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   Chapter 11 Display Of Affection

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As soon as Yolanda finished her words, she turned her head and was about to leave, but she was stopped by Amelia.

"What are you doing?" Yolanda struggled for a while, but she was no match for Amelia. In vain, she lost her temper and shouted, "Amelia, don't think that you have a backer after you married Lucian. Let me tell you. Even if you marry into a wealthy family, you will not have a better life in the future!"

Amelia sneered carelessly, stared at her and said word by word, "You're always interested in what I'm going to have, but Lucian, he is not interested in you."

Said Amelia confidently. No one knew where her strength came from.

She didn't know well about Lucian, but it seemed that there was a force which made her say it with pride.

Yolanda’s face was pale. In order to save her dignity, she grabbed Jasper's arm and said, "Did you hear that? You are a leftover in her heart! "

Jasper's face turned gloomy and a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes. However, when he looked at Amelia, he changed his tone and said, "Amelia, as long as you are happy."

"Of course!" There was a touch of firmness in Amelia's watery eyes, and her resolute eyes were like the dazzling sun, burning Jasper's eyes.

After the lunch, almost all the guests had left. Amelia thought she had nothing else to do. When she was about to leave, Vernon rushed over, took her hand and asked her.

"Amelia, when will you and Lucian get married since Yolanda and Jasper have their wedding ceremony?" Wearing a festive Tang costume, Vernon looked more kindly than usual because of joy.

Amelia was rendered speechless. She didn't expect that her father would ask about her and Lucian's marriage in such a straightforward way. Moreover, their marriage was just acting according to the deal. How could she take it so seriously?

The handsome man, who she got married with, only wanted a nominal marriage.

After thinking for a while, Amelia smiled and said, "Dad, you know that I have registered marriage with Lucian. As for the wedding, it's only a form. Besides, He is very influential in the city. If we hold a wedding, we cannot cope with all the media . By then, your daughter will be exhausted."

Although she hated her father very much after her mother passed away, her resent towards him faded away when he was ill. Amelia tried her best not to bother him.

I know you are always considerate. But as a father, I still want to see my daughter get married with a grand wedding. Besides, you haven't known Lucian for a long time. You don't have a strong relationship. In the future... "

"Dad, haven't you heard that love at first sight? Lucian and I met the right person at the wrong time. We chimed in easily! So you can rest assured! " To comfort him, Amelia interrupted him quickly and pretended to be relaxed.

She knew that Vernon was not a fool, he still had doubts.

"My girl, if you feel wronged, just tell me. Don't keep it to yourself." Feeling sorry for her.

Amelia nodded with a smile. Her heart ached when Vernon left.

Iris committed suicide by taking poison when Amelia was nearly 15 years old. Less than half a month after Iris died, Vernon took Sophia and her daughter into the Mo family. Although the death of Iris was caused by severe depression, in the heart of Amelia, the source of her depression was Vernon’s betrayal of her marriage, which was also the reason why she had kept it in her mind for so many years.

If it had not been for the fact that Vernon had a heart attack a few years ago and that the doctor had said that he could not be stimulated, Amelia’s attitude towards him would have become worse and worse, and she even wouldn't have paid any attention to him.

Amelia was a member of the Mo family, but ever since Yolanda and Sophia entered the Mo family, she was inferior to a maid in status, and was often bullied by them. After going to college, Amelia finally didn't have to stay at home. Then she met Jasper, the prince like perfect man had rented a house for her and came to see her from time to time. Amelia had thought that her hard days would pay off, but it turned out that her effort in the past five years was all in vain.

"What are you doing here? I called you, but you didn't answer. " A cold voice suddenly came from her side.

In a moment of desperation, Amelia wiped her face with hands and wiped away the tears rolling down on her face. Then she shook her head and said with embarrassment, "Nothing."

With a frown, Lucian acted incredulous. He came closer to Amelia with cold eyes and asked weirdly, "Why are you crying?"

Even if she was in a hurry to wipe the tears, the traces of tears could not be wiped away. Her eyes were red. It was obvious that she had cried.

Amelia couldn't help but burst into tears when she thought of the past.

But in the eyes of Lucia

n, Amelia was just reluctant to leave Jasper.

