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   Chapter 13 The Meeting Between Mother In law And Daughter In Law

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The next morning, someone knocked at Amelia’s door and she opened her eyes in a daze. It seemed that she remembered what she had promised Lucian yesterday. Amelia suddenly got up from the bed and rubbed her hair to sober up. Also, she remembered that she was going to visit Lucian's parents today. She was so lethargic that she felt nervous and flustered.

"I I'm getting up. I'll be ready in a minute! " Amelia picked up a set of clothes from the wardrobe, quickly changed it and washed herself in a hurry. After doing all the things, she went downstairs in a hurry.

Downstairs, Lucian was having breakfast. Wearing a black suit, he was so eye-catching, but his handsome face was stiff. The coldness and indifference from his face outline was terrifying. The warm words from last night seemed to be only in a dream.

Amelia walked over carefully and said apologetically, "Sorry, I overslept."

Amelia always woke up early, but she didn't expect that she would sleep too late, which made her a little embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter." Putting down the food on his hand, Lucian glanced at Amelia and said coldly, "There's only one breakfast for me. You can choose to eat the rest or go to the Zhan mansion even if you're still hungry. You should pay the price for sleeping late."

"What did you say?" Amelia couldn't believe what she just heard. She pointed at the rest of bread which was given by Lucian and asked, "You want me to eat that? "

Lucian nodded without even blinking his eyes, "You're supposed to prepare the breakfast, but you slept late. It's very kind of me to share with you the breakfast I've prepared."

"Lucian, do you think I should thank you for your kindness?" Amelia was irritated by his words. She thought he was so changeable. Why did he make fun of her?

"No, you can choose not to eat, because you only have five minutes left. Five minutes later, we have to go to the Zhan mansion. It's up to you!" Lucian said in a low and cold voice.

Amelia was stunned for a long time.

This man was completely different from what he was yesterday. But soon, she found out the answer. Yesterday it was in front of people, and now it was not in front of people. He didn't have to pretend to be good to her any more.

With a bitter smile she followed him out of the SJ Garden.

After getting in the car, Lucian reminded Amelia coldly, "Now we are going to the mansion. Show some attitude. I hope you can cooperate with me no matter how reluctant you are."

Was this a negotiation? Why did it sound like an order?

Amelia's lips moved, although she was reluctant, she nodded as she promised.

The Zhan mansion was located at the hillside, alongside by mountains and seas. It was surrounded by mountains and rivers to gather energy. Apparently, the Zhan family was quite fastidious about the Chinese geomancy.

The car drove into the villa area and the door was opened automatically. The fountain was sprayed with water. A flower nursery was on the left. Most of the flowers were unknown to her. On such a cold day, flowers were in full bloom. What a rare beauty.

After parking the car, Lucian walked out of it. His aura of nobleness, which could not be covered, mixed with all the luxurious things around him. It seemed that he was born to be a prince living in the castle.

When Darren saw the car, he immediately welcomed Lucian with a big smile on his face, "Mr. Lucian is back. Her ladyship missed you so much."

The floor which was paved with black marble was smooth and bright. The luxurious crystal chandelier was shining in the hall. The arch and windows in ancient styles were well decorated and the ink paintings on the wall showed the quiet, remote and elegant temperament of the hall.

There was a burst of laughter coming from the room when they approached the living room, making the peaceful atmosphere lively.

"We have a guest?" Lucian frowned.

"It's Miss Shelly An. She came here to visit Mrs. Fannie." Darren answered cautiously and glanced at Amelia.

Hearing the name of Shelly, Amelia's heart missed a beat, and Shelly's angry and ferocious face appeared in her mind.

"Come on in." Suddenly, Lucian stretched out his hand to her. His cold face and deep eyes made him look serious, as if he was asking for the permission to hold hands with her.

Amelia opened her mouth slightly. She was surprised and didn't know if she should hold his hand. Thinking of the hateful look of him in the SJ Garden, she was dissatisfied and turned her head away angrily.

"Lucian!" Shelly was sitting on the sofa in the living room. When she saw Lucian, she screamed joyfully.

Then Fannie turned around and said happily, "Lucian, you're back?"

