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   Chapter 11 Display Of Affection

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As soon as the words left Yolanda's mouth, she turned in an attempt to leave but was surprisingly blocked by Amelia.

"What are you doing?" Yolanda struggled for a while but she was no match for Amelia. She angrily shouted, "Amelia, just because you married Lucian it doesn't mean you can get away with things! Let me tell you right now: marrying into a rich family doesn't solve your problems."

Amelia sneered, staring her down. "You're always going to want what I have and I'm sorry to tell you this but Lucian will never be interested in you."

Amelia was being so confident that it was almost out of character.

She didn't know that for a fact about Lucian but for some reason, when she was saying it, she knew that it was true.

Yolanda's face turned white as a sheet. In an attempt to save face, she grabbed Jasper's arm and said, "Did you hear what she said? She thinks you're just one of her leftovers!"

Jasper's face turned gloomy and a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes. However, when he looked at Amelia, he said softly, "Amelia, as long as you're happy."

"Of course!" Amelia's eyes were gleaming and it was difficult to make out what she was really feeling.

After the luncheon, most of the guests had already left. Amelia figured it was time for her to leave as well. However, Vernon suddenly approached her and took her hand.

"Amelia, how about you? When are you and Lucian going to get married? When are you going to have the ceremony?" he asked. Vernon was still wearing his festive Tang costume and he seemed even happier than usual.

Amelia was rendered speechless. She didn't expect that her father would ask about her and Lucian's marriage in such a straightforward manner. Plus, their marriage was just a fake. There was no point in holding a grand wedding ceremony for a fake marriage.

After all, it was Lucian's decision too to keep a low-key profile.

After thinking for a while, she smiled and said, "Dad, Lucian and I are already married on paper. He's too well-known. If we hold a wedding, media coverage will be crazy and I just can't handle that. It would wear me out."

Her resentment toward her father stemmed from when her mother passed away. After a while, it began to fade especially when he grew ill. When that happened, she just tried her best to support him and not cause him any stress.

"I know that you're always thinking of other people but I'm still your father and it's still my dream to see you get married with a grand wedding. Besides, it's not like you've known Lucian for so long. In the future, that might..."

"Dad, it doesn't matter that I just met Lucian. Things just work out that way sometimes. Lucian and I met at the right time. That's why we got along so well. You don't need to worry about us." Amelia tried to keep her tone as easygoing as possible so as to comfort her father.

She knew that Vernon wasn't the type to be tricked easily so he would definitely still have doubts.

"Honey, if you ever feel like you're unhappy or if ever you get mistreated, just tell me and don't keep it to yourself," Vernon said, sighing.

Amelia nodded with a smile. Her heart ached when he left.

Iris had committed suicide when she was nearly 15 years old. Not a month had passed and Vernon already had Sophia and her daughter living in their house. While Iris had suffered from depression and that was what led to her suicide, Amelia knew that her depression was caused by Vernon's infidelity. She'd never said this to anyone but she hadn't been able to keep it off her mind for years.

If Vernon hadn't fallen ill, she might have just continued nursing her ill feelings towards him. After Vernon almost had a heart attack, she changed. She realized how short life was and there was no point in holding grudges against her own father.

She was a real member of the Mo family but ever since Yolanda and Sophia started living with them, she felt as if she was demoted to a maid. They always grabbed the chance to bully her whenever they could. When she went to college, she was glad to finally leave home. Things were turning out great especially that she'd met Jasper, the man of her dreams. He rented a house for the two of them. She thought things were finally falling into place for her. At least for the next five years that's what she thought. Until Jasper left her.

"What are you doing here? I called you but you didn't answer." A cold voice suddenly came from her side.

In a moment of desperation, Amelia wiped her face with her hands to hide the fact that she was crying. She then shook her head in embarrassment and muttered, "Nothing."

Frowning, Lucian eyed her. He closed in the distance between them so he could get a better look of her face. He then asked in a strange tone, "Why are you crying?"

Even if she'd attempted to wipe away her tears, it left a stain on her face.

Her eyes were red too. All signs pointed to the obvious: she had indeed been crying.

She couldn't help but burst into tears as she recalled her past.

