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   Chapter 9 The Incident At The Wedding

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The party was still going on at the Mo mansion. The crowd gathered and everyone enjoyed the beat of the drums. The wedding cars were decorated with bright red roses and dolls hugging each other on the front. Amelia felt quite uncomfortable at the sight of the red roses.

Soon, the main wedding car arrived and it pulled over in front of the Mo mansion. Jasper got off the car. He looked absolutely refreshed and joyous in his beige suit. He was laughing merrily. The word "groom" was written across his chest. Amelia stood behind the crowd and watched the man she had once loved accept congratulations for his marriage.

Amelia was quite a vision in her red coat, with her long curly hair, and made-up face. Needless to say, she stood out amongst the crowd.

As his eyes swept through the crowd, Jasper found Amelia standing in the distance. The smile on his face disappeared at once. He bowed apologetically to the people surrounding him before walking towards Amelia.

"Amelia, thank you for coming." Amelia was lost in her own thoughts, so she was frightened when she suddenly heard this voice.

'Ha ha. This is so funny. He's acting as if he needed me here to get married,' she thought snidely to herself.

Amelia smiled faintly despite the mixed feelings that were stirring up in her heart. She said politely, "I wish you happiness. I hope you have a good marriage."

A sheepish smile appeared on Jasper's face.

"Of course, Amelia, I'm going to have a good marriage with Jasper." Yolanda suddenly appeared in her white wedding dress.

With an embarrassed look on his face, Jasper was worried that Yolanda would make things difficult for Amelia. He hurriedly approached Yolanda and said, "Yolanda, the ceremony's at ten. I thought you wanted to fix your makeup. I'll come with you now."

Yolanda shook off Jasper's hand and warned Amelia with a ferocious look on her face. "Just because you're married to Lucian doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. I'm telling you that I'll come for you once I've found a place in the city with Jasper."

It was no secret that Yolanda was a fierce woman. She wouldn't hesitate to take what Amelia had especially if she knew that it was what Amelia had always wanted. At that time, Amelia thought this was all just a game for Yolanda. While she really didn't care, she just didn't expect Yolanda to fight this hard for her love.

The crowd was buzzing as they pointed and stared at Amelia.

"Yolanda, you're the bride, right? Shouldn't you be focusing on getting married?" Lucian suddenly said. Upon hearing his voice, people turned to look at Lucian instead.

"Oh my God! Isn't that the CEO of the Zhan Group? I didn't expect him to be so young and handsome!"

"They said he married the second daughter of the Mo family and they want to keep things in private. He admitted their relationship to the press, but they still want to be given their privacy. Can you imagine? What a lucky girl his wife is!"

"If I ever married someone as handsome as that, I would just die!"

The gossip continued.

Even if Lucian didn't really say anything, the crowd was going nuts over his mere presence. After this, Jasper's face darkened and Yolanda was visibly furious.

Yolanda had always been a jealous woman. She couldn't stand the idea that on her own wedding day, someone else was getting the attention! They were also focusing on Amelia's husband instead of Jasper!

She couldn't bear this anymore.

"Shut up, all of you!" she turned around and shouted at her bridesmaids.

Everything suddenly quieted down.

Yolanda had always been short-tempered. She often shouted at her servants for being stupid.

The four bridesmaids exchanged glances when Yolanda flared up. After looking at each in obvious discomfort, they said, "Yolanda, this is your wedding day. We want you to have a good time, but we just can't do this—not if you're like that. We just can't be your bridesmaids anymore."

With that, the four of them left hand in hand.

The atmosphere was thick with tension. Yolanda had always been a proud person. She stiffened when her four bridesmaids walked out on her. She threw herself into Jasper's arms and cried, "The wedding's off!"

"Yolanda, what's happening?" Sophia had just walked in from the outside and she had no idea what was happening. However, upon seeing her daughter in tears, she turned her eyes toward Amelia, immediately assuming that it had something to do with her. 'Amelia must have said something to upset Yolanda. Why else would she be crying on her wedding day?'

"Mom, you always told me that I'm so lucky to be marrying Jasper, but I don't have bridesmaids anymore. What do I do?" Yolanda whimpered, her hands wrapped around Jasper's waist.

Amelia was unfazed.

"Yolanda, don't cry. It's so annoying. Your father isn't feeling well, so all these wedding matters are handled by me alone. Why are you getting angry? Be a good girl and don't cry anymore," Sophia said impatiently. After a while, she turned her attention to Amelia and said with a smile, "Your bridesmaids just care about the money. Just let them go. Amelia is still here, right? Why don't you ask

her to be your bridesmaid?"