Lucian didn't say anything. He pulled Amelia who was hiding behind him to his s


"Lucian, why did you bring her here?" The smile on her face disappeared at the sight of Amelia. What remained was obvious dissatisfaction.

"Amelia are my wife. It's not wrong for me taking her home?" Lucian held onto Amelia's hand. The tone was cold and arrogant as if he was declaring war.

Amelia had been clenching her fists since she entered the room. Now she didn't know what to do, especially in front of all the people.

"Lucian, you can do whatever you want outside, but you can't just take a woman back to the mansion." Pointing at Amelia, she said scornfully, "Women like her is extreme snobbish."

Amelia looked up and tried to explain, but her hand was grasped more and more forcefully.

She tilted her head, her eyes filled with grievance and helplessness.

The disgust in Fannie’s eyes and the hurtful words were undoubtedly like sharp knives, which stabbed her self-esteem deeply.

"If you have any complaints, come to me. But don't slander Amelia." Lucian spoke, his tone as low as ever, but his words were powerful.

"What! Are you going to declare war on me with this woman? " Fannie’s fingers kept shaking.

Seeing this, Shelly came to comfort her. "Auntie, don't be angry. Lucian always respects you. If..."

Shelly didn't finish her words. She looked at Amelia and said deliberately.

This was not a comfort at all, but a stirring up trouble.

Suddenly, Fannie's face turned pale. She pointed at Amelia and said in a louder voice, "Since you have the guts to come to the mansion, you must promise me in front of me that you won't spend even a penny of the Zhan family!"

The contempt in Amelia eyes was no less than that given by Fannie.

Amelia didn't hate Fannie, because Fannie wanted to protect her son. But those words about money made her unhappy.

"Auntie, she glared at you!" Shelly reminded Fannie.

With a long face, Fannie said in a cold tone, "Get out of here before Lucian's father knows it."

"Fannie, I know your family is the richest in the city, but I want to remind you that the one who wants a marriage is your son, not me!" Now that Amelia had promised to Lucian, she had to play her role well. However, it didn't mean that Amelia would allow Lucian’s mother to abuse her verbally.

"So you felt wronged to be my daughter-in-law?" It seemed that Fannie didn't expect this and she lowered her voice. But the anger on her face didn't fade away.

"Yes, she is right. I forced her to marry me. So I won't allow anyone to bully my wife!" Lucian held Amelia's hand firmly.

This man, for a while, was so distinct that she could hardly recognize him.

Amelia felt her hand warm, but she was worried.

It was a lie that Amelia was not afraid of them. She had always respected the elders, and she wouldn't have fought back if Lucian’s mother hadn't been too sharp in speech.

"Aunt Fannie, didn't you just say you liked me most? Since I'm here, you should be happy. Don't let your good mood affect by irrelevant people! " Then, Shelly began to massage for Fannie.

"Lucian, listen to me. Why you don't marry such a good girl like Shelly, but marry some unknown women outside instead. When you were fooled by her one day, you will understand why I stop you!" Hearing what Shelly said, Fannie felt a little comforted. She held Shelly's hands and said regretfully, "Shelly, I'm so sorry. Your good marriage is ruined by others!"

"Whatever you say, I have got the marriage certificate with Amelia. I just came to inform you of this news, so your objection is invalid." Lucian's eyes darkened and there was firmness on his face.

After hearing what Lucian said, Amelia became more and more confused. She wondered why Lucian was in such a hurry to find a woman to get married when he was unwilling to marry the woman he loved? She remembered his words that he would make his own decisions in his own life.

However, the decision made by Lucian might not satisfy himself. After all, there was no love between them.

"Amelia, we have been to the mansion. It's time to go back." Lucian's gentle voice woke up Amelia who was lost in thought. Amelia blushed and looked at his mother awkwardly. When Amelia found that Fannie was extremely angry, she quickly withdrew her gaze and silently nodded.

Amelia was not willing to stay at such a scene for even a second.

"Lucian, it's rare for you to come back. Stay and have lunch with us before you leave." With an grievance look on her face, Shelly walked up to him and held his arm naturally. "Don't forget me after you get married. I'm deeply in love with you, and no one can replace me!" said she in a wronged tone.

After that, Shelly gave a glance at Amelia provocatively.

Hands clenched, Amelia was afraid that Lucian would agree to stay for lunch.

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