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   Chapter 5 Became Mrs. Zhan

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The car left the wealthy and noble villa district and headed for the place where Amelia rent an apartment.

At the beginning, Amelia had not planned to go back to that place, because it made her think of Jasper and sad. Even if she figured it out, she still felt uncomfortable. But where could she go except the rent.

As they arrived at the place, Amelia pretended to be annoyed with Lucian and said, "Mr. Lucian, my home is just in front of here. You can leave me here."

In her opinion, they were just a contractual couple, and there was no need to escort her all the way.

Lucian discovered that there were no residential buildings around. He smiled and said calmly, "I'm your husband, as you have agreed, of course I should send you home."

After hearing what Lucian said, Amelia couldn't help but shake her head and refuse, "Mr. Lucian, I indeed agreed to your request, but you don't have to be so serious in private. Could you please give me a little personal space?"

Glancing at her, Lucian smiled, "You just broke up with your boyfriend. If you can't let it go and commit suicide, where can I find you?"

These simple and common words stabbed her deeply.

Arguing with Lucian made her temporarily forget the wound in her heart. It was inevitable for her to be uncomfortable when it was mentioned at the moment. She suddenly raised her head and wanted to say something, but she was stunned.

"What's going on?" Lucian noticed that Amelia was looking out of the window in astonishment. Out of curiosity, he followed the direction of Amelia's gaze and saw that there was only a man and a woman hugging each other.

"What a small world!" Amelia almost squeezed those words out of her teeth, and she began to pull a long face.

Lucian seemed to have understood something. He started the car again, turned the steering wheel and made the turn handsomely.

"What are you doing?" Amelia asked anxiously.

"Haven't you heard that out of sight, out of mind?" Lucian said in a cold tone and made a somewhat domineering decision for Amelia. "You are now my wife, so the SJ Garden is your home."

Amelia was stunned for a while. She stared at the man's sharp featured face and felt warm in her heart.

For the past five years, she had no place to go except the rental house. The Mo mansion could accommodate her, but Yolanda's mother saw her as a sand that couldn't be squeezed out. She wished Amelia could disappear in the street, and then even Yolanda bullied her. Later Amelia met Jasper and he rented Amelia that house. Amelia naively thought that the impeccable kinship between family members would not last. Instead, his love to Amelia would be satisfactory, but it ended in tragedy.

Hence, when she heard Lucian's cold and indifferent words, she felt warm.

"Amelia, I don't care who you love, but you have to listen to me!" As his words were not responded, Lucian frowned and said in a tough tone.

Biting her lips, Amelia yawned and nodded obediently. Then she asked in a low voice, "Can I stay here for a couple of days?"

Now that she and Jasper were no longer lovers, there was no reason for her to stay at their house. It would only make her sad when she went back.

"It's your home. You can live there as long as you like." There was a gentle smile on the angular face of Lucian, which showed the inborn elegance and enchantment, making her addicted to it.

It had to be admitted that the temperament of this man did not belong to Jasper. Although Lucian looked cold and his tone was not very friendly, he gave her a sense of security.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Noticing that Amelia was staring at him, Lucian turned his stiff face to the other side. With a teasing smile on his face, he asked, "Do you think that I'm so attractive that you can't help but fall in love with me?"

"Of course not!" Amelia denied in a hurry. She blushed and said with dissatisfaction, "The fact that you are good-looking can't change your bad character in my mind!"

"Bad conduct?" Lucian raised his eyebrows and looked at Amelia in disbelief. As soon as he got what she meant, he smiled even more widely. He deliberately made fun of her and said, "Although you are a little thin, you look extraordinarily charming when you get drunk. When you stay in SJ Garden for a while, you will definitely be more feminine!"

"Lucian, don't be so shameless, okay?" Amelia frowned. She looked at Lucien warily, her face full of anger.

With a smile, Lucian's eyes, which were as bright as agates, suddenly became serious. He said, "You're the first woman I took home with me, and you're also the one I'm going to marry. Although this is only a deal, it's not a joke. So in the future, I'll take care of you. Of course, I'll leave you some space, but after I weigh the pros and cons, don't say anything. In the following days, please adapt yourself to the identity as the lady of the family!"

After he finished speaking, Amelia was completely stunned for five minutes. After she digested what he said, they had arrived at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Did we…? What are we doing here? " Amelia, confused, pointed at the door of Civil Affairs Bureau and wondered what on earth Lucian wanted to do.

"Calm down, please." With one hand holding the finger of Amelia, Lucian took her hand and went into the Civil Affairs Bureau. He told Amelia calmly, "I've asked my assistant to take the household register from the Mo mansion. We'll get married in f

ive minutes!"

