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   Chapter 6 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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As a lesson from drunkenness she just learned, she would not believe what Lucian said, which sounded kind enough.

"Why are you staring at me? Order the dishes." He looked seriously at the angry Amelia.

"Stop talking." Amelia sat down with her hand on her forehead. She was in a mess now and felt what happened this morning was more thrilling than the adventure movie.

"All right. After dinner, I'll take you to the mall. If you don't want to go shopping, tell me your sizes, and I'll ask someone to buy some clothes for you." After the dishes were served on the table, Lucian took his chopsticks and began to enjoy them leisurely.

'This is my body measurements!'!

Amelia hugged herself immediately and said warily, "I have my own clothes to wear. You don't need to worry about me!"

Lucian looked up at her reaction and said in a mocking tone, "No one wants to take your clothes even when you throw them into the dustbin. As the Lady of the Zhan family, you wear too shabby clothes to be laughed at by others!"

"Who will laugh at you as long as you don't tell others our relationship!" Although she had no appetite, she could only vent her anger on the food in front of her.

When seeing Amelia gobbling, Lucian frowned. Then, he thoughtfully handed a cup of tea to her. "Eat slowly. It's so embarrassing to choke."

Lucian's action was very gentle, but his words were contemptuous.

Amelia took over the glass, rolled her eyes at Lucian, and said crossly, "You have made me so humiliated, how can I face you?"

At the thought of the scene that she was photographed, Amelia became furious.

"Yes, why would I be afraid of telling my body measurements since you have lost face already? Besides, you won't commit suicide for a man. " Lucian said in a gentle tone, but his words were like a knife that stabbed into Amelia's heart.

But then Amelia realized that she shouldn't feel sad about Jasper's extramarital affair. It was punishing herself for accepting other people's mistakes.

"I didn't!" She wasn't so angry anymore, and ate slowly just now.

After the dinner, Lucian took Amelia to go shopping in the department store which ordinary people could not afford.

Lucian had foreseen it, so he asked the shop assistant to choose the most popular style according to her taste. Within half an hour, the shop assistant collected twenty-three sets of clothes, and then took her to the jewelry store. This time, it was Lucian's own decision to choose the necklace, earrings, as well as the most astonishing diamond ring in the store.

"Lucian, enough is enough!" When the shining diamond ring was put on her ring finger, she was shocked and tried to take it off.

"Amelia, we are a couple now. It's perfectly normal for us to wear a couple's rings. You dare to take it off!" There was no sign of warning in Lucian's tone, but his words made Amelia stop struggling. With the other hand touching the ring, her heart was beating very fast.

Walking out from the mall, Amelia was still in shock when she encountered Yolanda and Jasper accidently, who were the last two people she wanted to see at present. When she was about to make a detour, Yolanda came over with a big smile and said passionately, "It's you, Amelia!"

Amelia’s eyes were wide open. She felt the behavior of Yolanda was quite abnormal. Usually she would pull a long face when meeting Amelia. But now, she was so friendly to her. Maybe Yolanda realized that she shouldn't have taken Amelia’s boyfriend away from her. But Amelia found she was wrong next second.

"I heard from Jasper that your husband was very rich and had offered us ten million as bride price directly!" After her praise, Yolanda said, "It's lucky that you haven't married to Jasper, or you would have missed such a rich man!"

Amelia's face darkened, and then she glanced at Jasper, who was standing behind Yolanda.

"Yolanda, shut up." As if a coward, Jasper plucked off Yolanda's clothes, bowed to Amelia and thanked her shamelessly.

‘Thank you? Was it because of the money!’

"I know you are shameless, but that doesn't mean I am. My husband gave the money to my father without my knowledge, but my father didn't want it at all. Instead, you wish to accept the money as long as you want. You even plan to hold a luxurious wedding ceremony. I just want to ask you, who are you to spend my money? One cheated on me, and the other stole my boyfriend. What's the difference between you and some shameless man in TV dramas? So you can't take that money! " Amelia couldn't conceal her anger any more, and spoke out all what she wanted to say in a flash. The man and the woman in front of her looked at each other with embarrassment.

Lucian had just gone to get his car and came here. When he heard the words of Amelia, he couldn't help clapping and applauding, "Honey, I just left for a while, and you made such a wonderful speech. Good! Well said!"

Jasper and Yolanda raised their heads at the same time and looked up at him with admiration. Yolanda begged, "Broth

er in law, please persuade my unruly sister. Jasper and I are going to have a wedding soon. We think..."

