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   Chapter 8 The Couple Returned Home

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"The Zhan Group is involved in the construction industry. Today, I went to the basic level unit and worked there. I learned a lot from that experience. I realized I should support those grass-root employees first and foremost," Lucian said as he leaned against the sofa.

He looked especially handsome with his face being lit under the crystal lamp. Amelia gazed at his face, feeling a vague sense of comfort as the thick silence enveloped them.

"Are you hungry? I'm going to cook." Amelia was surprised when she heard herself say this.

Lucian, who had just closed his eyes, opened his eyes and asked in disbelief, "You can cook?"

"A bit. Of course, rich people like you don't really care for the home-cooked meals that I know how to make. That's OK. I cook for myself," Amelia hurriedly explained.

She was easy to be softhearted and couldn't bear seeing someone exhausted in front of her. It was her instinct to take care of others.

Lucian raised the corners of his mouth, not saying a word. He couldn't stop himself from smiling.

After Amelia familiarized herself with the kitchen, she finally grabbed all the ingredients she needed and started preparing.

Lucian was still in the living room. When he smelled the food Amelia was cooking, he felt as if his exhaustion had disappeared. He stared at the clock, lost in thought. He felt like he was in a time loop—like it was five years ago and he would stand by the kitchen door, hands in his arms, watching someone else flit across the kitchen, cooking.

Amelia could feel someone's eyes on her back. Turning her head, she was surprised to find Lucian standing there. She flashed him an awkward smile and said, "You can go back to the living room and watch TV first. Dinner will be ready soon."

Being stared at like that made her uneasy.

"What? You don't like me watching you cook? Do you get distracted by my handsomeness?" Lucian teased, letting out a chuckle.

Amelia frowned. While she certainly didn't like what he said, she kept her mouth shut. After all, she needed his help tomorrow.

After Amelia served all the hot, steaming food she had cooked, Lucian was taken aback. He had no idea that Amelia knew how to cook! Even so, he still said to her, "Well, I wonder if this is edible."

Amelia didn't know what to say, so she just proceeded eating.

In the end, Lucian was enticed and sat across Amelia.

He popped a piece of chicken in his mouth and started chewing hesitantly. Soon, the wrinkles in his eyebrows had ironed out. 'She's a good cook!' he thought inwardly.

"Lucian, if you don't like it, you can ask your assistant to order some takeout for you," Amelia snorted without looking up.

Lucian snorted as he looked at Amelia who seemed to be enjoying her food. He said bluntly, "Well, it's not so bad. But since you're my wife, I guess I'll just have to make do with it."

What a ridiculous excuse!

Amelia looked up and glared at Lucian. She wanted to pack up all the food she had cooked since he didn't like it anyway. But when she recalled that she had to ask him to come with her to the Mo mansion tomorrow, she restrained herself. She flashed him a grin and said, "I'm sorry, Lucian."

Even though she was smiling, her tone implied otherwise.

After dinner, Lucian seemed to read what was on Amelia's mind. Smiling knowingly, he commented, "I thought you didn't want to go back. Why did you change your mind?"

Amelia's hand was shaking while she was washing the dishes. If the sink wasn't filled to the brim with water, she might have broken a plate or two.

How could this man, who had known her for less than a week, figure out what she was thinking? It was either Amelia was just that easy to read or he was just smart.

When everything was ready, Amelia came out of the kitchen. Lucian was wearing a casual outfit and it looked like he had just gotten out of the shower. His thick chest was visible under the thin, cotton clothing.

"I just called and asked. The wedding will be held at ten o'clock in the morning. Your father told us to go earlier." Lucian looked charming and handsome even when he was just standing there, holding a cup of coffee. If only he didn't look so indifferent, he would be a ray of sunshine.

Amelia's eyes were gleaming as she nodded in response.

She was feeling annoyed at Lucian for being one step ahead of her and planning this visit more thoroughly than her. Still, there was a small part of her that was moved by this gesture.

He was quick to notice the sadness in her eyes. "If you can't hold it together, just think of the future. This is for the better."

Amelia didn't understand what he meant at first. But when she did, she smiled in relief.

It seemed that he wasn't always as cold and indifferent after all. He knew how to comfort people.

The following morning, Amelia was woken up by a string of rapid knocks on her door. She hurriedly put on her clothes so she could open the door.

