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   Chapter 4 A Fake Wife

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The bedroom was finally quiet. Amelia was finally relieved. When she met with Lucian's deep and cold eyes, her heart beat faster inexplicably. Her fair skin flushed like a porcelain doll.

Noticing that she clenched her fists tightly, Lucian thought that his words might make her nervous, so there was a smile on his face. "They have already left."

"Uh..." Amelia answered softly. She opened her eyes wide and asked anxiously, "Where are those photos? Give it to me! "

The hand that she reached out was small, 1.6 meters high, plus her thin figure, making her look petite and cute. Especially her curved eyebrows, which were knitted because of anxiety, were like a smart girl who had got angry.

"You should help me to the end. It's just a beginning. Besides, if you become my wife, I will keep these photos well. They won't fall into the hands of another person," He looked down at Amelia and gave a dirty smile.

"What did you say?" Amelia’s face fell and shouted, "You bastard! Don't be supercilious just because you are good-looking! You brought me home without my permission and made your family misunderstand me! Your family cursed me like I am a tramp! Do I owe you anything in my previous life?"

With a straight face, Lucian responded word by word, "last night, I saved you out of kindness, but you didn't feel grateful. Fortunately, I have your photo . Your sexy photos have made me blush and my heart race."

All of a sudden, Amelia became quiet. Her smile turned as white as paper, and she felt a kind of indescribable pain in her heart.

She thought to herself, 'I must have been poor in my previous life, or else I wouldn't have been so unlucky.'.

"You are Lucian, aren't you?" Amelia raised her head suddenly and tears kept falling down from her eyes. She did not have any disgust for the handsome man. But his threat made her breathless. "First, thank you for your kindness to save me. As for the photos, I don't care anymore..."

She lowered her eyes and said recklessly.

At the thought of the hurt on her by Jasper, she felt like all her strength was sucked out. She even did not bother to care about it.

Suddenly, Lucian's face darkened. He looked at Amelia in bewilderment and asked, "Aren't you crossed in love?"

"How do you know?" Amelia raised her head suddenly and looked at him. She was both scared and embarrassed.

"Look, you don’t remember what you said and did after drinking..." Lucian stretch out his hands and looked both helpless and innocent. "I wanted to let you go, but you took my hand and said it was your birthday. You asked me to accompany you..."

Finishing his words, he scratched his nose awkwardly. He looked really aggrieved.

Amelia's face turned red, because yesterday was indeed her birthday, and she suddenly believed in Lucian's words.

"I was unconscious at that time. Besides, you took pictures of me shamelessly, didn't you? So we owe each other nothing! " Amelia thought she was so unlucky that she decided to throw caution to the wind. "If you spread the photo, I will have no choice but to accept it."

Lucian frowned and asked in confusion, "You would rather let other people see your indecent photos than pretend to be my wife?


Amelia shook her head and asked with confusion, "You have a pretty face and a lot of money, why do you need a fake wife?"

"Because I want to take control of my life." Lucian answered very clearly.

‘It's up to me.’ The thought of this echoed in Amelia's mind.

Since her mo

ther passed away, her life had been greatly oppressed. If she hadn't met Jasper, Amelia would have been bullied by her stepmother. Now, she had lost her protective umbrella, and her heart had been emptied.

"You just have to pretend in front of my parents. I won't interfere with your daily life, and I will bear all your expenses." Seeing that she was silent, Lucian continued.

Amelia blinked her eyes and came up with an idea. Since Jasper chose Yolanda, why should she give up herself? Choosing a new relationship was undoubtedly the best way to say goodbye to the past pain.

She raised her head and looked at his gorgeous face. She answered boldly, "Okay, we have an agreement on the marriage!"

Her words were short and powerful, and it was not like she was reluctantly perfunctory at all.

After being stunned for a short while, Lucian smiled with a relieved expression.

"I'm sorry for what I have done. Once our deal ends, please return photos to me!"

"Amelia... " Lucian seemed to be reciting and then he briefly introduced himself, "I'm Lucian Zhan. I'm 30 years old. I'm the CEO of the Zhan Group. Wish we have a pleasant cooperation."

The CEO of the Zhan Group. Amelia covered her mouth with her hand at once, because the Zhan Group was a big name in the city, in other words, more than a few generations of the family had enough money to spend. But why did Lucian want her to be a fake wife?

Since it was a fake, she did not have to be so upset. She waved her hand and followed his words, "My name is Amelia Mo. I was just twenty-five years old yesterday, working in an advertising company. Wish a happy cooperation between us... "

"Great! That's great! Let me drive you home now." There was a slight smile on Lucian's handsome face.

"Take me home?" Amelia looked at him in disbelief

"Yes, we've agreed to get married, but as a husband, I'll keep my words and fulfill my obligation as a husband." With a serious look on his face, Lucian picked up the suit coat on the European style sofa and put it on. Then he continued in a gentle and low voice, "Go to wash up. I'll wait for you downstairs."

Looking at the elegant back of Lucian, Amelia was enchanted and the scene of Lucian flashed through her mind.

She shook her head, went to the bathroom, and washed her face quickly. Then she went downstairs.

Although Amelia was new here, she was quite familiar with the place.

"Have some green bean soup." Lucian's voice came from the dining room. His voice was neither cold nor warm, but full of irresistible.

She was a little hungry, so without uttering a single word, she immediately picked up the bowl and drank it up.

"Good, good girl." After dinner, Lucian wiped his fingers and smiled, "You can do whatever you want when no one is around, but don't disturb my life."

"OK, our marriage is only an agreement.? Don't interfere with each other. You only have to pretend to care for me in front of others and ignore me in private! " Amelia made a gesture as if she knew very well, but she still added a sentence full of scruple, "Please keep your gentlemanly manner, and don't touch me."

Lucian curled his lips contemptuously and said, "Don't worry. Your shriveled figure won't seduce me at all, or I wouldn't have just taken a few photos last night."

As Lucian mentioned last night and the photos he took, Amelia became very angry. But since they had made an agreement, she had no choice but to swallow the insult and humiliation and glared at Lucian.

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