"What did you say?" She stared at him with one hand supporting her head and her eyes widen . She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

" If we are doing this, we have to do it well." Lucian said unhurriedly.

"You bastard! You are taking advantage of me! Do you think that those photos can control my freedom of life? I still…... "

"Boss, this is the household register you asked me to get from the Mo family." The man in the formal suit walked towards them and gave a salute to Lucian before he handed over the residence booklet to him. Amelia anger hadn't dissipated yet.

Amelia was completely confused. She didn't think that Lucian could easily get the household register.

In that family, although Vernon loved Amelia very much, he had to conceal his love for her because of her foster mother, Sophia. Vernon just let them bully Amelia as they wished.

"Eric Chen, you did a good job this time!" He grinned from ear to ear, glanced at Amelia, who was still in a stupor, and Lucian ridiculed Amelia deliberately, "I thought Mr. Vernon would be so angry that I marry his daughter. I didn't expect that he would agree so quickly."

Amelia's face was pale and her eyes were red with anger. She clenched her fists.

"Mr. Lucian is so generous. There is no reason for anyone to refuse a ten million check." Eric Chen replied with a smile and greeted Amelia politely. "Mrs. Amelia, my name is Eric Chen, and I'm assistant to the CEO. Nice to meet you."

Ten million? 'I can't believe that he would use such a method to force me to marry him!

Since he was so rich, why couldn't he just pick one from the street?

"Lucian, are you crazy about getting married?" Amelia said angrily. She didn't understand that the handsome Lucian was a married maniac.

Lucian looked at the angry face of Amelia and said slowly, "Since your father has agreed to our marriage and accepted my gift, you don't have to make a fuss. I'm not patient."

"Haha I hate those arrogant rich men the most in my life. Do you really think that I will yield?" After her birth mother died, family affection had become the extravagant hope of Amelia. The father who was the only one related to her had so little attention to her marriage. She had already been very disappointed.

At the same time, Eric Chen was reporting something to Lucien in a low voice.

"Amelia, I know you're feeling hopeless now. But I'm telling you, your ex-boyfriend, Jasper is going to take over the money. When your father hesitated, he took the check and happily said that he would hold a grand wedding ceremony with Yolanda!"

"You said Jasper would take over the money?" Her heart hurt so much as if it was shot by a gun. She even had no chance to cry out pain because of that unexpected bullet.

'Jasper again! He destroyed her love and even attempted to trade her happiness for his perfect wedding.

Amelia looked at him and said nothing.

"Are you not reconciled to it?" With his hands on the shoulders of Amelia, Lucian asked seriously.

She was not reconciled at all.

The overwhelming despair in her heart was ignited by anger. What was worth comforting was that Vernon wasn't bribed by that money, which meant that her daughter was still important in his heart.

"I promise I'll marry you, but please take back the ten million." The anger on Amelia's face was reduced, and her eyes were focused.

Somehow, when he heard her promise, Lucian heart throbbed, but it soon disappeared.

But he secretly reminded himself that this was just a deal and he couldn't fall in love with her.

After they got out of the Bureau of civil affairs, Amelia seemed to be out of spirits.

"I keep the marriage certificate, since you are so absent-minded that you have no mood in keeping it." After he put away the bright red marriage license, he asked for the opinion of Amelia, "Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?"

She was indeed hungry, but she had no appetite at the moment, so she ignored Lucian's words completely.

"Amelia, you are now my wife, and our marriage is protected by the law. I have the responsibility to take care of you, so don't give yourself up! " He sounded a little angry.

Hearing this, Amelia looked up and answered, "I don't want to eat now. I want to drink."

Her words shocked Lucian. He stayed silent for a long time. Amelia had thought that Lucian would scold her, but unexpectedly, he listened to her. "It's okay if you want to drink. You should celebrate your marriage with me. Let's go!"

"I don't like western food!" Stopping the car in front of a star rated western restaurant, Amelia looked out of the car and said with no excitement.

"It's a combination of Chinese food and Western food. I'm sure you'll love it." Lucian said patiently.

Murmured Amelia with a twist of her mouth. She didn't understand why Lucian asked her to marry him.

"Mr. Lucian, welcome!" When they just entered the room, A bald man came up to them with enthusiasm and said happily, "I've done everything as you asked. Please."

The room was luxuriously decorated. Amelia couldn't help but look around. When she was distracted, Lucian took her hand and said with a smile, "You said you want to drink, right? You can drink as much as you want today. Even if you are drunk, I will help you."

Amelia was going to have a good drink. But after hearing what Lucian said, she was astonished and totally gave up the idea of drinking.

He could restrain her easily.

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