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   Chapter 12 Let Me Hold You For A While

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Amelia lowered her head all the way. Seeing that Lucian and Shelly were chatting with each other, she followed them into the kitchen and then took a deep breath.

In fact, she thought it was a good idea. At least, she didn't have to face Lucian alone, and she comforted herself silently in her heart.

"Mrs. Amelia, what can I do for you?" Darren suddenly went into the kitchen and asked politely.

Perhaps she was thinking too much, the housekeeper Darren appeared all of a sudden, which scared her to tremble. When she calmed down, she quickly waved her hands and said no.

Darren furrowed his eyebrows, and his purplish lips opened and closed for several times, as if he had something to say.

"Do you have something to say, Darren?" She noticed that the Darren looked unnatural and asked.

Darren crossed his hands, lost in thought. After a while, he asked with a perplexed look on his face, "Young mistress, do you really love Lucian?"

Not knowing why, as soon as the Darren's question came to her mind, Amelia felt as if her throat was pressed by a sharp knife, and she could not say a word.

She had never thought about this question before. And she didn't think love would be so easy if there was no emotional foundation between them?

Lucian was good in all aspects. He had a handsome face and was a man of easy mind. It was better than Jasper who had no ideas about his private affairs.

He was so excellent. As an ordinary woman, Lucian was just a dream for her.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Amelia. I didn't mean to ask you that." He apologized at once.

Now that Amelia had agreed to marry him, she had to behave like a real wife. She smiled leisurely and answered, "The life of two people, is not only about the love in the mouth, but also harmonious state in the plain life."

These words sounded like lies, but they were the longing for the beautiful marriage of Amelia.

Darren nodded thoughtfully and said with a gentle smile, "Since there's nothing I can help, I'll go back to the Zhan mansion first."

"Thank you, Darren. If you don't mind, you can have dinner with us before you go back." Although Darren didn't know much about her, Amelia wasn't as nervous as she had been before. Maybe it was because Darren was at the same age with Vernon, and she always respected the elder.

After quietly making dinner, Amelia was about to ask Lucian and Shelly to have dinner in the living room. However, she was shocked by what she saw.

"Lucian, let me hug you for a while. If you marry another woman, I won't have a chance in the future." At the moment, Shelly was falling into the arms of Lucian, crying and clutching his arm. Because of angle of sight, shelly could easily see Amelia who was stunned not far away. She sneered and continued to be aggrieved, "I have always been protected by you since I was a child. If I was bullied in the future, what should I do…"

What she said made Amelia's heart tighten. She couldn't help but think of Jasper, her once guardian, who had also left her.

Therefore, she could sympathize with her.

"Shelly, you are not a kid anymore." Lucian released her and was about to comfort her. But he found that Amelia was standing by his side. He smiled and asked, "Is dinner ready?"

He sounded gentle and even warm.

Amelia looked up and nodded.

She looked at Shelly apologetically as if she had interrupted them.

During the dinner, Shelly kept telling Lucian the things happened in the past. She talked about how close she and Lucian were, how nice Lucian was and how much she adored him. In short, she would say everything about him.

The expression on Amelia's face didn't change at all. When Shelly stopped, she greeted her politely.

Her words were supposed to be polite, but Shelly misunderstood her and thought she was declaring the identity of the hostess.

After dinner, Shelly insisted on washing the dishes with Amelia. Amelia wouldn't think too much. She waved her hand and refused. She said that Shelly was a guest and its’ just few bowls and c

hopsticks so she didn't need any help at all.

"I'll stand there and learn." Shelly rolled her eyes and said sweetly.

study? Amelia was stunned for a while, and then she realized when she remembered Shelly's social status.

A rich lady like her would never do heavy work. There were also servants in the Mo family, but Sophia hired them to take care of Sophia and Vernon. Amelia still did other housework. In addition, the Mo family was not a big family, so Vernon invested in a small company, which could only support the family's living expenses.

Shelly leaned against the door, with her hands in her chest. Like she was watching over the company.

"Although Lucian married you, his parents will not recognize you! Because you really admire vanity! Seducing Lucian by your own body! " It was like a thunder buried under the ground and dish fell into the sink accidentally. She picked it up hurriedly. Amelia’s expression changed a little, but she continued what she was doing.

At the moment, Shelly was not as sweet as before. She looked at Amelia with anger, jealousy and warning tone, which was totally different from her girlish tone in front of Lucian just now.

Although she didn't know the reason why Lucian didn't marry Shelly, as she was the nominal wife of Lucian now, she had to say something to defend herself.

"Does it matter so much whether I was accepted or not? Besides, I married to Lucian. As long as he accepts me, I will try my best to win his parents' approval. " At first, Amelia thought that Shelly was the one who was wronged. She felt sorry for that and didn't know what to say.

Shelly's chest heaved with anger. She raised her hand and was about to hit Amelia. But Lucian stopped her in time. "Shelly, you can do whatever you want because I always see you as my sister. But for Amelia it won't work. She's my wife."

He sounded like a king. His cold and irresistible words made Amelia blush with shyness. A handsome man declared that he was exclusive to her. For a woman, besides being touched, she also felt a deep sense of security.

The expression on Shelly's face darkened. She cast a furious glance at Amelia and said in a fluster, "Lucian, you'll regret it!"

After that, Shelly ran away without looking back.

Amelia's heart was tightened and she said to Lucian, "Hurry up!"

"She is not my wife. Why should I go?" Looking down at Amelia, Lucian answered casually.

Amelia frowned and didn't know what he meant.

"Then I'll go to have a look." It was late and there was a long way to go to the downtown. If something happened to Shelly, she would feel guilty.

"It's none of your business, Amelia. I've told my driver to send her home." Lucian said coldly as he got in front of Amelia.

Amelia was shocked. She thought that Lucian was an omnipotent man who could be arranged in such a short time.

She rubbed the back of her head awkwardly, and her bright eyes did not focus. It took her a long time to squeeze the word "Thank you" out.

"You must be tired today. Have an early rest." There was a touch of warmth in Lucian's low voice.

Amelia's heart trembled slightly, and these ordinary words warmed her heart.

This cold man also cared for other people. Amelia felt warm in her heart. Then she raised her head and smiled sweetly.

The smile was like fresh lily, with a faint fragrance, making him entranced.

This woman looked pretty when she smiled.

Amelia kept frowning and smiled occasionally these two days. She looked like a fine beauty like the early sun in the rainy days when smiling.

Just a brief distraction, Lucian recovered his cold expression quickly. Amelia was just like a gust of wind, but for Lucian, she was invisible.

He just needed a marriage, not to be trapped in love. The nightmare three years ago had become a pain that he could not get rid of day and night. Now, finally there was someone who could disguise the pain in his heart. He could no longer dedicate to a relationship, and he did not want to suffer any more pain.

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