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   Chapter 6 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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As a lesson from her drunkenness, Amelia decided she wasn't going to believe everything Lucian said which she thought was reasonable.

"Why are you staring at me? Just order the food." He stared at Amelia who seemed mad.

"Stop talking." Amelia sat down with her hand on her forehead. She was a mess right now as her head was still spinning from everything that happened this morning.

"All right. After dinner, I'll take you to the mall. If you don't want to go shopping, just tell me your sizes and I'll ask someone to buy some clothes for you." After the dishes were served on the table, Lucian took his chopsticks and began eating.

'My sizes?'

Amelia hugged herself immediately and said warily, "I have my own clothes to wear. You don't need to worry about me!"

Lucian looked up and said in a mocking tone, "No one would steal your clothes even if you threw them out in the trash. Since you're now my wife, you need to change your clothes. What you have right now is too shabby and people might talk."

"No one's going to laugh as long as you don't tell on us!" While she really wasn't in the mood to eat, she had no choice but to take her anger out on the food in front of her.

When Lucian saw that Amelia was already gobbling up her food, he frowned. He then handed her a cup of tea and said, "Slow down. It'll be embarrassing if you suddenly choke on your food."

While one would think that what Lucian did was very sweet, what he said definitely wasn't.

Amelia took the cup, rolled her eyes at Lucian, and said crossly, "You're always embarrassing me. How are we ever going to do this?"

She then recalled the photos and started growing angry again.

"Yes, why wouldn't you just tell me your sizes now that you've already been feeling so embarrassed? Besides, it is your ex-boyfriend that embarrassed you. You wouldn't ever go out of your way to do something for him, right?" Lucian said in a deceivingly gentle tone. Still, his words hit Amelia like a bus.

But then she realized that she shouldn't feel sad about Jasper cheating on her anymore. She shouldn't punish herself by dwelling on the past.

"That's right!" She wasn't as angry anymore and was taking time in eating her food now.

After dinner, Lucian took Amelia to go shopping in the department store that was more expensive than most.

Lucian had already planned ahead. He asked the shop assistant to choose the most popular styles according to her taste. Within half an hour, the shop assistant collected twenty-three sets of clothes for Amelia. Lucian then took Amelia to the jewelry store. This time, Lucian chose necklace, earrings, and the most beautiful diamond ring they had in the store for her in person.

"Lucian, this is enough." When the shiny diamond ring was put on her ring finger, she was so shocked that she immediately tried to take it off.

"Amelia, we're a couple now. It's perfectly normal for you to wear a ring. We're married, right? Why are you taking it off?" Lucian's tone was gentle which made Amelia stop trying to take off the ring. As she touched the ring, she could feel her heart beating very fast.

When Amelia was leaving the mall, she accidentally bumped into Yolanda and Jasper—the last two people she wanted to see. Just as she was about to make a detour, Yolanda approached her and cried, "Amelia! It's you!"

Amelia's eyes widened. She didn't know what to feel. 'Was Yolanda crazy?' she thought inwardly. Yolanda normally frowned whenever she saw Amelia. But she was acting the complete opposite now—she was actually being friendly to Amelia. Maybe she had already realized her mistakes.

"I heard from Jasper that your husband is very rich. He offered the Mo family ten million to marry you!" Yolanda continued, "Lucky you didn't end up with Jasper, right? Or you wouldn't have ended up with such a rich husband!"

Amelia's face darkened and then she glanced at Jasper, who was standing behind Yolanda.

"Yolanda, shut up." Jasper cowardly grabbed Yolanda's top to pull her towards him, bowed to Amelia, and thanked her.

'Thank you? Is it for the money?' Amelia pondered.

"Just because you're shameless doesn't mean that I am too! My husband gave the money to my father without my knowledge, but my father didn't ask for that money. I guess some people just like taking money, huh? They were even planning to hold a beautiful and expensive wedding ceremony. So let me ask you this. Who are you to spend my money? One of you cheated on me while the other one stole my ex-boyfriend? Hmm? What makes you different from all those trashy men and women on TV? So I won't allow you to take that money!" Amelia snapped. She couldn't hold her anger anymore. She let it all out in one breath. Jasper and Yolanda exchanged glances.

