had free chicken soup. Why not enjoy it!

She was very satisfied with the dinner. Amelia glanced at her watch and wondered why Lucien was still not back. But she didn't care about it.

Amelia patted her forehead to comfort herself. She suddenly realized that there was something wrong with her head. She couldn't help thinking of Lucian.

Lily Gu did all the household chores more than willingly. The feeling of being taken care of by others really made Amelia not know what to do. She still remembered what Fannie had said, and suddenly felt that it was not a good way to live like this for a long time.

Amelia didn't plan to take a penny of the Zhan family, so she thought she shouldn't be treated like this. She intended to wait for Lucian and talk about this matter.

Amelia had been watching TV in the living room all the time. When it was ten o'clock, she found that Lily Gu had been standing next to her. Amelia asked her to come over but Lily Gu was very nervous and unwilling to sit down. Amelia had no way to persuade her to go to bed early, since Lily Gu said that Lucian hadn't come back yet and they couldn't go to bed first.

"I have something to discuss with Lucian. You can go to sleep first. If he is hungry, I can make some food for him." Amelia said to Lily Gu.

"Wow! Mrs. Amelia is so virtuous!" There was a glimmer of joy in Lily's eyes, and she liked Amelia more. "Before I came here, I thought Mrs. Amelia would be angry, but I didn't expect you to be so easy-going. I'm really lucky!"

What embarrassed Amelia most was others' compliments. She didn't know how to respond, so she just smiled awkwardly.

After Lily went to rest, she was left alone in the big room. The sound from the TV could be heard clearly.

"Slow down, Mr. Lucian." When the clock hand reached midnight, Amelia was dozing off. Hearing the sound of the door, she immediately woke up. She stood up and saw Lucian's assistant, Eric, who was holding him.

Amelia hurried over and smelt the wine. Then she looked at Lucian. His whole body was leaned and his eyes were closed. It seemed that Lucian was drunk.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian drank too much tonight, so I sent him back." After they helped Lucian walk into the bedroom, Eric explained respectfully.

"Thank you." Amelia replied politely.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Amelia. This is my phone number, you can call me if you need anything." Eric gave the business card to Amelia and added, "Mr. Lucian has something on his mind tonight. When he drinks, he leaves some room for himself. It's the first time for me to see him get so drunk. Mrs. Amelia, thank you for taking care of him tonight."

"Okay." Amelia glanced at Lucian who was lying in the bed drunk and had to promise.

After Eric left, the room fell into silence again.

The smell of alcohol was permeating in the big room, so she brought a cup of honey water for him in a gentle way. Seeing that Lucian was sleeping soundly, Amelia gently pushed him with her hand and said in a low voice, "Get up and drink the honey water before you sleep."

However, Lucian didn't move.

Amelia said nothing. She put the honey water on the nightstand and was about to get a warm towel to apply on his face. But before she took steps, she heard a sound of vomiting behind her, followed by a stinky smell.

Amelia turned around, she found t

hat Lucian was lying on the edge of the bed, with yellow liquid on his lips.

She frowned, but she still came over and helped the man who was very drunk to get on the bed. Then Amelia went to the bathroom and fetched a basin of hot water to clean the liquid on his mouth.

After the floor was cleaned, Amelia worried that Lucian would vomit again, so she took a small stool to guard the bed.

She felt lucky that she had a nap in the afternoon, otherwise she would be so sleepy at this time.

Lucian was a good drinker. He didn't vomit and slept all night.

Amelia's mind was heavy. After she relaxed her taut body, she was so sleepy that she fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

A beam of light pierced through Lucian's body and woke him up. He slowly opened his eyes, and everything in the room that he was familiar with made him feel at ease. His cold eyes paused for a moment when he scanned around the room. 'Why is she here?' He wondered?

Lucian remembered that he drank a lot last night at the dinner table. And alcohol was strong. After Eric drove him back, he couldn't remember anything afterwards.

'But did Amelia sleep here last night? It meant that she looked after me for the whole night?'?

At the same time, Lucian's heart was beating fast as if a wave of tide swept over the heart, and it took a long time to calm down.

"Come on, go to the bed." Lucian got out of the bed and was about to put Amelia to bed.

Amelia was in a daze. Though she heard someone talking, she was not very energetic after the night. She opened her eyes lazily and did not look carefully at the person in front of her. She just stood up as she was asked and then fell down on the bed.

At the moment, Lucian was taken to the bed, and he was just leaning on Amelia. Their position was extremely ambiguous.

Amelia bit her lips hard and her skin was as white as milk.

This woman's skin was so good... Moreover, her lips were like fresh strawberry, which made Lucian's heart beating more. Meanwhile, he was leaning against Amelia now, and some kind of factors in his body was overwhelmingly uncomfortable. But soon he got rid of this feeling, because there was a knock on the door.

Lucian tucked Amelia in and went to open the door.

In front of the door, the servant Lily Gu had already prepared the breakfast and respectfully said, "Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia long waited for you last night. I have made porridge for you."

"Have she been waiting for me for a long time?" Lucian looked at Amelia in surprise.

"Yes, Mrs. Amelia is a good tempered woman. She worried that I might be tired and helped me a lot. Besides, she also asked me to go to bed early. As a result, I slept very early last night and she was waiting for you in the living room alone." Lily reported what happened last night to Lucian. It seemed that Amelia was a thoughtful woman. Lily Gu spoke highly of her.

"Okay, I know. Give me the breakfast." After taking the breakfast from Lily's hand, Lucian specially ordered: "Make some soup. I'll wake call you when Mrs. Amelia wakes up."

"Okay." "Mr. Lucian, you and Mrs. Amelia are meant to be together. You are young and promising, while Mrs. Amelia is considerate. What a perfect match!"

"Go ahead with your work." There was no change in Lucian's facial expression, but he was restless in his heart.

Although those words seemed to sound flattering, yet Lucian was not unhappy at all.

He put the breakfast on the table and walked to the bed, staring at Amelia thoughtfully.

When Amelia woke up, Lucian was sitting on the sofa, sorting through the documents. He glanced at Amelia, who was looking at him in confusion, and a smile appeared on his face. But the smile was quickly replaced by his usual indifference.

Amelia looked out of the window and found that she was in Lucian's bed. She jumped up and ran to the center of the bedroom barefoot. When she saw Lucian, she was frightened and took a few steps back. "Why are you here?" She asked in panic.

No, it wasn't her room. Amelia asked herself why she had slept on his bed.

Amelia checked her clothes immediately and found that the coat was casually laid on the leather chair. The sweater inside was still there. She was so nervous but then she suddenly felt relieved. However, she still glanced at Lucian with an alert look. She always thought that Lucian might have some bad intentions. And he was drunk, wasn't he? Why was she lying on the bed now?

After feeling puzzled for a while, she heard someone's faint voice coming from the other side. "You wake up? Are you hungry? Lily made some chicken soup for you. Have a taste."

A series of words hit on her, and Amelia didn't respond for a long time. She stared at Lucian in a daze, and then stuttered, "I... I'm leaving now."

Noticing that she was standing stiffly and feeling frightened by his coldness, Lucian softened his tone and said, "Lily told me that you waited for me for a long time last night."

Yes, Amelia had waited for him for a long time, but she did not care about him at all.

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