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   Chapter 10 She Is The Bridesmaid

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"If you don't want to stay here, let's go back." Walking in front of Amelia, Lucian said calmly.

She didn't mean to refuse to help, but she just couldn't stand Yolanda's arrogance.

"Amelia?" Jasper walked in from the outside. Ignoring all the guests' gaze, he grabbed Amelia's hand and said, "May I have a word with you?"

All of a sudden, she was grabbed by Jasper. Before she could break free, she was pulled away.

"Mr. Jasper, do you think we should pay attention to our words and deeds in public?" At the same time, Lucian held the other hand of Amelia and said with his low and attractive voice.

Jasper looked a little embarrassed. He released Amelia's hand and bowed his head to apologize. "Sorry, Lucian. I was in a hurry and forgot my manners."

"If you are here to ask my wife to be your fiancée’s bridesmaid, you'd better save your energy. After all, I don't want my wife to be aggrieved." Lucian's words did sound like a man's responsibility to protect a woman, but to Amelia, they were full of irony.

‘How could their real feelings be so deep?'

Looking at the delicate face of Amelia, he begged, "Amelia, I know you hate me deep in your heart, but the wedding is coming, can you just forget your personal emotions and help your sister?"

It was the first time for Jasper to beg her. How ridiculous it was that he should beg her for another woman.

Amelia could not help feeling painful in her heart. She agreed after thinking for a while.

Seeing that Amelia nodded her head, Jasper was so thrilled that he grabbed Amelia's hands and said with gratitude, "Amelia, I knew you would promise me. You're always so considerate."

So many praises at the wrong time could only be regarded as regrets and sarcasm.

Amelia couldn't help but look in the direction of Lucian, only to find that he was indifferent to the bustle.

"Amelia, you don't have to care about my feelings. What's more, I said that I would do my best to cooperate with you." Suddenly, Lucian came over and whispered in Amelia's ear.

She pursed her lips and changed into a purple bridesmaid dress. Then, Lucian took her directly to the wedding.

Although it was a sunny day, Amelia was not in a good mood. Instead, she felt nervous.

"To be honest, you are more graceful than your elder sister. But are you in good shape?" There was a moment of hesitation in Lucian's voice. Then he continued, "I think that's one of the advantages that Yolanda has so she can steal your boyfriend."

She knew what Lucian meant by saying that. The implication was that Yolanda could be confident with her sexy figure.

"So you mean that you like someone like Yolanda?" Amelia hit back quickly and gave him a disdainful look.

"Oh, and her IQ is slightly better than yours!" Lucian made another unkind comment.

"Lucian, don't think that you can irritate me by saying that!" Amelia turned her face away and ignored Lucian's words.

When they arrived at the wedding, the wedding host just announced that the wedding was officially held.

The wedding site was decorated luxuriously with guests all over the place, which was completely different from the cold and cheerless atmosphere in the Mo mansion a moment ago.

In the beautiful wedding march, the bridegroom and the bride walked into the hall hand in hand. Amelia walked behind them carefully and cast a glance at Lucian sitting off the stage. She blushed unconsciously.

Because the bridesmaid's dress was a strapless short skirt, and she had fair skin on her chest. She had always worn conservative clothes, but it was the first time she had worn such revealing clothes. Therefore, when she saw Lucian, she couldn't help thinking of the night she was drunk and felt that she was seen by him.

"Excuse me, Mr. Jasper, if you are willing to marry Yolanda, no matter poverty and wealth, health and illness, will you love and respect her forever?"

After the priest declared the solemn vows of marriage, everyone's eyes were focused on the bride and groom. Only Lucian looked curiously at the bridesmaid. He didn't know why he cared about her reaction at this moment, but he could not help looking in her direction.

During her five years of dating with Jasper, Amelia had dreamed about her and Jasper's wedding for more than one time, and also imagined that he would promise her a lifetime happiness with his heartfelt wedding. But unexpectedly, Amelia, who should have become the bride, became his Bridesmaid at the wedding.

It was true that Amelia had witnessed Jasper’s happiness. However, her position had changed. Amelia’s heart, which had been supposed to be moved and happy, was now dismal and sorrowful.

The wedding ceremony ended successfully, and Amelia seemed to have made a dream. When it was over, she found her bare arms frozen. She rubbed them roughly and was about to go to the backstage to change her evening dress. However, her frozen hands were blocked by a strong hand just two steps away. She turned around in horror and found that it was Lucian who was holding her.

