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   Chapter 7 Became Famous

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Amelia thought that she would get poor sleep in a strange environment, but to her surprise, she slept well and woke up naturally.

It was Monday that Amelia prepared to freshen up and go to work. As soon as she went downstairs, her phone rang. It was a message from her good friend, Courtney. Courtney said that she was worried that she hadn't been in the bar that night. Amelia quickly texted back. Then she raised her head and stared at the man standing opposite her.

Amelia was a little stunned and her face flushed out of embarrassment. She saw that Lucian was wearing well-cut suit and well behaved, with one hand holding his briefcase and the other hand placing casually in the trouser pocket. He was handsome with regular facial features and light hair.

"I have resigned you from your previous job. From now on, you must work in the Zhan Group with me." After he said indifferently, Lucian glanced at Amelia who was dressed simply and said, "Your working clothes are in the wardrobe."

With her eyes wide open, Amelia looked at Lucian who was much taller than her in disbelief. "What did you just say?"

Last night, Lucian promised that he wouldn't do anything to her, but he immediately resigned her job without asking for her permission

"You should figure out how many times the salary the Zhan Group offers you." Lucian put on his tie and answered casually.

Amelia was not a person who would only see money. It was true that she was offered with a low salary, but it didn't mean that she would leave in a sudden.

Amelia clenched her fists. She was so angry that she could not even say a word but just let the air penetrated her body and tremble violently.

After taking a look at all this, Lucian didn't mean to comfort Amelia, instead, he just added fuel to the flames. "Your family must be busy now. Your father called you this morning to ask you to go back for help, but I declined for you. After all, it's your ex-boyfriend's wedding. You will feel sad when you see it."

"What do you mean?" 'Will the wedding be held tomorrow?

Although she had accepted the fact, she still felt painful at the thought of Jasper and the five years she had spent with him.

Lucian raised his eyebrows and gave a meaningful smile. Then he looked at Amelia and comforted, "If you are willing to attend their wedding ceremony, I will cooperate with you."

As soon as Amelia gave a sideways glance, Lucien's face came into view. She couldn't help sighing inwardly. Indeed, Lucian was unparalleled handsome, and his family background was unparalleled too. If Amelia took Lucian to the wedding, Jasper would be humiliated, but it didn't mean anything. Her lost love could not be returned. What's more, she didn't want to be entangled by the past, because of Jasper's behavior. What Jasper had done left no reason for her to miss every detail that had happened in the past five years.

"No, thanks." With her face darkened, Amelia said in a cold tone. Then, she looked at Lucian and warned him with anger, "We're just nominal couple. Please don't interfere with my work and life!"

After looking at the angry face of Amelia, with his dark eyes, Lucian smiled and said, "Since you don't want to work in the Zhan Group, you can find another job in the city."

"Lucian, what's wrong with you?" Amelia cursed him without thinking.

The place she worked for was indeed a small company, but the working atmosphere was good, and the colleagues were getting on well with each other. It was because of the connections with Jasper that she found the job. At the thought of this, Amelia felt a sharp pain in her heart. She frowned and was in a mess thinking.

"Amelia, as far as I know, Jasper is a shareholder of that company. You are treated specially in the company because you are his girlfriend. But this is different now. Don't be naive to think that they will treat you in a friendly way." Lucian pointed out that directly, with a cold expression on his face.

Amelia stared at Lucian, and was surprised that Lucian knew her so well. They just knew each other for a few days. Luckily, he had reminded her of that. Though she was reluctant to leave that company a moment ago, now she didn't care about it anymore.

"Lucian, I don't believe you are so kind." Amelia snorted at Lucian.

"I am not that kind-hearted. I just don't want to have a troublesome life after marriage." Lucian spoke in a gentle tone, "Now that the matter has come to an end, please step into the play."

After Lucian left, Amelia stood there in a daze for a while. She didn't come to her senses until her mobile phone rang again in her pocket.

"Hello, Courtney!"

"Great! Marriage is a big deal, but you didn't tell me it was you who told me I would be your only Bridesmaid!"

"No. No, how do you know? " Amelia hadn't had time to tell Courtney, but she didn't expect that Courtney knew it first. Could it be Jasper? 'That's impossible. He will never let her know this, ' she thought.

"Don't play dumb with me. You are now on the headline of the news. You are the most famous person in the city now. Your influe

nce in the street is not inferior to that of those popular stars!" Courtney said in a cold tone in anger.