She had assumed it was Lucian telling her to get up. However, when she opened the door, she was surprised to find a group of girls. After giving

her a polite salute, they said, "Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian asked us to help you dress up for today."

Dress up? Amelia took a step back in embarrassment and immediately refused.

The little girl in the front replied with embarrassment, "Mrs. Amelia, this is an order. We have to obey. Please do us a favor and just cooperate."

Amelia had no choice but to agree reluctantly.

She didn't expect that Lucian could be so considerate. He had not only picked out a dress for her but had also hired people to do her make-up. As she sat in front of the mirror, gazing at her made-up face, she couldn't help but think that she did look quite radiant.

Half an hour later, her makeup was done.

When Amelia finally stepped out of her room, she saw Lucian who was wearing a nice and sharp grey suit. He looked absolutely handsome, his eyes slight narrowed and his nose slightly turned up. His lips were curled in a way that showed he was in a good mood.

Amelia knew that if she showed up at the wedding with Lucian, he would definitely attract all of the attention. He was that handsome.

"30% on the appearance and 70% on the make-up. I think you'll pass as my wife," Lucian said and smirked proudly.

Amelia blushed. She lowered her head bashfully, which made Lucian's heart pound.

Ten minutes later, the car drove out of the SJ Garden. Amelia remained silent. The frustration on her face was obvious.

"What? You're still not over it?" He knew he had to mention it.

Amelia was a little upset. She turned her head aside and ignored him deliberately.

It was still early, so Lucian drove to the Mo mansion first.

The Mo family lived in a small duplex apartment. The gated front yard was littered with all kinds of plants and flowers—a hobby that Vernon had developed. This had brought some sense of peace to that otherwise restless family.

There were a lot of people mingling by the door. A few bridesmaids were playing tricks with the groomsmen.

Amelia and Lucian stood side by side and watched them in silence. She was startled when Lucian put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him in astonishment.

"Let's go. I'll go with you." Lucian sounded casual, but every word seemed to weigh in Amelia's mind.

"Yo, Amelia. I thought you wouldn't come back. Looks like you came to at least show some respect for Yolanda." The voice belonged to none other than Sophia, her stepmother. She had always been snide with Amelia and often took whatever chance she could to ridicule her.

Amelia stopped in her tracks and raised her head. Sophia was wearing a bright cheongsam and had on delicate makeup. Her black curly hair made her look extra charming.

Amelia was used to Sophia already, so she flew past her, ignoring her as she attempted to head upstairs.

"This must be the young and promising man from the Zhan Group, right?" Sophia's tone was different now—she sounded excited.

Amelia stopped, turned back and held Lucian's hand. "You said you wanted to see my father, didn't you? I'll take you upstairs."

Lucian didn't resist. When they were already upstairs, Amelia seemed exhilarated.

"Are you that afraid of your stepmother?" Lucian asked in puzzlement when he noticed that there was a slight flush on her pale skin.

How did Lucian know that Sophia was her stepmother?

"Don't be so surprised. As long as you have money, it's easy to figure out some things," Lucian added upon seeing the look on Amelia's face.

Glancing at Lucian's handsome face, Amelia curled her lips and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A man's deep voice came from the door, accompanied by a few coughs.

"There's a study next door. You can check it out if you want." She had no intentions of bringing Lucian in.

It seemed that Lucian didn't hear Amelia as he quickly opened the door and greeted, "Dad, we're here to visit you."

He was so good at this whole acting thing. Even though she was already improving, she couldn't act as calmly and nonchalantly as he was.

"Lucian, I'm not only happy but also honored to have you here!" Vernon said with a smile as he joyfully glanced at them. "Amelia, I'm so happy for you. This is your destiny. You're so lucky to have met someone like Lucian. You have no idea how relieved I am. Now I know that you'll be taken good care of."

The corners of Amelia's lips lifted slightly. The irony was not lost on her. She had a lot of bitterness in her heart from how her relationship with Jasper had turned out. She still didn't know what to make of how things were turning out now.

"Amelia, would you mind giving us some privacy? I have something I'd like to discuss with Lucian," Vernon said, his voice hoarse.

Amelia hesitated for a moment and looked at Lucian. She didn't know if she should go out since their marriage was just a fake one after all. She was worried that her father might make some unreasonable requests and she didn't want to put Lucian in that uncomfortable situation.

"Go on. You can leave," Lucian said softly, his voice full of tenderness.

Amelia was a little confused, but she withdrew her gaze and just nodded.

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