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   Chapter 9 The Last Marriage

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At the door of the Mo mansion, the drumbeats continued. The scene was cold, but it was overcrowded with people all at once. Bright red roses were flying on the extended car and the Muppet hugging each other in front of it was extremely eye-catching. The red roses made Amelia feel quite uncomfortable.

The main wedding car stopped in front of the Mo family. Jasper, in a beige suit, got off the car. He was refreshed and laughed constantly. The word "bridegroom" on his chest was so conspicuous. Standing in silence behind the crowd, Amelia watched the man, whom she once loved deeply, accept the congratulations of others.

Amelia was in a red coat, long curly hair and with light make-up, eye-catching in the crowd.

As his eyes swept through the crowd, Jasper found that Amelia standing in the distance, and the smile on his face disappeared at once. He bowed to the others with an apologetic gesture, and then walked towards Amelia.

"Amelia, thank you for coming." Amelia was lost in thought when she was frightened by the sudden voice and trembled.

Ha ha. It's funny. It seems that if I don't come, he won't get married. '.

With a faint smile on her face, Amelia had mixed feelings in her heart, but she still said politely, "Wish you happiness. I hope this will be your last marriage."

A sheepish smile appeared on Jasper's face.

"Of course this is the last time I get married, Amelia." Wearing a white wedding dress, Yolanda walked out of her room and heard the cliché from Amelia.

With an embarrassed look on his face, Jasper was worried that Yolanda would make things difficult for her. In a hurry, he walked up to her and interrupted, "Yolanda, the wedding ceremony will be held at ten o'clock. Haven't you said that you wanted to fix your makeup? I'll take you there now. "

Yolanda shook off Jasper's hand and warned him with a ferocious look, "Don't think that you have a backer just because you married to Lucian. I'm telling you, when I won a place in a city with Jasper, I'll still trample you under my foot!"

She knew that Yolanda had always been a strong woman. If Amelia got what she wanted, she would definitely take it away. At that time, Amelia thought it was just a candy, a toy for her. Although she didn't care about that, Amelia didn't expect that she would fight for her love.

"Miss Yolanda, as the bride, shouldn't you marry happily?"

Just as Amelia became the center of attention, people around looked at her and discussed with each other.

"Oh my God! He is the CEO of the Zhan Group. I didn't expect him to be so young and handsome!"

"It is said that he has married the second daughter of the Mo family and doesn't want to be noticed by the public, but he has to admit his love in front of the media in a low-key way. How happy it is for a woman!"

"If I have such a handsome man by my side, I don't need to eat anything every day!"


Even if Lucian didn't say anything, the crowd couldn't conceal his existence. After this appreciation, Jasper's face became darker, and especially Yolanda's face was full of anger.

Yolanda had always been jealous. On her wedding day, she couldn't bear that others praised other men than Jasper, and the one who was praised was Amelia's husband.

She couldn't bear this anymore.

"Shut up, all of you!" She turned around and shouted at her bridesmaids.

The noisy surroundings suddenly quieted down.

She was used to the strong side of Yolanda. She even blamed her servants for being stupid.

Obviously, the four bridesmaids changed their expressions abruptly after Yolanda flared up. They exchanged glances with each other, and then refused, "Yolanda, it's your wedding today. We wanted to give you a good time, but we are not in the mood at all. We really don't have the luck to accept such a job as beautiful bridesmaid."

Then the four bridesmaids left the venue hand in hand.

The scene then fell into embarrassment. Yolanda always valued her dignity most. Seeing her friends leave angrily, her face turned stiff. She threw herself into the arms of Jasper all of a sudden and shouted desperately, "How can I get married like this !"

"What's up, Yolanda?" Sophia walked in from the outside, not knowing what had happened, but seeing her daughter crying sadly in the arms of Jasper, she turned his cruel eyes to Amelia, thinking that Amelia had said something that irritated her beloved daughter.

"Mom, you always say that it's my honor to marry Jasper, but now since I don't have a bridesmaid, how can I marry him?" Yolanda whimpered, her hands holding closely to Jasper's waist.

Her crying and shouting didn't affect Amelia at all.

"Yolanda, don't cry. It's so annoying. Your father is not in good health these two days, so I'm responsible for the wedding matters alone. And now you're angry with me, so I have to blame you!" Sophia was a little impatient because of Yolanda's crying. After criticized for a while, she specially took a look at Amelia, who had been keeping quiet, and said with a smile, "The bridesmaids are thinking about having the big red envelope as a reward. Let them go. Amelia is still here, right? Why don't you ask Amelia to be your bridesmaid? "

"Mom, do you want Amelia to be my Bridesmaid?" With

a surprised look, Yolanda reluctantly answered back, her eyes full of dislike and vigilance, "Although she has married with Lucian, I know exactly that she likes Jasper. I don't want her to be my Bridesmaid!"