"I'm sorry, Miss Yolanda, this check was sent by my assistant. And the person who took over the check is Mr. Vernon Mo. He just called and said that he would return the check to me as his precious daughter's dowry for her marriage!" With a faint smile on his lips, Lucian reached out and put his arm around the shoulder of Amelia, who looked like a cat in his arms, because of his tall figure.

"Is that true?" Amelia looked at Lucian incredibly, surprised and excited.

With a doting smile on his face, Lucian nodded, "Exactly."

Upon hearing that, the two faces darkened. Obviously, Yolanda was angry, but she managed to keep her temper.

The money was indeed given to Vernon. It was all his own decision. At first, Yolanda thought that she would hold a luxurious wedding with the money, but now it was all ruined. She was unable to vent the anger in her heart, so she had to turn around and hit Jasper's chest with her fists. She even angrily cursed that he was useless.

Amelia had witnessed everything, especially when she saw Jasper bowed his head and let Yolanda hit and scold him. She was totally a passer-by and watched the show.

"Honey, let's go." Lucian suggested while putting his hand on Amelia 's waist.

Amelia froze and her face looked a little unnatural. But when she thought that she had to put on a full play, she immediately put on a smile. She looked like a docile sheep. Such a loving scene made the opposite Yolanda blush. Under the Smokey makeup, her eyes stared at Amelia angrily.

Before leaving, Amelia glanced at Jasper and gave a sarcastic smile.

In a cold winter night, the light seemed to have been coated with a layer of frost spots.

She was lost in her thoughts and didn't ask about where Lucian was going to take her. When she came to her sense, she found that she was already in Lucian's villa.

"Why do you take me here?" With her hands in her arms, Amelia glanced at Lucian abruptly.

"This is your home." Lucian answered without any emotions.

The simple sentence made Amelia speechless.

Her body kept trembling when she thought of what had happened that day. She didn't realize it was not a dream until she touched the ring on her ring finger.

"Lucian, we made an agreement to get married. Why did you need to get the marriage certificate? And this ring!" Amelia was so furious that she took off the ring and threw it to the ground.

"Well, it seems that you have lost your temper after giving vent to your ex-boyfriend today!" Lucian looked up and said coldly.

Amelia ignored him and was about to leave.

"What are you doing?" With these words, Lucian walked over and grabbed the arm of Amelia. His deep eyes suddenly became sharp. He warned, "Don't push me, Amelia!"

All of a sudden, Lucian became irritated. Fluttering her eyelashes, she replied, "I agreed to play the role as your wife, but it doesn't mean I have to sleep with you."

Amelia was so angry that she didn't know what she was talking about. After she finished her words, Lucian loosened his hand which was grabbing her arm.

"Amelia, I thought you were pretending to be pure and lofty? So you are worried that you will not be able to prove your innocence! " With a tall and slender figure, Lucian picked up the ring that Amelia had thrown on the ground. Then he took hold of her slender finger and worn the ring on her finger in a hard way. He gnashed his teeth and said, "If you dare to take it off again, I'll make you suffer!"

Amelia was in a daze for a while. She just let him lead her upstairs. It was not until she was pushed into the huge bedroom by him that she came to her senses and shouted, "Lucian, I warn you not to mess around!"

Although she was abandoned by love, it did not mean that she was not self-respect.

Lucian glanced at the thin body leaning against the wall and sneered.

There was a tinge of coldness in his evil smile, which made Amelia feel creepy.

"Lucian, we can just talk.. Don't be so flirtatious!" Amelia warned as she covered her breast with her hands.

With his hands on the wall, Lucian covered the thin Amelia completely. The distance between them was reduced a lot. And the posture also became embarrassing and dangerous.

She could clearly feel Lucian's even breathing and her own irregular heartbeat due to tension.

Amelia admitted that Lucian was so handsome that people were hard to resist him. But thinking of the fact that he secretly took her picture, she was really irritated.

"Amelia, listen to me carefully." Lucian said in a low and deep voice as cold as a cup of cold coffee, "Since we are fake-married, I won't do anything to you. What makes you think you can seduce me?"

After that, the shadow covering on Amelia's face disappeared, and his heavy breath also faded away.

Amelia trembled and seemed to be relaxed, but her nerves were involuntarily tense.

Somehow, his satirical words made her feel sad.

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