Lucian had just gone to get his car and he had just come back. When he heard Amelia, he

started clapping. "Honey, I'm back. Wow, that was amazing. I'm so lucky to have you as my wife!"

Jasper and Yolanda raised their heads at the same time and looked up at him with admiration. Yolanda begged, "Please talk to her. Jasper and I are planning to get married soon. We just..."

"I'm sorry, Miss Yolanda, the check was sent by my assistant. The person who has the check is Mr. Vernon and he just called me and said he was going to return the check. It'll now serve as Amelia's dowry for our marriage." With a faint smile on his lips, Lucian reached out and put his arm around Amelia who looked extra small next to him.

"Is that true?" Amelia looked at Lucian incredulously, surprised and excited.

With a doting smile on his face, Lucian nodded, "Yup."

When Jasper and Yolanda heard this, their faces darkened. Yolanda was visibly furious, but she managed to keep her temper.

The money was given to Vernon and he had the right to decide what to do with it. Yolanda was already looking forward to the grand wedding she was going to have with that money and now it was all ruined. She couldn't let out all her anger, so she turned around and started hitting Jasper on the chest with her fists. She even cursed at him and called him useless.

Amelia just merely stood by and watched everything. Jasper merely bowed his head while Yolanda hit him.

"Honey, let's go," Lucian said as he put an arm around Amelia's waist.

Amelia froze, but quickly recovered when she remembered that she was supposed to pretend. She smiled lovingly to spite Yolanda who was now glaring at her.

Before leaving, Amelia glanced at Jasper and gave a sarcastic smile.

That cold winter night, everything seemed to be covered in snow.

She had gotten so lost in her own thoughts that she forgot to ask where Lucian was taking her. When she arrived at her senses, she saw that they had already arrived at Lucian's villa.

"Why did you take me here?" Amelia asked as she glanced at Lucian, with her hands folded in front of her chest.

"This is your home now," Lucian answered emotionlessly.

Amelia was rendered speechless.

She was still trembling from all the events that unfolded this day. She didn't realize that this was her reality now until she touched the huge diamond ring on her finger.

"Lucian, we're just pretending. Why did you have to get a marriage certificate? And this stupid ring?" Amelia furiously said as she took off the ring and threw it on the ground.

"Wow, looks like you're still in a bad mood from bumping into your ex today," Lucian said coldly as he looked up.

Amelia ignored him and was getting ready to leave.

"What are you doing?" Lucian asked as he walked over to Amelia and grabbed her arm. The look in his eyes sharpened when he warned Amelia, "Don't push me!"

Lucian was tense now. Batting her eye lids, Amelia said, "I only agreed to pretend to be your wife and that doesn't mean that I have to sleep with you."

Amelia was so angry that she didn't know what she was saying anymore. After she had finished speaking, Lucian loosened his hand that was gripping on her arm.

"Amelia, I thought you were just pretending to be innocent and pure. So are you just worried that you must sleep with me?" Lucian bent over to pick up the diamond ring that Amelia had just thrown to the ground. Then he grabbed her finger and roughly put the ring back on her finger. He sneered as he said, "If you ever take that ring off again, I assure you that I'm going to make you regret it."

Amelia was in a daze as he led her upstairs. It wasn't until he pushed her inside the bedroom that she shouted, "Lucian, I'm warning you!"

Even though she was heartbroken, that didn't mean that she didn't have any self-respect left.

Lucian glanced at her petite figure and sneered.

He flashed her an evil smile which sent a shiver down her spine.

"Lucian, we need to talk about this. Don't do this," Amelia warned as she covered her chest with her hands.

Putting his hands on the wall behind Amelia, Lucian closed in the distance between them. They were so close to each other now with him towering over her.

She could hear Lucian's breathing and his heart beating quickly.

Amelia had to admit that Lucian was quite a handsome man. Most women would find it hard to resist him. But as she thought of what he had done to her, she just grew angry and irritated.

"Amelia, listen to me carefully," Lucian said in a low voice. "I won't do anything to you because we're just pretending. Besides, what makes you think that I would even want to do anything to you? I'm not seduced by you at all."

After that, the shadow hovering on Amelia's face disappeared and he wasn't breathing as heavily anymore.

Amelia had visibly relaxed, but she was still tense on the inside.

For some reason, his words had bothered her.

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