For some reason, Lucian felt depressed.

He frowned and said coldly, "The wedding has been over. We should go back."

After that, he walked out of the hall first.

Amelia was in a daze for a few seconds and then followed him.

Her short legs were a disadvantage. Amelia ran all the way from the hall to catch up with Lucian, but she still missed. After she got on the car, she was out of breath. Lucian gave her a quick glance and reminded her to fasten the seat belt. Then he drove the luxurious Porsche into the traffic at full speed.

Both of them kept silent. It was a little awkward in the car. Thinking of the time when he saved her, Amelia was full of gratitude. But before she could say thank you to him, Lucian said.

"Go to the Zhan mansion with me tomorrow. My mother will definitely make things difficult for you. Don't say anything. I'll take care of the rest."

Amelia turned her head and looked at Lucian silently. She felt sad.

It's just a deal between them. He helped her today, so she went back to the mansion tomorrow, he said to her: "Go to the Zhan mansion with me tomorrow, and my mother will definitely find fault with you. Don't say anything, and I'll solve other things."

Amelia turned her head and looked at Lucian silently. She felt a little depressed.

It was just a business between them. He helped her today, but she had to make a show with Lucian when she went back to the Zhan mansion tomorrow.

"Okay." She agreed in a soft voice, obediently as a sheep.

As soon as the car arrived at the door of the SJ Garden, Amelia sitting in the car saw Darren, who was standing at the door and looking out, and beside him stood a sweet looking girl.

"Oh, Lucian, you finally come back! My feet are killing me!"

The moment they got off the car, a girl complained in a delicate voice.

The girl spoke in a clear voice. She was delicately made up. She was dressed in a white woolen coat and a pink skirt inside. Looking at the flesh colored stockings on her legs, Amelia's teeth trembled. 'It's so cold, isn't it?'?

"Shelly? When did you come here? " Lucian was surprised. Then he turned to Amelia and said, "This is Amelia, my wife."

Amelia was really impressed by the composure of Lucian. If she was lying, her whole face would have been red from ear to ear. But his tone was smooth and his movement was natural, which was not like that at all. He was really good at acting and he looked handsome. It was a bit of a waste for him not to be an actor.

Amelia smiled stiffly and greeted him politely. She was very uncomfortable.

If she was right, Shelly An was exactly the perfect daughter-in-law that her parents liked.

Amelia noticed that Shelly An was staring at her with angry eyes. Then she asked in disbelief, "Lucian, are you really married?"

She sounded disappointed and sad.

"Yes." Lucian nodded and put his arm around Amelia's shoulder. He smiled and said, "Shelly's father and my father are best friends. I have watched her grow up."

It turned out that they were childhood sweethearts.

Amelia didn't know what to say. She felt a little guilty though she smiled. Shelly An was looking at Lucian with deep affection from the beginning to the end. The way Shelly looked at Lucian was so charming that even Amelia felt a little pitiful.

"Lucian, why How could you forget the deal between the Zhans and us? " As she said, tears poured down from the corner of her eyes. Her crystal clear little face was instantly filled with tears. The softness in her voice triggered the pity in Amelia's heart again.

"Miss Shelly, actually I..."

"Amelia, Shelly and I haven't seen each other for a long time, and we have a lot to talk about. You're a good cook, so we want you to cook dinner for us." Lucian interrupted what Amelia was saying quickly, and then he grasped her slender wrist, with a warning in his cold eyes, "Dear, you don't have any objection, do you?"

Hearing this, Amelia was a little surprised. Then she looked at Shelly An, who was crying, and said, "of course No."

Lucian was being difficult to her. He seemed to ask for her opinion, but actually he was threatening her. If she didn't agree, it meant she was stupid. Moreover, in their agreement, they needed to show a look of affection between them in front of other people. She had to play her part even if she felt awkward.

"Shelly, let's go inside." Lucian's cold expression became warm, and even his cold tone became polite.

It seemed that Shelly An was comforted by Lucian's words. She held his arm and said proudly, "I know you like me the most!"

This scene fell into the eyes of Amelia, which was really shocking to her. One second ago, Shelly An was crying bitterly, and the next second, she was smiling happily. It was a sudden change in her mood.

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