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   Chapter 14 Keep Looking At Her

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Amelia didn't care about the fact that Shelly was acting like a spoiled child in front of Lucian and declaring war on her. She just didn't want to stay in this expensive Castle anymore. Besides, Amelia didn't know what to do, and she also had to try her best to act in front of Lucian.

At first, Amelia thought that they didn't need to do anything, but didn't expect that they would get mocked by Lucian's mother.

"Shelly, now that my mother is happy to see you, then stay and have lunch with her. I will take Amelia back first." Lucian took away Shelly's hand from his arm, and then held Amelia's hand tightly, which made Shelly embarrassed.

After hearing Lucian's answer, Amelia felt a little relieved.

Fannie had been infuriated all the time. Hearing that Lucian didn't even want to stay for lunch, she was more furious at Amelia. She gave a sharp glance at Amelia. She hated Amelia so much that she wanted to tear her to pieces.

After coming out of the Zhan mansion, Amelia let out a sigh of relief. After getting in the car, Amelia was trembling all over.

"Are you afraid?" Lucian glanced at her and asked coldly.

Since Amelia was out of the scope of the acting, there was no need to pretend. Amelia looked out of the window, trying to dispel the lingering fear that had been haunted in her heart.

Jasper was from a single parent family and his parents were divorced when he was very young. Jasper lived with his mother. The second year after Amelia was in a relationship with him, he took Amelia home to see his mother. At the beginning, Amelia was extremely nervous. She always thought that meeting her boyfriend's parents was an important matter in her life. As an inexperienced girl, she didn't know what to do. She began to worry a month in advance. At that time, Jasper laughed at her and said that an ugly daughter-in-law would meet her parents in law sooner or later.

Thinking of this, tears welled up in her eyes.

After meeting with Jasper's mother, she realized that her worry was unnecessary. Jasper's mother was not a difficult person to get along with. On the contrary, Jasper's mother loved Amelia more than his own son.

Or it was because of Fannie's attitude that she couldn't help thinking of this.

After a short while, Amelia felt dizzy because she didn't have breakfast and was carsickness now. She moved her body and looked out of the window, letting the cold wind blow on her face. At least in this way, she didn't feel dizzy at all.

"What's going on?" Seeing that Amelia covered her abdomen with hands painfully, Lucian pulled over the car immediately and asked with concern, "Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

Amelia bit her teeth and said in pain, "I want to go out and take some fresh air."

"Okay." After that, Lucian got off the car and opened the door for Amelia. He looked around and found a restaurant nearby. "I'm sorry. I forgot that you haven't had breakfast yet. Let's go to have some porridge first. It's good for your stomach."

Amelia's stomach was empty, and the discomfort of the carsickness intruded into her body, so she had a feeling of vomiting in her throat. She leaned against a tree and retched several times, but she didn't vomit anything. Instead, her tears welled up in her eyes.

Looking at Amelia's pale face, Lucian couldn't help blaming himself.

"Let me help you." Lucian was patient and his tone was much warmer than before.

Amelia got rid of his hand and said, "No, I can do it myself."

She wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes and felt much better by shedding tears.

Because of hunger, she did not refuse to eat. As soon as the steaming corn porridge was on the table, she began to eat. Although it was a little hot, her stomach did feel much better.

"What Was it carsickness? " Seeing that she had finished eating, Lucian gave a cup of warm water to her and asked tentatively.

There were tears in Amelia's eyes. She looked delicate and touching. Without any reason, when Lucian found that Amelia kept silent, he always felt that she was a little quiet and lonely.

"Thank you." Amelia muttered and turned her face to the other side.

The reason why Lucian treated her so badly in the morning was t

hat he was worried that they would become too close, so he showed a cold side. But at this moment, he felt a little regretful.

"Are you feeling better now? Do you need to go to the hospital? " Lucian frowned and his handsome face was full of earnest.

The man standing in front of her and the words he had said to her were like in a dream. Lucian was so indifferent to her in the morning, and now he came to care about her again?

She was not the kind of girl who would be bullied easily and then comforted with only a candy?

Amelia knew that they were just acting in front of each other and it was unnecessary for her to care about it. However, she also had emotions and knew how to feel, happy or unhappy.

"Mr. Lucian, I want to be alone for a while." Amelia was a little depressed and didn't want to stay in the car any longer.

"I have a video meeting this afternoon. Let me drive you home first." Lucian didn't notice the impatience on Amelia's face. He just drove the car back.

Amelia turned around and said in a patient manner, "I mean that I get off the car and walk alone."

With no expression on his handsome face, Lucian stopped the car.

"Amelia, you need a rest now." His voice was indifferent, but it sounded powerful.

Although Amelia felt gdiffident for his arrogance, she kept calm. Amelia said calmly, "You said you wouldn't interfere in my life as long as I cooperated with you in front of others."

"But you are not feeling well now. As your nominal legitimate husband, shouldn't I give you care?" Lucian reply with an indescribable momentum.

Amelia was in a daze and suddenly felt very weak.

"Lucian, you really don't have to be hypocritical..." Amelia looked at him and said with difficulty.

After that, Lucian started the car. Regardless of Amelia's objection, he directly took her back to the SJ Garden.

It was a half hour drive from the parents' house to the SJ Garden. Worrying that Amelia might feel uncomfortably dizzy, Lucian slowed down the car. It took them about one hour to get there.

The silence of the moment made Lucian relieved, since Amelia fell asleep in the car because of her uncomfortableness.

Lucian gently lifted Amelia out of the passenger seat and stood still for a long time, watching her quietly. He couldn't help but think of the first time they met in the bar, the woman who was drunk and hurt by love, howling in his arms. She was as light as a piece of paper in his arms.

Maybe because of the bad weather, when the cold air hit her face, Amelia felt a warm touch on her cheek, rubbing her cheek with hot stream. She said the word "Comfortable" with satisfaction.

At last, Amelia's whole face was buried in the chest of Lucian and her face rubbed against his chest. It was such an intimate position and the intimacy between them made a hot flow in his heart and his heart beat very fast.

How could he be flirted by the woman in his arms, and he didn't have an aversion!

Lucian frowned. He wanted to wake her up but didn't think it was proper. After all, it was too much in the morning.

Holding back the feeling in his heart, Lucian quickly put the sleeping Amelia in the bedroom. Then he felt the forehead of Amelia with the back of his hand and felt relieved when he found that she didn't have a fever.

But it was strange that he would worry about her?

Lucian stood by the bed and looked at Amelia quietly. She was like a quiet porcelain doll when she was asleep. It was easy to break her just like to break a doll. And her fair skin was especially attractive. One couldn't help pinching it.

He had never looked at her so carefully. He thought Amelia dressed very simply and wouldn't be conspicuous when she walked in the crowd. But when Lucian took a closer look at Amelia, he found that she actually had a delicate face. Although she was not that kind of woman who would surprise others at a glance, but she was also very attractive with a mild temperament.

If the phone didn't ring, he couldn't imagine how long he would stare at her.

"I must feel guilty about this morning, so I stared at this woman for so long..." Lucian thought to himself, then a bitter smile emerged on the corner of his mouth.

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