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   Chapter 8 A Couple Returned Home

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"The Zhan Group is engaged in the construction industry. Today I went to the basic level unit and worked there. After I went there, I learned a lot and it's a boost to those grass-roots employees. Leaning against the sofa, Lucian said sentimentally.

Under the crystal lamp, the man's figure was especially handsome. Amelia quietly looked at him, which gave her an indescribable sense of comfort in the quiet atmosphere.

"Are you hungry? I'm going to cook." This was the first time that Amelia said this.

Lucian, who had just closed his eyes, opened his eyes and asked in disbelief, "You can cook?"

"I can cook some home cooking dishes. Of course, rich people like you certainly don't like home cooking. But it doesn't matter. I cook for myself." Amelia answered in a little panic.

She was easy to be softhearted. She did not want others to look exhausted in front of her. She always wanted to do something.

Lucian raised the corners of his mouth without saying anything. But he couldn't help smiling.

After Amelia checked around the kitchen and got familiar with the house, she took food out of the refrigerator and started to prepare for cooking.

Lucian was sitting in the living room, but when he smelled the scent of the dishes from the kitchen, his tiredness suddenly disappeared. He stared at the clock and lost in thought. It felt like five years ago. At this time, a busy figure also appeared in the kitchen. And he habitually stood at the door of the kitchen, with his hands in his arms, and watched quietly.

Amelia seemed to feel the gaze. She turned her head and looked at Lucian with a cold sight. She smiled awkwardly and said, "You go to the living room to watch TV first. The dinner will be ready soon."

Being stared at like that made her uneasy.

"What? Is it because of my irresistible handsomeness that makes you absent-minded?" Lucian laughed as if he was the thick skinned person.

Amelia frowned. Although he didn't like the arrogant look of Lucian, she didn't fight back sharply. Moreover, she needed his cooperation tomorrow.

After several hot dishes were served on the table, Lucian was shocked. He didn't expect that Amelia was so good at cooking. Even so, he still talked to her ungenerously, "I still think so. I wonder whether I can eat them or not."

Amelia ignored him and started to eat with appetite.

In the end, Lucian was tempted and sat down opposite to Amelia.

With a piece of chicken into his mouth, he chewed it slowly and then loosened his forceful eyebrows. He couldn't help admiring her cooking skills.

"Lucian, if you don't like it, you can ask your assistant to deliver you some take out," Amelia snorted without looking up.

With a snort, Lucian looked at Amelia, who was enjoying the food with her head down, and said bluntly: "Your cooking is indeed not so good, but for the sake that you are my wife, I will make do with it."

What a ridiculous excuse!

Amelia looked up and gave bluntly Lucian a stare. She wanted to take all the dishes to her table, but when she thought that she had to go back to the Mo mansion tomorrow, she restrained her anger and smiled. "I'm sorry, Lucian."

Although it was a smile, her tone was not polite.

After dinner, Lucian seemed to see through what was on Amelia's mind. He smiled knowingly and said, "Didn't you say that you wouldn't go back? Why did you change your mind again? "

Amelia's hand was shaking when she was washing the dishes. If the sink was not full of water, the dishes that fell from her hand would definitely fall to pieces.

How could this man, who had known her for less than a week, guess her mind? Maybe it was because Amelia was not good at camouflage, or maybe he was too smart.

When everything was ready, Amelia came out of the kitchen. Wearing some casual clothes, Lucian seemed to have just taken a shower. His thick chest was visible under the thin cotton clothes.

"I just called and asked. The wedding will be held at ten o'clock in the morning. Your father told us to go earlier." Lucian, with a cup of coffee in his hand, looked charming and handsome in his slow movements. If his expression was not so cold, he must be a touch of warm sunshine in winter.

A touch of warmth could be seen in her eyes, and she nodded.

She was still worried about how to speak to Lucian. She had not expected that he would ask everything more thoroughly. She was more or less moved.

Noticing the sad look on her face, he couldn't bear to comfort her. "If you and Jasper can't be together, look ahead to future. It's for the better."

Amelia was confused at first, and then smiled with relief.

It seemed that this iceberg was not completely unrelenting, at least he knew to comfort people.

The next morning, Amelia was woken up by a string of rapid knocks at the door. She put on her clothes in a hurry and answered yes.

She thought it was Lucian who was urging her to get up, but when she opened the door, she found that there were several beautiful girls. After making a polite salute, they said with great respect: "Young madam, Lucian asked us to help you dress up."


ress up? Amelia took a step back with embarrassment and refused immediately.