'Hit the headline?'? Amelia was completely confused.

"But you have good taste, I will forgive you this time!" Courtney changed the subject and became polite. She said happily, "in a light voice, Lucian is not only handsome, but also a big shot in the city. Moreover, the well-known Zhan Group has over 100 million assets. You, the ordinary Cinderella, have become such an eyesore. It's really surprising. If Lucian did not admit it personally, I would never believe it!"

By himself? Courtney sounded happier than she won the prize of five million.

"It is only a nominal marriage. There is no love between us! " Amelia explained agitatedly . She thought that at least Courtney could understand.

"Amelia, the man you married is the prince charming to marry for most upper class girls in the city. You are the only one who is absent-minded!" It seemed that Amelia got a big fortune this time.

"Well, I have to go now." Amelia was so upset that she hung up the phone immediately.

In the spacious living room, it was as calm as still water. Amelia took a deep breath, ready to go out for work.

It was a cold winter, and the weather was cloudy today. Amelia felt depressed.

She crossed the road and stood in front of the fountain in the square, wondering what kind of job she should do next.

"Hey, look! Does that woman look like the person in the newspaper?"

"Kind of like… But this woman dressed too simply. The woman in the photo is the wife of the CEO of the Zhan Group! "

"But they look so alike..."

Amelia froze immediately. She didn't dare to turn around for fear that a passer-by would recognize her.

Thinking of what Courtney had said on the news headline, Amelia picked up her phone and searched online. As expected, her picture was taken on her twenty fourth birthday Then, Lucian told the reporters that he was married.

'Oh, my God! What does Lucian want to do? He dares to make their marriage into such a huge trouble!' thought her.

If it hadn't been for the phone call from her father, she would have shouted at him somewhere to control her anger.

"Dad, what can I do for you?" As soon as the word came out, Amelia stopped.

It seemed that she hadn't contacted with Vernon for a long time, and even the intimate appellation to him became unskillful.

After coughing several times on the other end of the phone, Vernon said earnestly, "Amelia. Tomorrow, Yolanda will get married. As her sister, you'd better come back. After all, we're family Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... "

Although Vernon called to persuade her to go home, the cough disturbed her mind. She pursed her lips and said in a very complicated mood, "Dad, the temperature has fallen greatly recently. Take care of yourself."

She thought that Vernon wouldn't force her to continue this topic. But she didn't expect him to insist. "Babe, I know what Yolanda has done this time. But can you please come back for your father's sake?"

Vernon asked. In the past, Vernon had never called Amelia even if she didn’t go home. Thinking of this, she felt deeply aggrieved. But she couldn't say no, so she had to agree and went back home tomorrow morning.

"And most importantly, don't forget to take Lucian with you." Before hanging up the phone, Vernon reminded her deliberately.

Amelia frowned subconsciously, somewhat reluctant, but immediately refused. "Dad, I agreed to go back to the Mo mansion only because of you. As for him, I think I don't need..."

"You have married to Lucian. You can't be as willful as before. Lucian is the son-in-law of the Mo family. You should have brought him back out of kindness and reason. What's more, if you come back alone and someone else meets him, wouldn't they talk nonsense?"

The way Vernon addressed Lucian surprised Amelia. She wondered when they became so familiar with each other.

But what Vernon said seemed to be right. Her marriage with Lucian was well known. If she went back alone, she would definitely be teased by Sophia.

Even if she broke up with her lover, still, she didn't want to be regarded as a deserted in love.

When she returned to the SJ Garden, Lucian just came back. Amelia stood at the gate in a well behaved way, wondering how to tell him.

"Good. You know how to go home." Putting his suit jacket on the sofa casually, Lucian took out a bottle of frozen coke from the refrigerator. After taking a glance at Amelia who was in a disturbed mood, he began to drink it all.

At the sight of this, Amelia was so shocked that her eyes almost went out of her eye sockets, and she thought, 'Is this man crazy? Drink ice coke in such a cold day!'!

"I am so tired," Lucian leaned his head against the sofa, being very tired.

"Where have you been?" When he went out in the morning, he looked bright and fancy, and when he came back, His face was dirty. Besides, the thin hair on his forehead was soaked in sweat. If Amelia was not wearing a thick coat, she would think that she was in hot summer.

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