Even Yolanda was reluctant to do so; this didn't mean Amelia would be willing to accept it.

"Yolanda, I don't think it is appropriate for you to say that in front of me." Lucian took the stunned Amelia into his arms and spoke for her, "I can forgive you no matter how you treated Amelia before. But now, she is my wife. You should weigh the pros and cons before you speak!"

After hearing what Lucian had said, her face turned pale and she pursed her lips, feeling aggrieved. With her hands tightly holding Jasper's arm, she was too angry to lose her temper.

Amelia knew that Lucian helped her to make a look of an affectionate couple in front of other people, but she was still moved. She looked at Lucian gratefully with a faint smile on her lips. The quiet beauty at that moment made a little bit of rhythm on Lucian's heart. But soon, he restrained himself and became as indifferent as usual.

Such a quiet tacit understanding made Jasper painful. If he hadn't been tempted by Yolanda, he wouldn't have broken up with her. One was a quiet and sensible ex-girlfriend, and the other was an unreasonable current girlfriend. There was such a huge difference between them. In Fhis heart, what he felt was regret and distress.

However, in order to get the property of the Mo family, he had no choice but to swallow the insult.

"Yolanda and Amelia have argued with each other ever since they were little girls, so don't take her words seriously. It's almost the time for her wedding. Just let Amelia be her bridesmaid." Sophia was good at gauging people's mind and knowing the background of Lucian. She knew that Lucian was a powerful man who couldn't be offended, so she respected him even if her daughter was wronged.

"Mrs. Sophia, if you want Amelia to help, of course you have to ask for the opinion of her. I won't make a decision for her." With a faint smile on his face, Lucian looked at Amelia with his charming eyes full of tenderness.

Amelia met with Lucian's eyes, and some comfort came to her restless heart.

She had planned to stay out of the affair, but now she became the focus of the problem. She glanced at the angry and indignant Yolanda, but didn't know what to do next. She looked at Lucian, hoping that he could make a decision for her.

Noticing the confusion in her eyes, he said, "As a member of the Mo family, she will agree to help even though she doesn't want to."

Lucian was right. At the beginning, Amelia was not willing to do so, but later, she thought that what he said was not totally wrong. Nominally, she was Yolanda's sister. If her sister didn't have a bridesmaid, her relatives and friends would blame her for being ignorant and, most importantly, they would definitely blame Vernon for this. After all, Yolanda was not Vernon's biological daughter.

"Amelia, I know that I've been too strict with you in the past, but from now on, I'll treat you as my own daughter. This time, please help Yolanda. Okay?" Sophia, who was in a red embroidered dress, spoke again. Her tone was not as arrogant as usual, but with pleading and flattering.

Amelia darkened her face. She was not delighted because of these compliments, but felt that Sophia was a hypocritical one.

In order to let Yolanda enjoy all the privileges in the Mo family, Sophia often mocked Amelia with words in the past few years. Sophia also provoked Amelia’s father daughter relationship with Vernon in front of him. The only thing that bothered Amelia was the death of her mother, Iris.

Although Iris committed suicide by taking poison, her death was connected with Sophia.

"Amelia, I know it's my fault to steal Jasper from you. But now you have already got a long-term meal ticket Lucian, so you don't have to go against me. You will be willing to do it, unless you don't love Lucian and still remember Jasper!" Yolanda pulled herself out of the arms of Jasper and stared at her disdainfully.

Yolanda's indifferent tone irritated Amelia. No matter how humble she was, she still had a place in the Mo mansion. At least, she was Amelia Mo, Vernon's biological daughter. Even though Vernon listened to Sophia, he would never have a grudge against his biological daughter. However, no matter how much Amelia concession, Sophia would only take an advantage over his daughter.

"Yolanda, will you die if you grovel? Aren't you always trying to impress people? But why did your best friends leave? Are you asking me to help? " Amelia raised her chin and stared straight at her, fearless.

Yolanda froze in place. She didn't expect the woman who had been always bullied by her to snap back at her with questioning tone.

Sophia was embarrassed, so she had to go upstairs to inform Vernon.

"Amelia, I'm not begging you today. If you don't want to be my bridesmaid, I won't force you." Yolanda was so angry that her eyes were wide open. She turned her head and shouted at Jasper, who had been quiet, "Jasper, let's go!"

Then, Amelia felt a gust of wind swept across her face, and then, she heard all kinds of discussions.

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