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   Chapter 3 Love At First Sight

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The next morning, the room was washed by the bright sunlight. The beautiful morning in the luxurious villa was awakened by a rush of footsteps.

"Mr. Lucian, Mr. Lucian, wake up!" The butler tried to wake up Lucian who was still in a deep slumber. After staying up late last night, Lucian struggled to open his eyes in the morning. Yet, eyes half-open, he could spot the middle-aged man sitting in the wheelchair with a solemn face.

"Lucian, what are you doing?" A sharp female voice broke the silence of this morning and woke up Amelia who was still suffering from hangover.

"Oh my God! My head hurts." Amelia touched her head and sat upon the bed. Slowly she opened her eyes and was dumbfounded. Amelia looked around to explore the unfamiliar setting. She felt rather intimidated to be surrounded by a middle-aged man and woman. With much difficulties Amelia found her voice back and said, "Where am I? Why am I here?"

Her words made all the heads in the room turn towards her. They looked more surprised than she was.

"Lucian, who the hell is this woman here with you?" The middle-aged woman moved a little closer to the bed and pointed at Amelia with her finger adorned with green jewels. She continued angrily, "I warned you that you couldn't marry any woman other than Shelly!"

Amelia shuddered to see the woman enraged. She remembered that she had drunk too much last night, but she did not remember what happened later. When she looked up at the man next to her, she was caught off guard. Amelia could not take her eyes off Lucian. She was deeply attracted by his handsome face. His impeccably chiseled face needed no embellishment. The man was so cold and stone-faced that Amelia held her breath. Amelia marveled at how handsome he was!

"Mom, please don't make a mountain out of a molehill. I just..."

"Then why didn't you go home last night?" Just as Lucian started to explain the situation, he was interrupted by the middle-aged man in a wheelchair.

Lucian frowned as he felt uncomfortable, but could not find a way out of the situation. He pulled the already surprised Amelia into his arms and said righteously, "My girlfriend got drunk last night. She would be panicked if I leave her alone."

Amelia got pulled into a forceful embrace which left her mouth agape. Not knowing what to do next, she frowned unconsciously and fluttered her long eyelashes, wondering why this strange man called her girlfriend? Or she had drunk so much last night that she had lost her memory? So much so that after waking up, she had become some other man's girlfriend!

"No, I am not! HMM..." Amelia cleared her throat and was about to deny when her lips were blocked by something ice cold.

For a moment, like lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, Amelia's head went blank. The terror in her heart rose like a wave and then, formed a thousand waves.

What the hell was going on? People always said that things would be messed up after drinking. Amelia had never anticipated the kind of mess she had landed in. Amelia bit his tongue, trying to escape his kiss.

"Ah..." A painful voice came from Lucian’s mouth. Anger filled his eyes.

Amelia pushed Lucian away and roared angrily, "Bastard!" when she saw the pain on Lucian's face. Then, Amelia wiped her lips disgustedly and cursed in her mind, 'What a shame! He's so decadent!'

"Honey, stop it. I have taken care of you for the whole night. I am so tired!" Regardless of the pain of his tongue, Lucian put his arm around Amelia's shoulders. Then he said in a low voice, "I took a picture of you taking off clothes last night. If you dare to move, I'll make you repent for it!"

"You!" Amelia suddenly widened her eyes, grabbed Lucian's arm and asked, "What on earth did I do last night? Tell me."

As much as Amelia could remember, she was at the bar counter drinking her heart out. But what happened after

that? She had no memory at all. Although she didn't believe what the man said, she was still puzzled and panic-stricken for being in a strange man’s bed.

"What! This is outrageous!" The glowing woman trembled with fury. She turned to the man in the wheelchair and said, "Nicholas, you see? If it goes on like this, our family will be over!"

"Lucian, I can let it go. But as you are aware that the Zhan family and the An family have made a deal that when you turn thirty, you must marry Shelly. Now that you're back, we have to keep our promise!" The middle-aged man in the wheelchair put his hands on his knees and reminded Lucian seriously. After he finished his words, he cast a glance at Amelia.

Amelia, who was still at a loss till now as she was not yet able to understand the situation, had an innocent look on her face. From the eyes of the middle-aged man, she could sense a warning.

"I will decide about my marriage!" Lucian replied determinedly. He held the shoulders of Amelia tighter as if he had made up his mind.

Amelia seemed to understand the situation now. A complacent smile appeared on her face. She whispered, "Will you delete those photos if I agree to help you?"

With his eyebrows frowned, Lucian suddenly grasped the clue and nodded.

Amelia felt that the only option left for her was to cooperate with Lucian. All because she had no idea about what happened the night before. She seldom got drunk like last night. She had to agree with Lucian's request.

"Sir, ma’am, we love each other. Please don’t force Lucian..." Amelia suddenly stepped forward, pleading with tearful eyes.

Lucian glanced at Amelia in surprise. Then he looked at Nicholas and Fannie. A smile appeared on his face.

"What! Why are you after my son?" The middle-aged woman was shaking with anger. She grabbed the hand of Nicholas who was in the wheelchair and said, "Tell you son I only want Shelly to be my daughter-in-law."

"Mom, I'm afraid I'll let you down." With his arm around Amelia's shoulders, Lucian said in a calm and serious tone, "I have decided to marry her. Hence, it would be better if you stop making every possible effort to force me to marry the daughter of the An family!"

Amelia glanced at Lucian’s slender fingers on her shoulders and smiled awkwardly. Then she looked at the middle-aged man and woman in front of her, feeling guilty.

She seldom lied. Although the woman standing in front of Amelia was mean to her, Amelia could understand her love for her son.

"Lucian, how long have you known this woman? Do you really know her? Moreover, you have just come back. Shelly has grown up to be so beautiful now. You might fall in love with her at first sight." The middle-aged woman began to convince her son gently. Her angry eyes had mellowed down as she pleaded to Lucian. However, when she glanced at Amelia, her eyes were full of disgust.

"You said 'maybe I will fall in love' with Shelly at first sight, didn't you?" Lucian said unhurriedly, with a slight smile shining in his deep eyes. "But Mom, I already fell in love with Amelia at first sight!"

'Oh my God, what kind of trouble is this?' Amelia looked at Lucian's face as he proclaimed his love and noticed that he sounded rather serious. Was he actually acting? Well, if he could act so genuinely, she believed that he could be the best actor.

"Fannie, Lucian has grown up. He has all the right to make his own decision. We should not interfere too much in his choice. Let's go back." The middle-aged man took a deep sigh. Then he turned to the man standing beside him in the formal suit and said in a rejected voice, "Take me back to the Zhan mansion."

"Nicholas, you'd better not be so liberal with your son. Don't let him do whatever he wants now. Otherwise, you'll regret it later!" After finishing her words, the middle-aged woman followed him out of the room angrily.

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