She then slowly loosened her wrinkled brown.

"I thought you had gone." She stood on her feet, while the other hand covered her chest with her hand and lowered her head with a little shyness.

Noticing the shyness on her face and the coldness of her arm, Lucian took off his well-tailored suit jacket immediately and put it on Amelia.

In a flash, the coldness all over her body was replaced by gradually warmth and she felt confused.

She had watched this many times in the soap opera. But at this time, she had a different feeling from her own experience.

She raised her head and whispered thanks, with a stiff smile in her panic eyes.

She usually didn't wear make-up, but the details of her dress and makeup had been put on this morning, which brought out her graceful temperament. When she smiled gently with her head down, Lucian felt his heart beating.

He stared at her for a long time. The cold outline of his face turned gentle, and the corners of his lips curved up.

"Oh, Lucian, Amelia. You're here. I've been looking for you." The shrill voice of Yolanda broke the silence between them.

In embarrassment, Lucian looked away. His gentle expression disappeared and became cold again.

Yolanda had changed the snow-white wedding dress into cheongsam. There was a peony pattern embroidered on the red cheongsam and a shawl on the shoulder. She looked beautiful with her curly hair.

"Yolanda, mother asked you to put on more clothes, but why didn't you listen to her?" At this time, Jasper came over, with Yolanda's coat in his hand. He frowned deeply.

Wearing an impatient look on her face, she said unhappily, "I thought I had a shawl on my shoulders? Besides, I am the protagonist today. How can I wear an old dress? "

Yolanda was used to being beautiful. She didn't go out without wearing make-up. In the winter, she wore thin silk stockings. Every week, she would do a hair style and occasionally smoke. Her biggest favorite habit was to go to the bar and gather with some friends.

Yolanda was pregnant now and had to be restricted in everything. Amelia wondered if Yolanda was used to it or not.

At the thought of this, Amelia pinched herself hard and scolded herself in her mind, 'Mind your own business.'.

"You are pregnant now. You can't be like before." Jasper begged in a low voice. His knitted brows were knitted tightly.

Her words enraged Yolanda. She glared at the man and asked, "You promised to marry me, because of the baby in my belly?"

With an aghast look, Jasper turned to look at Amelia and said in an apologetic tone, "Mr. Lucian, thank you for attending our wedding. I'm really sorry for the poor service. Please forgive me."

"Jasper, why did you change the topic? I'm asking you!" When she heard him call Amelia's name, Yolanda's eyes were momentarily covered with resentment. She pulled at his sleeve and demanded him unreasonably, "Tell Amelia today that you don't love her anymore!"

Amelia was confused by her crazy reaction. Didn't they just hold a wedding? Why did she still have some misgivings?

For Jasper, what depressed her most was the five-year waiting. Amelia had no nostalgia for Jasper at all.

As far as she knew, love should be mutual and should respect each other.

Jasper had forgotten their original intention of love. To him, being with Yolanda was not only a disappointment in love, but also a self-rescue.

Since her mother passed away, Amelia was less important than a servant in the Mo family. Sophia often put on a long face for being her stepmother. Yolanda, she bullied her in every way she could, until the appearance of Jasper who was very considerate to her, making her cold heart feel warm. So Amelia trusted him without reservation, thinking that he would be the closest person in the world except Vernon, but she did not expect them to become strangers later.

"Yolanda, stop it, okay?" With an embarrassed look on his face, Jasper begged in a low voice, "Yolanda, you're my wife now. Can you give me a little trust?"

Looking at Jasper, who was begging for mercy from Yolanda, she couldn't help but sneer at him.

"I trust you, but you have to personally say that you love me in front of your ex-girlfriend!" There was a complacent smile on Yolanda's face. She raised her chin slightly and looked at Amelia arrogantly. It seemed that she was declaring war against her.

"Honey, I love you."

A deep and soft voice came into Amelia's ears.

Amelia could feel that a stream of hot air was gushing from her ear, mixed with his breath. The limp and numb feeling extended to her neck, making her face blush and her heart race.

In the eyes of the two people at the opposite, there was no doubt that the love between them was extreme.

"Look at him, Jasper!" Yolanda glared at Jasper, who was in a daze, and then warned him in a cold voice, "Since you and Lucian love each other so much, I'll let you go. But I have to warn you, if I find that you still love Jasper, I'll definitely make you a laughing stock of the city!"

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