However, to Lucian, it seemed as if she was mourning over losing Jasper.

Lucian didn't know why but he found himself growing upset at the thought of this.

He frowned and said coldly, "The wedding's over. We should leave."

After which, he left without even waiting for Amelia to respond first.

Amelia only recollected herself a few moments later. She then followed him.

Her short legs gave her a disadvantage as she wasn't able to catch up with Lucian who was already in the hallway. When she arrived at the car, she was out of breath. Lucian merely gave her a quick glance and reminded her to fasten her seatbelt. He then drove his Porsche in full speed.

Neither of them said anything throughout the entire car ride which made the atmosphere a little awkward. Amelia couldn't help but feel grateful toward him when she recalled how he'd saved her earlier.

Before she could blurt out a thanks to him, Lucian said, "We need to go to the Zhan mansion tomorrow. My mom's definitely going to give you a hard time but just don't say anything and I'll take care of the rest."

Amelia turned her head and looked at Lucian silently. She still wasn't feeling okay.

"We need to go to the Zhan mansion tomorrow. My mom's definitely going to give you a hard time but just don't say anything and I'll take care of the rest."

They had a deal after all. He'd helped her today so now it was her turn to help him tomorrow.

"Okay," she agreed softly.

As soon as the car arrived at the door of the SJ Garden, Amelia hadn't gotten off the car yet and she spotted Darren standing outside their door with a sweet-looking girl by his side.

"Oh, Lucian, you're finally back! My feet are killing me!"

the girl complained as soon as they got off the car.

When the girl spoke, her voice was clear. She looked delicate in her white woolen coat, pink skirt, and flesh-colored stockings. As Amelia eyed the stockings, she trembled. 'Isn't it cold?' she thought to herself.

"Shelly? What are you doing here?" Lucian sounded surprised. Then he turned to Amelia and said, "This is Amelia, my wife."

Amelia was thoroughly impressed by Lucian's composure. Whenever she lied, her face and her ears always turned red. But he seemed like a natural. The words just rolled off his tongue. He was so good at acting that it was almost a waste that he wasn't an actor.

Amelia smiled stiffly and greeted her politely. She was very uncomfortable.

If her instincts were right, Shelly seemed to be the type of girl that parents liked. It was like she was the perfect daughter-in-law.

Amelia noticed that Shelly was glaring at her. Then she turned to Lucian and asked in disbelief, "Lucian? Are you serious? Married?"

She sounded disappointed.

"Yes," Lucian said coolly, nodding and casually putting an arm around Amelia. He smiled and said, "Shelly's father and my father are best friends. We practically grew up together."

Looks like they were childhood sweethearts.

Amelia didn't know what to say. She just smiled despite feeling a little guilty. Shelly was looking at Lucian with much affection in her eyes. The way she looked at him made Amelia feel a little uncomfortable.

"Lucian, why? Did you forget about my family's deal with yours?" As she spoke, tears streamed down her face from the corner of her eyes. Her face was instantly stained with tears. The softness in her voice tugged at Amelia's heartstrings.

"Miss Shelly, actually I..."

"Amelia, Shelly and I haven't seen each other for a long time. We'd like to have some time to catch up. You're an amazing cook, right? Why don't you cook dinner for us?" Lucian interrupted Amelia quickly. He grasped her slender wrist and looked at her square in the eye. "You don't mind, dear, do you?"

Amelia was a little taken aback. She then turned to look at Shelly who was still crying and said shyly, "Of course, not. I'd love to cook dinner."

Lucian was slightly embarrassing her. It seemed that he had chosen his words carefully to make it not sound like he was threatening her when in fact, he actually was. If she didn't agree to what he said, she was just going to look stupid. Besides, they needed to be believable as a couple so she had to play her part even if it meant a little discomfort for her.

"Shelly, let's go inside." Lucian's usual cold demeanor was replaced by warmth and even his indifferent tone seemed to have emotion.

Shelly seemed comforted by this. She held his arm and proudly said, "I knew you didn't change!"

As Amelia watched this entire scene unfold, she couldn't help but be shocked. Shelly was literally just crying a second ago and now she was smiling as if nothing had happened. Her mood changed that quickly.

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