The little girl in the front replied with embarrassment, "Mrs. Amelia, this is an order. We have to obey. Please do us a favor and cooperate."

Amelia agreed reluctantly.

She didn't expect that Lucian was so considerate. He had not only well matched the dress for her, but also had people help her put on makeup. When sitting in front of the mirror, she saw herself in makeup and looked quite radiant.

Half an hour later, her makeup was done.

At this moment, Amelia came out of her room and saw Lucian, who was in a well-cut grey suit. He had a perfect face, with his long narrow eyes slightly narrowed. Under his high nose were two thin lips which were as bright as two lines. From the curling of his lips, it could be seen that he was in a good mood at the moment.

Amelia had come up with a sly idea in her mind that if Lucian attended the wedding, he would definitely attract all the attention.

"30% on her appearance and 70% on her make-up. I think my wife is capable enough." There was a smirk on the corner of Lucian's mouth, as if he was flaunting an object.

Amelia blushed. She lowered her head without saying anything, which made Lucian's heart pound.

Ten minutes later, the car drove out of the SJ Garden. Amelia remained silent. The frustration on her face was obvious.

"What? You don't want to give up?" He couldn't bear to mention it.

Amelia was a little upset. She turned her head aside and ignored his words deliberately.

It was still early, so Lucian drove to the Mo mansion.

The Mo family lived on a small duplex apartment. In front of the gate, there were all kinds of flowers and plants, which were planted by Vernon. His leisurely and carefree manner brought a hint of peace to this restless family.

Young people gathered at the door. A few girls in bridesmaids were playing tricks on the bridegroom as they carefully hide the bridesmaids' shoes.

Amelia and Lucian stood side by side and watched them in silence. Not until a hand put on her shoulder did she looked into Lucian's deep eyes with astonishment.

"Let's go. I'll go with you." Lucian's tone was light, but every word seemed to be heavy, which made Amelia not at a loss.

"Yo, Amelia. I thought you wouldn't come back. But it turns out you show some respect to Yolanda." Just two steps away, a voice full of ridicule came from the audience, the stepmother Sophia.

She stopped her footsteps and raised her head. Sophia was wearing a jubilant cheongsam and had a delicate makeup. Her black curly hair made her look charming.

Amelia had been used to the mockery of Sophia, so she ignored it and passed her, preparing to go upstairs.

"This must be the young and promising man of the Zhan Group, right?" There was joy in the voice of Sophia, which was different from the tone before.

Amelia stopped and turned back, holding Lucian's hand, and said, "You said you wanted to see my father, didn't you? I'll take you upstairs. "

Lucian didn't resist. After he was taken upstairs, Amelia seemed thrilled and snorted.

"Are you so afraid of your stepmother?" Noticing that there was a slight flush on her pale skin, Lucian asked in puzzlement.

She couldn't believe that Lucian knew that Sophia was the stepmother?

"Don't be so surprised. You will understand everything as long as you spend some money on it." Lucian has completely eliminated the doubts of Amelia.

Glancing at Lucian's handsome face, Amelia curled her lips and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A man's deep voice came from the door, accompanied by a few coughs.

"It's the study next door. You can check it if you are bored." She had no intention of bringing Lucian in.

It seemed that Lucian didn't hear what Amelia said. He opened the door quickly and greeted with respect, "Dad, we've come here to visit you."

He was so good at calling him "Dad". Even though Amelia was just acting, she couldn't act so calmly like Lucian.

"Lucian, I'm not only happy, but also honored to have you here!" With joy on his face, Vernon glanced at the silent Amelia and praised her with a smile, "Amelia, it's your destiny. You're destined to meet a man as excellent as Lucian. I'm relieved that Lucian can take care of you."

The corners of Amelia's lips lifted slightly. The irony in her was from her inside. Although she had a lot of bitterness in her heart, she had chosen to be in a relationship with Jasper at the beginning. Now things turned to be like this, and she seemed to have nothing to say.

"Amelia, you go out first. I have something to discuss with Lucian." Vernon ordered in a hoarse voice after keeping silent for a while.

Amelia hesitated for a moment and looked at Lucian. She didn't know if she should go out or stay. After all, they were married by agreement. She was worried that her father would make some unreasonable requests. By that time, Lucian would be embarrassed in front of her father.

"You may leave now." Lucian said softly, his voice full of tenderness.

Amelia was a little confused. She withdrew her sight and nodded.

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