"Mom, are you seriously telling me to ask Amelia to be my bridesmaid?" Yolanda seemed surprised. She reluctantly answered, her eyes filled with spite, "Even though she has married to Lucian, I know exactly how she feels about Jasper and I don't want her to be my bridesmaid!"

Even if Yolanda had asked Amelia, Amelia wouldn't even agree.

"Yolanda, I don't think it's appropriate for you to say that in front of me." Lucian pulled Amelia towards his body and spoke on her behalf. "I can forgive you for how you have treated her in the past but she's my wife now. You better watch your mouth!"

Yolanda's face turned white as a sheet when she heard this. She pursed her lips and tightened her grip on Jasper's arm, feeling aggrieved. She was too angry now and she couldn't lose face.

Amelia knew that Lucian only did that so they would look convincing as a couple to the crowd. But she was still nonetheless moved. She smiled faintly as she looked at Lucian, giving him a look of gratitude. In response, Lucian's heartbeat quickened. He was quickly able to recover and returned to his usual indifferent self.

Jasper noticed this and he felt a twinge pain shoot in his heart. If he was being honest with himself, he would have broken up with Yolanda a long time ago. Amelia was quiet and sensible while Yolanda was always making a scene and being unreasonable. They were the exact opposites. Regret soon filled his heart.

However, in order to get the property of the Mo family, he had no choice but to marry Yolanda.

"Lucian, Yolanda and Amelia have always fought ever since they were little, so don't take them too seriously. It's almost time for the ceremony. Just let Amelia be her bridesmaid." Sophia was good at gauging people. She also knew Lucian was a powerful man and with his background, one couldn't afford to offend him. She tried to show him respect even if she felt that her daughter was wronged.

"Mrs. Sophia, if you want Amelia to help, you have to ask her yourself. I'm not in the position to make decisions on her behalf." With a faint smile on his face, Lucian looked at Amelia, his eyes full of tenderness and affection.

When Amelia met with Lucian's eyes, she felt some comfort take over her restless heart.

She just wanted to stay out of this whole thing, but she couldn't. It was up to her to decide now. She glanced at the angry and indignant Yolanda, still uncertain what to do next. She looked at Lucian, hoping he would decide for her.

Noticing the confusion in her eyes, he said, "As a member of the Mo family, she will agree to help even though she doesn't want to."

Lucian was right. Amelia really didn't what to help, but she knew that she should. She was Yolanda's sister after all. She needed to be there for Yolanda mostly to save herself from the snide comments their friends and relatives might say. Even though Yolanda wasn't her biological sister, she knew she needed to do this.

"Amelia, I know we've had a rocky relationship before, but from now on, I'll treat you as if you were my own daughter. Thank you for helping Yolanda," Sophia said sweetly. Her red embroidered dress really made her stand out.

The look on Amelia's face darkened. She wasn't pleased to hear these words coming from Sophia's mouth because she knew that they were just lies.

Sophia used to mock her just so her daughter would have the spotlight and be able to enjoy the privileges of being in the Mo family. She had even tried to sabotage Amelia's relationship with Vernon. What still hurt Amelia to this very day was the death of her mother, Iris Liu.

Iris had committed suicide by taking poison, but of course, Sophia was still very much involved in it.

"Amelia, I know I was wrong to steal Jasper away from you. But you're happy now with Lucian. So we can bury the hatchet already. I know you want to help me unless you're still in love with Jasper!" Yolanda said disdainfully as she pulled away from Jasper.

Naturally, Amelia was irritated. She knew her place. She was Amelia Mo, Vernon's biological daughter. She would always have a place in the Mo family. No matter what, she would always have a special place in Vernon's heart. Amelia couldn't bear Yolanda who behaved so arrogantly while asking for help. So she decided to fight back.

"Yolanda, would it kill you to say 'please' and 'thank you' even just for today? I thought your image and reputation were most important to you. Hmm, I wonder why your best friends left you. So are you going to ask me for help now?" Amelia fearlessly said, raising her chin and staring at Yolanda straight in the eyes.

Yolanda froze in place. She had not expected Amelia to snap at her like this.

Sophia was so embarrassed that she had to leave and go upstairs to talk to Vernon.

"Amelia, I'm not begging you today. If you don't want to be my bridesmaid, I won't force you. I will have a grand wedding ceremony anyway!" Yolanda was seething. She turned her head and shouted at Jasper, who had stayed quiet all this time, "Jasper, let's go!"

Amelia felt a gust of wind sweep across her face as the crowd started buzzing around them again.

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